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Alex is off once again leaving Olivia behind once again. Will she wait?

The private seen after the episode Congo.

Out of New York

"What the hell was that?" Olivia barked has she entered in to Alex Cabot's office. "Find out from someone else." Olivia begins to pace. "Then you tell me on the courthouse steps in front of Elliot. Jesus Alex. Really, I thought this was going to be you and me forever, here!" Her pacing stops. She makes the few steps towards Alex's desk. Alex could see the fury in her eye. She did not shout back. She steadied herself behind the safety of her desk and quietly said, "I was going to tell you later at dinner."

"Later? Our whole world knows but me." Tears of anger sting her eyes. "I am supposed to know first." She raises her palm to her own chest and hits it hard. Alex starts to speak, but Olivia cuts her off. "Wait! This is typical you. You're back for a year before I know."

"Olivia, please." Alex pleaded. "I told you why I didn't come and find you. Tell you I was here." Her face dropped when Olivia still would not stand down. "I had my mother's things to get in order. Re-enter a life that I had not been a part of for four years. I just needed time."

"Time? You sure did use your time well. You got engaged, slept with Jim Steele, oh and became boss of your own team of lawyers." Olivia crossed her arms in front of her. Satisfied what she had said, she waited for the lawyer's retort.

Nothing came. Alex just sat there quietly watching the only person that she ever loved be torn apart again by her. Olivia knew, she knew that everything she did when she came back was selfish. She didn't know that Alex had gotten weekly "spy" updates from colleagues. She'd ask interns to take files to the 1-6 . 'Just drop this at Captain Cragen's office. Oh, and see if Officers Benson and Stabler are in, I'll need to call them later.' And now, now when she doesn't need to send a green sleeve to spy on her loved one, she's leaving once again. She could say nothing. She had nothing to say that would make sense of it. She just knew deep down, this was the right thing to do.

Olivia sat in the chair across from Alex's desk. Actually she plopped. She was exhausted. It was hard keeping her emotions in check when it came to Alex. She could make her so angry and feel so much passion all at the same time. And now she was in quicksand, trying to hold on to what is her world. She could not look at Alex for fear of breaking down or becoming too enraged. She looked down at her hands and asked.

"How long?"

"I don't know. About a year." Alex lied she knew she was committed to two years with a possible extension. "I can't tell you for sure." Not quite a lie she told herself.

"And I can't tell you I'll wait." Olivia felt her blood rise. "I waited four years. I don't have it in me to wait anymore." With that she rose, turned on her heels and left Alex's office. She didn't shut the door. She wanted Alex to see what it was like when someone you love walks out on you without a word of when or if they will return.

This will be my take on what will happen when Alex is gone.