Waluigi, Toadette, Bowser Junior, and Silver The Hedgehog were all out cold on the hard concrete of a long bridge in the middle of the salty ocean. Waluigi groaned as he licked his lips, mumbling as he got up, stretching his long, lanky arms as he turned around, looking down behind him to see his other three fellow friends unconscious.

"What the heck happened to us back there?" Waluigi asked himself as he rubbed the right side of his head, getting up as he looked up at the dark stormy sky, rain still pouring down onto the surface of the Earth. Sighing, Waluigi looked down at his feet as he folded his arms, stating, "Well, I have to go find some help. Hopefully I won't lose sight of these guys..." Glancing at the three unconscious characters once more, Waluigi headed eastward, hoping to find a gas station for some help.

Meanwhile, R.O.B. approached the gang, looking down at them curiously as he blinked. Shrugging, R.O.B. stayed put in his spot, using his communication skills to contact another fellow helper as the rain continued pouring.

Several minutes later, Waluigi gasped as he collapsed on the floor, the battle from earlier obviously having been too much for him to handle. He looked up, gasping with joy as he was right in front of the gas station, a free green-colored jeep conveniently right in front. Waluigi slapped himself across the face as he got back up and dashed towards the car, only to be punched in the face by Samurai Goroh, who laughed at the tall, lanky man.

"Oww! What gives, fatty?" Waluigi growled as he rubbed his face, glaring at Samurai Goroh.

Goroh laughed as he slapped his stomach, shaking his fat right index finger at Waluigi as he smirked. "Heh heh! You're trying to get this baby, huh?" He shook his head as he patted the front of the jeep. "Too bad, slick. I'm selling this here piece of beauty."

Waluigi folded his arms as he snarled, looking around him as he turned to face Goroh, asking him as he opened up his left arm, "All right, how much is it going to cost me?"

Goroh narrowed his eyes as he chuckled, motioning his right hand as he demanded, "Five hundred bucks, tall and lanky! Take it or leave it!"

Waluigi gawked as his jaw dropped in awe, his right eye twitching in disbelief. "F-five hundred bucks? For a stupid jeep?" He kicked Goroh in the stomach as he stormed off to the gas store, tossing his fists into the air. "Of all the nerve! I oughta..."

Goroh growled as he rubbed his stomach in pain, planning to get back at Waluigi soon enough. "Grrr... that Waluigi better watch his back... he is gonna get it..."