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Bravo-two and the 501st were quick on the scene as two dozen Russian troops, lead by a man dressed in the same uniform, but black, stormed through the newly-created hole in the cargo bay's wall opening fire on anyone who stood in their way.

Many clone troops were caught by surprise and quickly killed by the barrage of bullets.

"We got Reds incoming!" Sarge called out as he took cover behind a crate. As the others took cover Sweetwater turned to Rex and said,

"You knew these guys were here, and you didn't do anything about it?"

"We had other matters to deal with!" Rex quickly replied as he shot and killed three of the invading troops. Sweetwater fallowed suit by mounting his newly-returned M-60 light machine gun on the box and opened fire quickly killing four more Russian troops, causing the rest to take cover.

"I have something for them!" Shock called out as he threw a grenade behind one of the boxes the Russians were using for cover. The grenade exploded taking half the boxes and the seven troops with them.

"Come on guys, we've almost won this" Sarge yelled out as he dispatched three more Reds.

As the attackers began to retreat back into the city, Marlowe took aim with his XM8 assault rifle and dropped the escaping enemy dressed in black.

As the man fell something fell out of one of his pockets, something gold.

Marlowe and the others ran up to the body and examined it.

"Shit!" sweetwater exclaimed as he saw the red triangle on the man's uniform.

"What?" Haggard Asked.

Sweetwater pointed to the symbol and said,

"Acta Non Verba."

"Action Not Words," Marlowe said, "Shit."

"Mind telling us what the hell is going on?" Rex asked.

Short I know,

but that's right Acta Non Verba is Latin for Action Not Words, The legionnaire's Motto.