Kairi and Namine

"Hey Kairi, getting this hotel room was a great idea!" Namine said happily, setting her heavy suitcase on the bed. The only bed in the room.

"Yeah, well I thought we deserved a vacation from the guys." Kairi said with an enduring smirk. Kairi turned her back to Namine and set to work

with unpacking her clothes into a set of drawers. Namine watched Kairi do this in a trance-like calm, but quickly looked away with a blush as Kairi

unpacked some very revealing lingerie. Kairi sensed her friend's embarrassment and smirked. "So what do you feel like doing today?" Kairi asked

over her shoulder as she started to unpack Namine's clothes from her suitcase. Namine got up to protest Kairi putting her clothes away,muttering,

"Oh, you don't have to do that." Namine set her hand on Kairi's shoulder, and Kairi quickly closed her hand around Namine's, replying,

"Relax Namine, just relax and enjoy yourself." The touch sent a shiver down both the girls' spines. Namine broke eye contact first with a blush and

sat back down on the plush bed. When Kairi finished unpacking, they both agreed to a day at the nearby spa. Hot chocolate facials, sea-salt

baths, and deep muscle massages had left both girls relaxed and deliriously happy. On their walk back to their hotel room, Kairi reached down and

intertwined her fingers with Namine's. After a few minutes of walking in silence, Namine quickly kissed Kairi's soft check and looked down, her face

cherry red. Kairi lifted their clasped hands and brushed her smooth lips across Namine's fingers. Both girls smiled.

Kairi quickly slid the door key through the slot, and at the beep pushed the heavy door in. Kairi pulled Namine into the room.

"Kairi I…" Namine whispered, but was cut off by Kairi's soft lips crashing into hers. Kairi tasted like chocolate to Namine. Namine groaned and

leaned against Kairi. After a minute or two, both girls pulled back, blushing and breathless.

"Namine…I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me." Kairi said worriedly, fearing she had just ruined their friendship. Namine placed a slender

finger against Kairi's lips to silence her worrying, and said,

"Kairi, I've liked you for a long time. I enjoyed every second of it." Namine replaced her finger with her lips, and Kairi kissed her back

enthusiastically, overwhelmed with relief. Hesitant and gently at first, the kissing soon turned rough and passionate. Namine licked Kairi's bottom

lip, and Kairi groaned before giving Namine full access to her mouth. Both girls explored each others' mouths with relish, and soon both girls were

fighting for more access. As the kissing began to fire up, Kairi's hands lifted from her sides and settled on Namine's waist. She slid her hands along

her sides and brought them down around Namine's hips before cupping Namine's firm bottom.

She moaned and pressed herself tighter to Kairi. Namine moved her hands delicately over Kairi's chest and Kairi gasped. Both girls stumbled over

to the bed and fell into a scramble of limbs, Kairi landing on top. Kairi left Namine's hot mouth and trailed wet kisses around the curve of her jaw,

and down the slope of her neck. Namine moaned and shivered as Kairi caressed the spot just underneath her ear. Taking notice of this, Kairi paid

special attention to the sweet spot until Namine began writhing in pleasure. Kairi stopped and lifted Namine's shirt over her head, and Namine in

turn lifted Kairi's shirt off. Namine leaned forward and boldly licked Kairi's cleavage line, causing her to gasp. Namine flipped them over, so Namine

was on top. Kairi unhooked Namine's bra and began kneading her breasts. Namine grinded against Kairi, which sent a delicious shock between

both of the girls' thighs.

"Oh Kairi…" Namine breathed, but never finished because Kairi sucked her pink nipple into her mouth, twirling her tongue in tight circles around

the bud. Namine screamed in pleasure and hurriedly unhooked Kairi's bra from the front, pushing it apart against the bed. Namine began pressing

her hands and nimble fingers around Kairi's creamy breasts, tweaking her nipples between her small fingers. Both girls moaned at the attention

their breasts were receiving. Kairi switched her mouth to Namine's other breast, but continued massaging Namine's ravished breast. Namine,

overcome with lust, slid both of their shorts down, and slowly pulled Kairi's panties off. For every inch she slid them down, Namine smothered

Kairi's exposed thighs with kisses that left Kairi gasping in anticipation. Looking up at Kairi to make sure it was okay; Namine spread Kairi's legs

wide to reveal her pink lips. Namine grasped Kairi's inner thighs and licked from bottom to top several times, swirling her tongue around Kairi's clit.

Not expecting the amount of pleasure, Kairi moaned loudly and pushed herself closer to Namine's wonderful mouth.

Encouraged, Namine held Kairi's thighs even further apart and buried her tongue as deep as it would go. Kairi gasped at the feeling of Namine's

long tongue in her and she began to pant. Namine dragged her tongue up and sucked Kairi's clit like a lollipop. The intense feeling caused Kairi to

writhe. Namine stuck two fingers into Kairi and with her other hand, she pinched and caressed Kairi's breasts. Kairi screamed at the overload of

pleasure and rocked hard against Namine's hand. Namine curved her fingers, grazing Kairi's g-spot, and Kairi shouted out her raw sexual release.

Her muscles clenched and she shook at the intensity. Kairi's eyes closed in pure bliss, and wave after wave of pleasure soared through her. After

a minute of milking every last wave of pleasure from Kairi, Namine removed her fingers and licked them clean.

"What did you think about that?" Namine asked smugly, lying down next to a dazed Kairi. Kairi took a deep breath before a mischievous grin

spread across her face. She leaned over and replied,

"I think it's your turn now."