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Here's the Summary- Bella finally gets over Edward leaving w/ the help of ben, jake, and angela. She realizes that forks has to many memories show she goes to mystic falls to live with her cousins (Jeremy and Elena). In mystic falls she meets damon salvatore. He is everything she hates about guys, but she can't seem to get him out of her mind. Damon, though he keeps denying it at first, starts to fall in love with bella. Will Damon deny his love, and can he help bella fully recover?

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Chapter 1

Today was different. I could feel it. I didn't know what it was about today, but it was just different. I felt as if someone or something interesting was going to happen. There was a pull on my heart. It was like that saying, "follow your heart," well apparently my heart was telling me to go somewhere.

'Bells, you all right," dad asked me. His eyes filled with concern. I inwardly sighed. He was still being cautious around me since Edward left.

Aah Edward. He was my vampire boyfriend. Yep, he was a vampire. Although he was different from how humans described them in the movies. They have pale skin that was rock solid, red eyes-or in the Cullens case golden eyes since they drank animal blood-that turn black when they were thirsty. Some vampires also have powers. Edward was a mind reader, but he couldn't read my mind. His sister Alice-my ex best friend- is a psychic, while her mate Jasper is an empathy.

Did you notice the past tense? Well he left me a few days after my 18th birthday incident. Jasper attacked me because I got a paper cut, and he had the least amount of self-control. Edward, claiming he didn't want me, told me goodbye and left. Stupidly I tried to follow him, but that ended up getting me nowhere. Luckily, Sam, a native from La Push, found me in the middle of the forest and brought me home.

When he brought me home, I fell into a deep depression that lasted for a few months. Well after those few months, I decided that it was time to move on. With the help of Jake, Angela, and her boyfriend Ben, they helped me make it happen.

Angela went shopping with me so that I could have a new style that was comfortable yet stylish too. She even went with me to get a haircut that went perfectly me with my changed body.

You see, I grew out of that "plain Jane" stage, and turned into a "fucking seductress goddess." Angela's words not mine. Though I had to admit, she was right. I looked good!

I grew an inch, which made me not 5 foot, 5 inches. I grew some curves in the right places. This physical change helped my balance. So I wasn't clumsy anymore though I had my moments. I mean who doesn't. I had layers in my hair that ended to my lower back. It was soft and silky, and it had a certain shine to it. I have right side bangs, and my skin got slightly darker which made it contrast absolutely perfectly with my deep mahagony chocolate hair.

"Yeah dad I'm fine. Just thinking about something," I said to ease his worries.

"What kind of something?" he asked suspiciously.

I rolled my eyes. This was typical dad behavior. "Just something. Sheesh. You have nothing to worry about," I said as I walked upstairs to my room.

Suddenly now I knew why I felt as if something was going to happen. I was going to make it happen. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed a number, which I knew by heart but hasn't called in over a year.

I knew it was time for a change, and this was going to help me complete it. I was calling my cousins, Jeremy and Elena's, home; I'm going to ask Aunt Jenna to see if I can move in with them.

My dad Charlie had two sisters, Miranda Gilbert and Jenna Swan. My Aunt Miranda died a year ago in a car accident with her husband Grayson Gilbert. My dad and my aunts were really close. Every summer we would go over to stay with my Aunt Miranda and Uncle Grayson. I would hang out with my cousins Elena and Jeremy.

Jeremy was like a brother to me. He was protective and sweet. He's probably 17 now. He was very handsome as well. He was lean and slightly muscular with brown-cropped hair and hazel eyes. He was about 6 foot the last time I saw him.

His older sister Elena was my age. We call ourselves twin sisters since she's like my twin sister. We knew when the other was hurt, sad, or when something was bothering them. We told each other everything. Well almost everything. The only thing I've never told her was bout how the Cullens were vampires.

She was a very beautiful girl too. She had curves, and smooth soft slightly dark brown hair that ended at her mid back. She had lapis lazuli colored eyes that were absolutely gorgeous. Her skin was translucent like mine, and it was very smooth.

I've really missed them. I haven't seen them because I wanted to give them space to grieve for their parents, and I didn't see them last summer because I was with the Cullens.

The phone rang three times before someone picked it up.

"Hello?" a male voice said.

I took a deep breath before speaking, "Jeremy, it's Bella…"

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