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Emily stood outside the door to JJ's house, fumbling with a loose thread on her jacket. Nerves weren't usually a quality she held, and she wasn't relishing their sudden presence.

Before she had chance to work herself into too much of a state though, the door opened to reveal a relieved, albeit surprised, looking JJ. "Em-" She began with smiling eyes, but was cut off instantly.

"Don't say anything." Emily began as she pushed passed the blonde and into the house. "I'm a complete ass." She turned to face JJ who was stood, arms folded, in front of the now closed door. "I'm stubborn. I'm defensive. I'm a coward. And I will never be someone that can hand you their heart on a platter at any given moment."


"No. Let me finish." Emily began to pace. "I'm an ass.."

JJ laughed, "You said that part already."

She shook her head, growing increasingly frustrated with her inability to say what was in her mind – she was far better at writing things down, and even better than that at just not saying anything at all. But this was JJ, and too, her last chance. "I've got a lot of fucking issues, JJ. I'm a difficult person, and I don't know that that is ever going to change. But I know, more than I've ever known anything, that I love you. I don't know what that means anymore. But I do. And I'm gona fuck up. Probably a lot. But I'm also gona try really hard not to."

JJ's heart was aching. If it was possible, she had never loved Emily more than she did in that moment. She took a small step forward, "Are you done?"

Emily was suddenly terrified beyond belief – her bravery had left her standing there alone, a deer caught in the headlights. "I think so.."

"Good." JJ took another step forward. "First of all, I know you love me." Another step, "You don't need to tell me that." She took one last step so she was standing directly in front of Emily, and raised a hand to lift the brunette's chin. "You show me that with everything you do. Even your defenses show me that. Because if you didn't love me, you wouldn't need them."

Emily felt both scared and pleased by the fact that JJ had read her so well; by the fact that the younger woman saw good in what she considered to be a flaw.

"And second of all, Em." JJ brushed a strand of hair from the brunette's face and made eye contact with her once more. "We're both gona fuck up. We both did fuck up. But it doesn't matter, because without that, there's a chance you wouldn't be here opening up to me like this. Without the rain, there are no rainbows."

JJ saw the faint glimmer of a smile forming against Emily's lips, and made one last attempt at coaxing it into a full smile – it had been too long since she'd seen the brunette's eyes light up. "I know, could I get anymore cheesy?"

Emily's smile turned into a small laugh. "I know you, Jayje. And I know you could get far cheesier than that if you wanted to. I believe in you." She winked at the blonde.

JJ's eyes lit up once more as she watched Emily for a few seconds, drinking in the light-hearted side of her that she had so missed in recent days, before pulling her into an embrace and pressing her face into the crook of her neck. She'd missed the way she smelt too, the softness of her skin, the warmth of her body wrapped around her.

Emily snaked one arm up to the back of JJ's head, holding her just exactly where she was – she hadn't realised how much she needed this. And as she felt JJ press feather-light kisses to the sensitive skin of her neck, she realised how much she needed that too. "Baby.."

JJ said nothing. Instead, she placed several more soft kisses to the brunette's skin, before continuing up to her cheek and whispering, "This is where we first had sex."

The words, rather than the blondes hot breath, burnt against Emily's skin; a burn which she felt all the way to her core. A combination of relief at having JJ back and the smaller woman's ministrations had left her wet beyond belief already, and she was about ready to pass out with desire as the words left JJ's mouth and flooded into her brain; the memories pooling in there much like the wetness between her thighs. "You're gona be the death of me."

JJ quickly pulled back and looked Emily in the eye, clearly less than impressed with her choice of words.

Instantly realising what she'd said, apologies fell freely from Emily's lips. "I'm sorry baby." She cupped the blondes face and placed soft yet firm kisses to her cheeks, her nose, her lips, between each apology. "I'm sorry. So sorry. So very sorry."

The blonde immediately forgot what Emily was even apologising for, and instinctively wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck, pressing her lips firmly against the older woman's. Emily naturally took a step back, her back forcefully hitting a small cabinet behind her. "I don't remember this being here last time?" She smiled.

"I guess we'll just have to find some place else then." And with that, much like she had done months prior, she led Emily upstairs to her bedroom.

They'd barely made it through the door before clothes were being tossed in all directions, and once JJ had taken in the sight of a naked Emily stood before her, she gently pushed her back onto the bed.

Standing at the foot of the bed, the blonde lifted Emily's legs which were hanging over the edge, and wrapped them around her waist. "I love you so fucking much Emily Prentiss." She whispered as she hovered over her.

"Show me."

And that was exactly what JJ intended to do. She was so proud of Emily – she knew the courage it must have taken for her to bypass stubbornness and place her feelings out there like she had, and she was determined to show her exactly why her bravery had been worth it; exactly how much she loved her, exactly how safe her heart was with her.

After a long but gentle kiss to the brunette's lips, JJ followed a trail down Emily's body, pressing her lips to each one of her favourite parts of the older woman as she did.

Grazing her lips across her cheek, she whispered, "I missed you."

Placing delicate, ghost-like kisses along her collar bone, she uttered, "So much."

Reaching the scar on Emily's chest - the scar that she hadn't seen until today, and that would forever be a significant part of their relationship, both metaphorically and physically – she gently but firmly pressed her lips to it, her words reflecting its meaning, "Always."

She hoped that Emily took from it exactly what she'd intended – that she had her as long as she would have that scar – and continued her journey down Emily's torso, making a short detour to take one of the brunette's already hardened nipples into her mouth, immediately sucking it between her lips.

A small smile graced JJ's lips as she heard Emily's sharp intake of breath. "Baby please."

And in an instant response, the blonde's fingers began their own journey, slowly, too slowly, across the brunette's toned stomach. She felt Emily's heat before she reached her destination, and as soon as hot, liquid desire touched her finger tips, she gave her lover what she really wanted; pressing two fingers slowly yet firmly deep into her awaiting depths.

Emily's moans filled the air, and JJ could feel her own body responding to the sounds. "Do you believe me now?" the blonde asked as she slowly pumped her fingers in and out of the brunette, her lips now hovering over Emily's, so that her hot breath fanned mercilessly against the lips of her lover.

"Mmm, not quite.." Emily teased, hoping for, craving, more pressure.

JJ removed her fingers, but before the older woman could protest, she quickly replaced them, along with a third this time, as deep as she could and left them there. Satisfied with the exasperated and breathy moans falling from Emily's lips, she asked, "How about now?"

"So good baby.." Was all Emily could muster, her hips unconsciously rocking, already on the edge of some kind of oblivion.

The younger agent smiled; pleased with her efforts and the response she was pulling from Emily. She didn't move her fingers though; determined to tease her for just that little bit longer.

Her hips still rocking against JJ's still hand, Emily spoke, her husky voice thick with desperation, "Please."

JJ's small smile turned into a smug smirk, "What baby?"

Eyes shooting open as her desire surged through her and removed all sense of formality, Emily demanded, "Fuck me. Now."

The blonde's legs went weak at Emily's command, and it was all she could do to keep the position she held. Her fingers took on a mind of their own and instantly began pumping in and out of Emily – a hard, fast pace that she knew her lover was craving. She kept her eyes locked on Emily's, her lips still ghosting over the brunette's; she wanted to feel every breath that left her mouth, witness every pleasure fueled flicker of her eyes.

It was all too much, too fast, and totally not enough at the same time. "Baby.."

JJ didn't need more than that; she knew exactly what it meant, and she immediately began to circle Emily's clit with her thumb.

Emily felt that familiar tightness in her stomach begin to build, "So close.."

With the brunette's walls clenched in a vice grip around her fingers, JJ gave her lover once last push, "Come for me baby."

And with ragged breaths and sweat slick skin and clenched fists, Emily began the free-fall over that edge; stars darting past her eyes, her mind blurring into endless possibilities, skin tingling, and soon enough she was nothing but a raggedly breathing heap beneath JJ.

Completely satiated, Emily reached her arms up to cup JJ's face and pulled her down until their lips met in a deep kiss. "I love you, so much." She spoke as they finally broke for air, still trying to regain her breath. "So much."

JJ's eyes smiled as she watched the rise and fall of Emily's heavy chest, and in that moment, she felt on top of the world. They'd been to hell and back in such a short period of time, and ever one to believe that everything has a reason, she knew that it had been worth it; she knew that the best was yet to come.

Gently pulling out of Emily, she pressed a soft kiss to her cheek and moved to step back.

"Not so fast." Emily spoke as she sat herself up on the edge of the bed before pulling JJ over to straddle her thighs. She could feel the blondes heat against her stomach, and she couldn't help but pull her closer. She was pretty certain that the doctors would have a field day with this kind of physical exertion just 9 days after being shot in the chest, but it was kind of too late for that now.

Tucking the loose strands of hair behind Emily's ears and cupping her face, JJ spoke softly, "You don't have to do this, Emily. It's only been-"

But before she could utter anything more, her words melted into an illegible gloop of half-logic and desire as Emily pressed three fingers deep inside her. She didn't need to adjust to the pressure; she had been ready since Emily had first kissed her. But still, she took a second to enjoy the sensation, the feeling of being full, the feeling of the brunette being close to her once more.

It was all the reassurance JJ needed, and soon enough her hips picked up a rhythm of their own as Emily's fingers moved inside her, as she felt her lover's hot, naked skin pressed against her own. It wasn't going to take much, and as soon as the pair picked up a faster pace, as soon as the brunette applied just that right amount of pressure to JJ's clit, she came, with beautiful profanity and obscenities falling from her perfectly sculpted lips.

Emily's free hand pressed against JJ's back, pulling her ever closer, her other still buried deep inside her. Heavy, tired breaths filled the air around them, their skin melded together as each enjoyed the afterglow, the feeling of not only the complete serenity that comes naturally after an orgasm, but from knowing that though they had many more steps to take in their relationship; they had taken the first one.

"I think we're gona be okay, Em." JJ spoke first, her words ragged between heavy breaths, barely more than a whisper.

"We are." Emily responded, before meeting the blonde's bright blue eyes. "Just promise me one thing?"

"What's that baby?" The younger woman asked, her question laced with sincerity and a sudden seriousness.

"That you'll never buy me flowers.."

JJ's already bright eyes lit up impossibly more as a grin formed on her face. "Never, ever."

Smiling, mostly with her eyes, Emily took hold of JJ's hand, pressed it flat against her scar and consequently, her heart, and whispered against her lips, "Always."

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