Author's Note: Okay so, I'm only vaguely sure where I'm heading with this. I have a few ideas, but I thought I'd throw myself in at the deep end and just see where it takes me. I guess some scenes may be fairly graphic, so I have rated it M just to be safe. Please, if you read, leave me a review! Enjoy! :)

Author's Note 2: Since I've had a few people ask, I need to clarify; there will be no rape scenes in this story.

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"Ah, there she is.. You were out for a while. I was beginning to think you'd never wake up."

What the hell. It was brief thought as some semblance of consciousness floated into her mind; her squinting eyes doing nothing to ease her confusion.

The room was fairly dark in the blur of her hazy, barely-conscious state; everything surrounding her simply formed as outlines that faded into nothing. She blinked a few times, trying desperately to bring everything into focus, but as she scrunched up her face in an attempt to make out something on the far side of the room, the searing pain in her head hit her. Wincing, her hands instinctively moved to cover the pain but the friction burn of rope cutting into delicate skin seized their movements in an instant.

"I didn't want you to miss the show."

The wispy voice penetrated the fog in her mind again but as she swung her head, left then right, to put a face to the sound, nausea tore though her like a tidal wave. The room seemed like it was moving around her, spinning and twisting until even the vague outlines that she had caught with her blinking eyes before had abandoned her.

"Emily! Oh god, Emily!"

This second voice was so much more familiar, ripping her from her dazed state instantly as her mind filled with a mixture of comfort, fear and this innate need to protect. But what would she need to protect? And as her now wide eyes searched the room frantically, the darkness lifted and those outlines that had failed her previously finally came into focus.

Three blinks. The grey, flaking, possibly once white walls of the small room were illuminated slightly by a faint, orange light that swung above her head. Two blinks. As she lifted her gaze slowly to find the source of the light, she was met directly with a small, shadeless bulb hanging from the ceiling, the surprising brightness causing the pain in her head to cut through her brain like a dull blade. Four blinks. She closed her eyes tight shut to relieve the pain, only to remember her situation and open them a second later to continue scouring the room. One blink. As she looked up again, she noticed pipes running along the whole length of one side of the ceiling, rusted and old as they twisted and wove into one another, certain pieces bowing with gravity and breaking apart. Two blinks. Following those pipes with her heavy eyes, she came to the wall on her right side; a small, rectangular window at it's centre that was covered loosely with what she assumed to be cardboard, but around the edges she could see faint traces of light creeping in, twinkling through the cobwebs that littered the glass.

Choke. Slowly, as her other senses began to come back into play, she noticed a mixture of distinct smells; tobacco, damp, and a chemical that she couldn't quite place. Choke, choke. They all combined to scratch and tear and her sensitive throat, grating like sandpaper as she fought to breathe. Choke, splutter.

Shiver. A light draft began slowly creeping across her pale skin, the uncontrollable jerk of her shivering body making her once again aware of the rope cutting into her wrists and the hard surface of the chair beneath her. Choke. Blood seeped from the back of her throat, trickled slowly and made it's presence known in the distinct taste of warm copper against her tongue and panic set in once more.. Thrash. Blink. Choke. Cough. Splutter. Thrash. Pull. Burn. Thrash. Choke. Blink. Thrash.

"Oh, it won't do any good, sweetheart.." The voice filled the room for the third time, almost smug and accompanied by a brief sadistic chuckle. "You of all people should know how good I am with rope."

Suddenly, her senses were no longer working one at a time but all together, each banding like brothers in an army to finally snap her into a wholly coherent state; and as her head shot in the direction of the voice, she was met with a face that she most certainly recognised. But that particular familiarity was lost before it was even registered fully, because beyond the thin finger, beyond the shoulder length, light brown hair and cold, grey eyes, beyond the thin lips that callously smiled down at her; there were eyes that should have been as blue as an ocean, but were somehow drained completely of light and replaced with swirls of fear, a body that she had personally witnessed ebb and flow as fluidly as the shore, was now rigid and tight, held back against a chair by a strong hand, and blonde hair that typically spun like silk and cascaded around slim shoulders, was now tangled in the silver duct tape that stretched beyond pink lips and clung to baby soft skin.

"JJ!" The word tore from her lips before she could stop it, her voice raspy and broken and the two short syllables seared against her already delicate throat as she trashed manically, seemingly having forgotten just how well that had worked the last time.

"Aww, so sweet. Ya know.." The slim figure began as she walked around JJ and cocked her head to the side; each of her words enunciated so dramatically that anyone would have thought that this was a badly directed stage show rather than reality. "I didn't wanna cover up that pretty mouth of hers, and god it is a pretty mouth.. I can definitely see why you went for that. But the stupid bitch just would not shut the fuck up. It's kinda sweet, actually. Pathetically sweet. And I'd love to hear her scream your name some more, especially considering the fun events that are about to unfold.. But I just can't take the risk of someone hearing and ruining my fun, ya know what I mean?"

"Get the fuck away from her." Emily spoke evenly, strangely calmly, as her own dark eyes met with and stared directly into the cold ones in front of her. She wasn't afraid of this person, not one bit, but the presence of JJ caused a whole new fear to bloom in her chest and flourish with every step that this unhinged character took towards her.

The small figure laughed, clearly unfazed. "Aw baby, really? You still gonna play that 'I'm gonna kick your ass' crap? Carry on, by all means. It makes this so much more fun for me. But considering your current.. situation.." The thin figure glanced down, nodding mockingly towards Emily's restrained body with a smug smile. "There isn't an awful lot that you can do."

Yes, she was afraid, but Emily didn't falter; her eyes didn't move, she didn't even blink. Even as she watched the brown haired figure light up a cigarette and step dangerously close to her, she remained steady and fierce and actually felt some relief hum through her body at the fact that they were no longer near JJ.

"Now." The thin person let out a puff of smoke directly into Emily's face. "Let me tell you how this is going to work." They continued, pulling out a small knife and running a finger along the shiny blade. "We're gonna have some fun. All three of us. You, me, and that sexy young thing over there. And you," the blade was pointed directly at Emily, "are gonna do exactly what I say. Otherwise that pretty girl of yours.. Well.. lets not go there, eh?"

"What do you want?" Emily asked firmly, still not breaking eye contact. There was no way that she was going to relinquish what little control she had left by showing fear; even if she was absolutely fucking petrified, even if her mind was fixed on that blade even whilst her eyes weren't, even if her heart was focused on the other person occupying the room, the one who was entirely helpless and relying on her to magically fix this... whatever this was.

"Oh, there's plenty of things that I want, gorgeous." The grey-eyed figure leant over Emily, running the blade gently along the pale skin of the older woman's forearm as their own eyes flicked wistfully to full lips, before snapping from their daydream and speaking again with a shrug. "But right now.. I just wanna ask you a few questions. Simple."

"What's the catch?"

"Oh, Em..-"

"Don't you fucking call me that." Emily spat out, almost losing grasp of the little control that she had left. "Don't."

"Ohhoh.." The person laughed as they inhaled deep from their cigarette before tossing it to the ground and crushing it beneath heavy boots. Leaning over Emily once more, they whispered in an almost seductive manner directly against her lips. "I see you've still got that fire in you."

Emily could feel the cold breath against her mouth, smell the lingering tobacco emanating from it as the person in front of her dragged their tongue across her cheek and her calm began to fleet once again. She had already witnessed it's descent in the hot-fired words that had left her own lips seconds before, and she needed to regain that control before it was too late.

"You still taste so fucking good." The voice whispered directly into Emily's ear before pulling back to stand again. "But to answer your question, Emily.. The catch is.. For every question that you get wrong, blondie over there," glancing over to JJ before continuing, "is really gonna find what pain being with you can bring."

That's what she was worried about, but her calm was back and she wasn't letting it go this time; she would not be outsmarted by this person, and she would not give them the satisfaction of knowing that they had gotten under her skin. Well, not if she could help it. But for right now, she played the same unfazed card that the slim figure themself had just minutes before. "And if I don't want to play your game?"

"Well.." The familiar person allowed their words to trail off as they, much firmer this time, dragged the tip of the blade along the brunette's delicate skin, slicing and slicing until a small trail of blood ran in it's wake.

Despite the searing pain coursing through her arm, Emily managed to continue her daring stare with the person stood before her, only faltering to cast a subtle reassuring glance to the terrified blonde opposite her, before stating. "I am not playing your game."

"Oh really?" The person laughed, pulling back from Emily. "See.. I really think you are."

The thin figure turned abruptly and headed determined towards JJ and her calm was truly gone for good this time as instinctive panic set in and consumed her. "Okay I'll do it! Just stay the hell away from her!" She yelled, not even daring to think about what this clearly unstable person from her past would do to the blonde agent.

"Haha.. There's a good girl." The person smiled. "Now. Let's play a game."