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"This is the 4th minefield this week Haggard." said a very jumpy Sweetwater.

"Yeah, well, if you think you could do better, than by all means, be my guest." Haggard shot back.

Bravo-two, once again, was in the middle of a minefield in the middle of a forest, with Haggard leading them through it. (Not very good since he misses some mines sometimes) The target is an underground Russian science facility known to have created illegal weapons to use ageist Old' Uncle Sam.

"Finally." exclaimed Sarge as Haggard disabled the last mine in front of the entrance

"So... who wants to go down the creepy tunnel in the wall first?" Asked Preston Marlowe, Private First-Class and ironically the best in the squad. (I mean who else could shoot a guy with one hand falling out of an airplane?)

"uh... I don't know about you, but I vote Sweets." Haggard said while Sweetwater slugged him hard in the arm.

"Fine I'll go, as usual" Marlowe muttered loudly, as he stepped into the entrance, followed by his squad, minus Sweetwater who paused and said, "hey guys, are you sure it's sanitary down there?"

"Just get the hell down here!" Exclaimed Sarge.

Once in the facility the squad of four examined their surroundings, it was dark, damp, and cold with only old half-broken lights lighting up the tunnels.

"Bravo Two you're breaking up, I can't track your signal anymore, out." stated Ms. July, the squad's dispatch girl.

"copy that, keep radio contact as long as you can, out." replied Sarge.

"Are you free for Saturday night?" Asked Sweetwater as Haggard pushed him aside.

"Would up shut up?" said Sarge "this is still a stealth mission."

"aw, come on, we can't even blow up one thing?" asked Haggard.

"No, not a thing, now shut the hell up, and move out." ordered Sarge.

( Several scenes of sneaking around and killing RU troops with silent weapons while playing the "Mission Impossible" theme in the background Later... )

"Tango down." Stated Marlowe after shooting down the last guard in the area.

"Good now lets put a stop to..."

Sarge's words were cut off by a loud ear-butchering noise and the entire base starting to shake violently.

"What's going on down there? The readings just went off the charts! Out!" Exclaimed Ms. July.

"I have no idea!" Explained Sarge, "but whatever it is, I don't like..."

Sarge's sentence was cut of by a blinding light engulfing the base.

"Bravo Two you there? ... Bravo Two do you copy? ... Damn!" Projected Ms. July.

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