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This Ain't No Love Potion, This Here's Diet Coke

Prologue: Love Potion?

Arthur walked slowly through the halls of his home, carefully so as not to drop the box full of items he was carrying. The phone was ringing incessantly, which only added to the sound of clinking glasses in the box.

It had been a relatively peaceful day. All his paperwork having been done, Arthur decided he could relax for the time being before the world meeting in three days. Without anything else to do, he started tidying up his house. Actually, every point of the house was spotless. ...Except for the basement. In all truth, Arthur hadn't been down there for at least two weeks. A load of dust had started to accumulate.

Arthur set down the box down on the kitchen table, the movement dislodging the cover a bit and showing a bright pink liquid inside, and ran as fast as he could to the office four rooms away, where the phone's ringing was about to end.

He tried regaining his composure and picked up the phone. "Hello, this is Arthur Kirkland. Who am I speaking to?"


"Hello-o-o-o! Iggy! You in there?"

Alfred yelled and pounded at the door. He had been sent by his boss to go over some political issues before the world meeting. He would have rather stayed home and played video games, but his boss insisted.

So, here he was. Pounding and yelling at Arthur's door instead of comfortably at home playing video games and eating hamburgers.

. . .

Oh wait.

He went into his pocket and pulled out a wrapped, still-warm hamburger.

"Mmm! So good! I can't believe I forgot I stopped at McDonald's on the way here!" He closed his eyes with delight. While eating the burger, Alfred absent-mindedly played with the door knob and opened the door, which had never even been locked in the first place.

After finishing, Alfred opened his eyes and noticed the open door. "Aw, that was mean of Iggy. He probably answered the door and then left," he said with a pout on his face.

He walked in, closed the door behind him, and then started walking towards the kitchen. From there, he could hear Arthur talking on the phone.

"Yes, yes I know. I'll try to take care of that..."

So that was why he didn't say hi, America thought. Man these walls are so thick, no wonder I didn't hear him until now...

"Ugh, now I'm thirsty...Maybe Iggy left me something to drink..."He started going through the kitchen cabinets, the fridge, and even in the drawers, but there was nothing to drink, not even water. Then, he noticed the box. Curiosity getting the best of him, he sidled over and began rummaging through it. He coughed as a thick cloud of dust obscured his vision.

"These boxes are dust-y!" he whispered to himself hoarsely, emphasizing the last two syllables. That's when he noticed something bright pink. A bottle. He picked it up and looked at the label covered up by all the dust and dirt..

"D-i-Some other letters I can't make out...Diet! I'll just say it's Coke! Wow, Iggy never drinks diet soda, let alone soda...He must've bought this just for me! But I don't normally drink diet..." Touched with Arthur's supposed kindness, Alfred decided he couldn't let it go to waste. He popped the cap, not noticing the pink mist flowing out, and stopped for a minute.

. . .

Before quickly chugging the contents of the bottle.

It was delicious! Though...Something was a little strange...Nevertheless, he licked his lips and started shaking the bottle trying to get every last drop before turning around and promptly falling backwards onto his ass after coming face to face with a very pissed off looking Arthur.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here you git?"

"Huh?" Well, that was mean. Wasn't he the one who let him in?

"Don't 'huh' me. Hasn't anyone ever taught you to knock before entering?" Arthur asked angrily.

"Knock before entering? Didn't you let me in?"

"I was on the bloody phone you idiot!"

"Yeah, I could tell...Oh well, thanks for the coke anyway!" he said grinning.

Arthur nodded. "Your wel-wait, what?"

"Yeah, you know that diet soda you left for me in that box over there." He pointed to the table.

Arthur started turning his head toward where the younger blond was pointing. "Diet...soda...? I haven't bought soda for at least two years...," he mumbled to himself. He froze as his eyes stopped at the box and his face visibly paled.

"I have to say," America continued unaware of Arthur's actions, "You should clean up around here a little. That crap is dustier than my closet! And you know what? It didn't even taste like soda...More like juice, but why would you buy diet jui-"

"What did you drink?"


"What. Did. You. Drink."

Alfred crossed his arms and placed his finger under his chin thoughtfully. "Hmmm...Let's see...It was a liquid, and...Oh! And it was in a bottle!"

"Yes, I would hope so," Arthur stated, trying to stay calm. It wouldn't help the situation to start snapping. For all he knew, whatever Alfred drank could cause him to explode if someone yelled at him. "Anything else?" he asked while going through the box to see what was missing.

"Ummm..."Alfred began twirling the bottle in his right hand creating a "whooshing" sound whenever the air got caught in the small opening.

Arthur looked up. "Would you please stop that? It's getting on my nerves." He looked back down, but he immediately lifted his head a second later. "Is that the bottle?"


Oh no... "M-may I see that?"

"Uh, why?"

"Just give it to me." Arthur grabbed the bottle from Alfred's hand and began studying the label. "Hm." He took Alfred's arm and used it to begin rubbing the grime off the label.

"Hey! What's that for?"

Arthur smirked. "A gentleman can't get himself dirty, can he?"

"You limey bastard," Alfred muttered under his breath.

The man ignored the boy's mutterings and continued rubbing.

When the label was mostly clean, Arthur lifted the bottle up to his eye and squinted. After a few seconds, Arthur looked up, eyes wide. His hands began shaking as he glanced over at Alfred, a slight blush creeping into his features.

"So what is it? 'Cause it's definitely the worst diet soda ever. It was too thick and no bubbles. It's either both flat and over twenty years old, or some kinda smoothie...Hey, is something wrong?"

"A-Alfred," Arthur stuttered, his voice almost squeaking, "I don't know what you drink in your country – actually I do know – but I do not know what could possibly influence you to drink something unknown in someone else's home."

"Iggy, you look a little pale. Do you need a glass of water? You don't sound too good."

"Alfred, get out. Now," Arthur said gaining some authority back into his voice. He pulled at Alfred's ear and started tugging him towards the door.


Arthur ignored Alfred's yelps of pain and shoved him outside.


"No! Out!"

Alfred winced as Arthur slammed the door in his face.

Alfred rubbed his ear. "What's up his ass?" He made a pout face, then smiled and started wandering towards the backyard.

Arthur clutched the bottle to his chest as he put his back to the door and slid down. He sighed in relief at the dying noise of Alfred's footsteps. Why was he always the one to deal with these type of things?

"A love potion. A bloody love potion. Why a love potion?"

He gazed at the bottle and then stood up. "Well, there's nothing I can do if I just sit here. I'll have to make an antidote."

He quickly walked over to the bookshelf and pulled out a large dusty book. "Let's see..." He flipped through the pages and found the page with a picture of the potion Alfred drank. He paled. "I knew it. Dammit! There's no bloody antidote!"

He was about to give up when he remembered something. He ran into the basement and looked through his inventory of ingredients. "Yes! I have just enough to make one Impervious Potion! Alright, so the love potion takes effect in forty-five minutes time, and it takes a little less than that to make this potion." He immediately set to work. He figured if there was no antidote, the least he could do was make a potion that would make him immune to the effects of the love potion long enough so he could find some way to make an antidote for Alfred.

But he'd have to hurry.

. . .

And then the phone rang.


Matthew whistled softly as he walked along the path to Arthur's home. It was quite a nice day today. Normally, Matthew would have been at home, probably playing baseball with his brother. Unfortunately, Alfred had forgotten to come by like he had promised and figured him to be here, and he needed to go over some political matters with England anyway.

He knocked on the door. After not being answered, he decided Arthur wouldn't mind if he let himself in. He probably wouldn't even notice him anyway. Matthew sighed and opened the unlocked door.


"No, no I'm sorry...Yes, it seems I 've forgotten in the past half hour..."

Matthew closed his eyes. That was just like Arthur, to forget about him...

What he hadn't realized though, was that Arthur had been talking on the phone.

Matthew opened his eyes and the first things he laid his eyes upon was a silver looking liquid in a glass bottle lying on the table. Well, it sure wasn't maple syrup, but he was definitely thirsty. He quickly took the bottle, popped the cap, noticed the silver mist flowing out, and stopped for a minute.

. . .

Before quickly chugging the contents of the bottle.

Wow! It tasted really good! He shook the bottle in an attempt to get out every drop before turning around and backing away at the sight of a very angry looking Arthur.


Arthur had just finished on the phone. He was extremely lucky to have been able to finish the potion just as the phone was about to cease its ringing. He smiled to himself as he walked to the kitchen, but frowned as soon as he spotted Matthew. With the bottle. Empty.

England glared at Matthew, much the way he had glared at Alfred, as he backed away. Matthew instinctively placed the bottle back onto the table. Then he noticed Alfred fall inside through the window at the far back corner after he tried to climb in.

Alfred grinned at him mischievously, and Matthew smiled apologetically. Arthur glanced at the two empty bottles on the table and put his face in his palm. Alfred laughed loudly and Matthew laughed softly.

They may have had almost completely different personalities, but they sure as Busby's Chair were brothers.

Prologue End

Some notes: (I decided I'll do something like this per chapter...I thought it would be fun...*shot for being a nerd*)

Limey (It, actually, is an American term, not British. *found that interesting*)

An old American and Canadian slang nickname for the British, originally referring to British sailors. The term is believed to derive from lime-juicer, referring to the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy practice of supplying lime juice to British sailors to prevent scurvy. The benefits of citrus juice were well known at the time thanks to the acute observations of surgeon James Lind, who noticed that the cabbage-eating Dutch had fewer problems with scurvy. Limes were used over lemons because limes were more readily available from Britain's own Caribbean colonies. The term is thought to have originated in the Caribbean in the 1880s. A false etymology is that it is a derivative of "Cor blimey" ("God blind me!").

(http : / / en . Wikipedia . org / wiki / Alternative _ names _ for _ the _ British #Limey)

Love Potion

(This is the only helpful thing I could find on it.)In folklore, mythology, or works of fiction, a love potion may refer to a type of potion designed to create feelings of love towards a person.

I bet y'all thought the bottle actually had aphrodisiac in it didn't you? *gleam in eyes* ...Oh...You didn't? I guess I'm the only one with a dirty mind here... :B

Love Potion Part II

I bet you might all be thinking, "If it was a love potion, why was there a 'd' in there?" Well, the answer is, I love latin. And in Latin, diligo is one of the words that mean "love."

(This I learned from Social Studies)

After Germanic tribes disposed of the last Roman emperor, administrative apparatuses were still in place, but cities began to lost population. The Dark Ages were a period of disorder caused by barbarian invasions that led to a decline in civilization. There was weak central government, lack of law and order, decline of trade, loss of literacy, citizenship was replaced by loyalty to a tribal chief, and a loss in common language.(In other words, after the Roman empire fell, Europe kinda fell apart.)

So Latin used to be the main language used everywhere in Western Europe until Rome fell.


I don't think you needed all that information...Oh well. Regents grade 10 and 9th grade advanced, here's some notes for you. STUDY IT AND DO WELL ON YOUR NEXT TEST DAMMIT. *was the only chapter she didn't get for some reason*

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