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The brothers stared at the unconscious man. Alfred poked him.

"I-is he dead?" came his brother's scared voice.

"Hm, it could be a lot of trouble if he is..." He rested his chin on his hand and thought for a few seconds. "All right."

"'All right' what?"

Alfred started counting off on his fingers. "I'm gonna need sand, water, sunglasses, glue, feathers, duck tape, a bucket, and disinfectant."

"And w-why would you need all this stuff?"

"So, here's my plan," America said, ignoring the previous question. His eyes started to widen with excitement. "We get the sand, water, and a few other supplies, whip ourselves up some cement, and cover Iggy in it. Then, we use the duck tape to attach it to an alien spaceship, pour glue all over it, cover it in feathers, and send it off from the park. Everyone will think it's an oversized bird."

"Alfred," Matthew said with a deadpan expression, "That's one of the stupidest plans I've ever heard."

Alfred crossed his arms and pouted. "It's not like you've got anything better…" he mumbled.

"Just curious, but what were the sunglasses for?"

"To look badass."

The other shook his head and leaned over to feel the Englishman's forehead; it was still warm. He grasped the limp wrist and carefully searched for a pulse, finding relief at the tiny thumping of the blood pulsing through Arthur's veins.

"Thank God, he's alive-ALFRED! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?"

Matt stared at Alfred with a completely shocked expression. The American was currently trying to pour the cement onto Arthur when Matt had not been looking. Where the American had found the time to make the cement, Canada would never know.

"Huh? He's alive? Well, I guess that's good..."

Alfred looked severely disappointed at the news. Matthew worried about him sometimes.

"So... what're we supposed to do until he wakes up?"

"I guess we'll just have to wait."

Alfred crossed his arms and pouted. "Aw... But that's so boring," Alfred whined. He waited for Matt to respond, but it never came. "Hmph. Stay with the stuck-up prick, then. I," he pointed to himself, "am going for a walk." And with that, he stalked out and slammed the door behind him, the sound of which woke Arthur out of unconsciousness.

"Huh, I..." The Brit mumbled groggily before noticing Matt, and then asked, "Matthew? What the blooming Hell happened?"

He sighed. "To tell you the truth...I don't even truly know myself. I came over today to find Al, was thirsty and drank that, um, 'potion', and ran out for about twenty minutes. Then, I come back to you and Al fighting tooth and nail. After that, you tried to lock him in a closet, and he fell out on top of you. Then, you screamed and fainted."

"Like a girl, I might add," Alfred said, snickering.

Matt turned to his brother. "Weren't you leaving?"

"Just forgot my wallet." He promptly left again.

"Where is he going?" Arthur asked.

"For a walk."

The other nodded. "Well, that's good." He froze as realization dawned upon him. "WAIT! NO. NO, THAT IS NOT GOOD."

"A-Arthur?" Matthew was a little frightened. The Englishman never looked this distraught. "Wha...What's wrong?"

"Alfred, that git," he muttered to himself, pacing back and forth on the carpet.

"Arthur, what's wrong?" he repeated.

Arthur stopped and looked at Matt. "We have to go after him."


"Yes, wherever he is, it can't be good."

"B-but, why-"

He shook his head. "It doesn't matter why! We absolutely have to find him before he finds his way into...Oh, God."

"What? What is it?"

Arthur's eyes widened in horror.


This Ain't No Love Potion, This Here's Diet Coke

Chapter 2: Um... France Isn't The Problem Here

The sun seemed to be using every last ounce of its strength to light up the sky in brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow as it began setting on the horizon.

Alfred whistled as he jogged down the sidewalk. Okay, so maybe it was not a walk...But he just could not take it! He wanted to run! To feel the wind in his hair! To watch the McDonald's fly by! To see the world in fast forward! To-wait, a McDonald's?

He stopped, backed up, and looked across the street. Why were streets so wide in France? How did he get in France, anyway? Oh well, he could cross the street! If it were not for the cars going at unreasonable speeds and never stopping, that is.

When the street was semi-empty, he attempted to put his foot out, but a car sped by and nearly tore the appendage off. America nodded his head; he knew it. Francis specifically made it so all French cars were out to kill him. It would leave no trace back to the Frenchman. Then, at his funeral, he'd be snickering the whole time on how perfectly his plan came together.

He nodded again. It all made sense now.

But was France really that stupid? You cannot kill a hero with a car. It just does not make sense. Alfred picked up a rock and "discreetly" threw it at the streetlight. It blinked in and out before the light bulb went black. Without a streetlight to guide them, every car screeched to a halt. He gave a smirk of satisfaction as he strolled casually across the street.

He did not realize the car silently speeding towards him, despite the now-broken traffic light. The car honked a horn, and Alfred turned his head, but it was too late.


"Oh Mist! Ich glaube, ich traf jemanden!" Gilbert cursed out loud as a thunk stopped his car.

"This is really bad... If I killed someone, West would kill me..." He honked the horn! If the person was too stupid or too slow to get out of the way, that was not his fault! But he could have slowed down...or stopped. He sighed and scratched his head. Then, he turned off the car and climbed out, slamming the door behind him. He walked around the perimeter of the car until he reached the front. Gilbert had his eyes closed and was holding his breath, but he suddenly found himself sniffing the air and opening his eyes to the sight before him.

To tell the truth, he was quite surprised. Lying on the ground, his blond hair tossed around and his glasses a few feet to the right, was Alfred F. Jones, the personification of the United States of America, looking as though he were sleeping with an angel-like face and smelling like roses. Any normal person would not have even realized he was just hit by a car.

Gilbert smirked. "Warum, hallo~ Was wir hier tun?" He started smirking in a perverted fashion. Alfred looked unnaturally ravishing today, and thoughts of all the ways he could invade the young teen as he was unconscious filled his head. Yet he suddenly stopped smirking as a thought occurred to him.

Alfred was a superpower.

The minute he woke up, he would have the entire place swarming with the army.

And then, he would most likely kill, maim, and/or attack the ex-nation. Whichever came first.

All that equaled bad in Gilbert's mind.

The honking of cars roused him from his thoughts. Oh, he had forgotten they were in the middle of the street.


He smirked again. "Hey, Gilbird, we're in the middle of a street. Did you know that?"

The bird chirped in response as it flew to the top of his head and nestled into his hair.

"So I can't leave some helpless American in the middle of the street where he can get run over! And I don't know where his hotel is... So he'll just have to come home with me! Kesesese..."

Using his awesome strength, he slung Alfred over his shoulders and walked back to his car. "Hm... he's lighter than I expected... Boy am I awesome for saving the 'hero' like this!" He opened the passenger door and threw the boy in. He then walked around, slid back into the driver's seat, and turned on the ignition. Gilbert quickly drove away, leaving a cloud of dust behind them.


"A-Arthur! I don't think he could have gone this far!" Matthew almost crashed into the other man, his face flushed and sweat running down his cheeks from all the running they had been doing.

Arthur, however, was not even breaking a sweat. He checked his pocket watch and frowned. "It's only been ten minutes. Knowing Alfred, he could be halfway around the world by now."

Matthew gritted his teeth and shouted at the sky.



Gilbert pulled to a stop at a red light and glanced at the still-unconscious Alfred sitting beside him. Maybe he should wake him up? ...But then, Alfred would probably want to go home. If they were already in Germany by the time he woke up, though...he would have no way to get home, and then he would have to stay!

It was an awesome plan.

Wait, why was he so desperate to get Alfred to stay with him?

Gilbert shook his head, realizing he did not know. Perhaps it was just something about the way he was dressed today. Or the fact he smelled like roses. ...Maybe he was hanging around France too much.

He started staring at the American's sleeping face, so innocent and helpless.

In that moment, Gilbert almost felt ashamed of himself for basically kidnapping Alfred.

. . . .


He was doing the American a favor! He would have died if it were not for him! Yet somehow, he still felt some kind of guilt tearing at his chest. He could at least wake the other up.

Gilbert placed his hand on Alfred's shoulder and started to shake him lightly.

"Hey, American, wake up."

The light turned green, and Gilbert sighed at his failed attempt as he stepped on the pedal.

"Hey! Wake up!"

Still no answer.

He sighed again. Keeping one hand on the wheel, he used his other hand to start continuously poking Alfred. "Come on."

The other stirred a bit and his eyes began to open slowly, his lashes fluttering. Alfred really was beautiful.

America seemed to be sleepily taking in his surroundings, and a minute later, his eyes shot open.

"Where the Hell am I?" He started panicking and trying to get out of the car.

"He! American! Calm down! You're going to make us get into an accident! And that is not awesome."

The words seemed to relax Alfred. He settled back into his seat and looked at the albino.



"Where are we?"

"In my car. You were passed out in the middle of the street. You'd better thank me for saving your sorry ass!"

Alfred blinked, his eyes wide and a confused look on his face, but it soon transformed into a bright grin. "Thanks, Gilbo! I guess you saved my life!" he laughed genuinely.

Gilbert tried to find any sarcasm in the statement, but could find none. So was the American actually thanking him?


"So then he started saying, 'Oh Prussia, could you please get out of my house? I'm trying to be all uptight and act like I'm better than you.' And then, that scary bitch, Hungary, came in and tried to kill me with that frying pan of hers!"

Alfred laughed loudly, and Gilbert laughed along with him. How come he had never known that ol' Gilbo could have been such a cool guy? Of course, Gilbert had helped train him during the... Revolution... but all he could remember of the Prussian back then was screaming, yelling, and beer.

"Hahaha! You shoulda seen Arthur today! 'Get out of my house, you git! I'm such a gentleman, so I'll kick you out without any food!'"

"Kesesese! But with the 'gentleman' over there, isn't it better that he didn't give you food?"

Alfred thought for a minute. "Yeah! You're right! Well, I agree with Peter, though. Arthur's a jerk!"

Gilbert laughed and Alfred smiled, looking out his window. A sign reading, "Now leaving France," passed and the smile faded.

"H-Hey, Gilbert? Um, where are we going?"

"To Germany, of course!"

"Germany? I don't think that's exactly necessary... I have to get back to my hotel for the night, and y'know, Mattie might get worried about me-"

"Don't worry! I've got it all taken care of!"

Alfred was taken aback. "Oh...Really?"

"Ja! Everything's going awesomely!"



He laughed and allowed his tense shoulders to relax as he placed his hands behind his head. "Y'know, when you say 'ja' all the time, it almost makes you sound like that creepy bastard Russia." Alfred had meant it as a joke, but when he looked over at Gilbert, the Prussian was giving him one of the scariest glares he had ever received.

"Never. Say. That. Bastard's. Name. In. This. Car. Or anywhere else around me, for that matter."

"Dude, hey, easy, it was a joke! And- wait, you hate him too?"

Gilbert shivered. "Ja- Yeah, bastard Russki."

For about twenty minutes, the car ride continued on in silence.

Alfred coughed in an effort to clear the tension.

"H-hey... You wanna get some food?" Gilbert offered, not looking at Alfred as the other turned around with a look of pure joy. He was too busy hiding the slight blush dusting his face.

"Would I?"

Gilbert sighed with relief and grinned at the American.



An hour ago...

Arthur almost jumped as his cell phone started ringing. He was so busy studying his watch that he had forgotten the outside world.

"Yes? This is Arthur Kirland speaking."


"Ow!" He held the phone away from his ear. Could he be any louder? "Blimey, Gilbert! You very well could have blasted my ear off! And can you please refrain from calling me by my 'nickname?' I would expect as much from Alfred, but you're older than me. You should know the rules by now."

"Pfft, like I care. Speaking of the American-"

"Have you seen him?" Arthur blurted out.

"Um, yeah, he's actually sitting right next to me-"

"I'm coming to get him. Where are you?"

"Hahaha! Y-you don't have to do that...I mean, he's all the way out here in Germany..."


"Yeah, I found him, um, passed out at a...bar, yeah, a bar. And so, I didn't know where he was staying, so I decided to take him home until he woke up..."

"What bar?" Arthur asked suspiciously.

"Oh, y'know, some bar in France..."

England sighed. It was way too late to go get Alfred now. Love potion or not, he had major political affairs to take care of before the meeting. He would pick him up in the morning. He sighed again.

"All right, but please, Gilbert, don't do anything," he paused, "strange."

"Haha! Awesome! I'll give him back at the meeting!"

"Very well-WHAT?"

The dial tone sounded.

Matthew looked at Arthur as he seemed to sway.

But being the gentleman he was, he straightened himself up, and decided he would call Ludwig.


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German Translations:

Oh Mist! Ich glaube, ich traf jemanden! - Oh crap! I think I hit someone!

Warum, hallo~ Was wir hier tun? - Why, hello~ What do we have here?

He! – Hey!

Ja. – (I'm pretty sure most people know this...) Yes.


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