Chapter 1: Kendo is useless without a Shinai

Here I was hitting the invisible air with a bamboo sword. This is crazy. When was the last time I did this? Was it yesterday? And my kendo partner is sending glares at me because my form is always, always, ALWAYS wrong. What's wrong with, Genichirou?

"Gen-chan, you don't have to be so frustrated at me just because you lost the kantou tournament? It's not my freaking fault." I complained while dragging the shinai.

"Do not drag in personal matters to this practice." He yelled. He let go of his crossed arms and yelled one more time, "And do not call me by that hideous nickname."

I waved my free hand. "What can I do, Gen-chan? It's just a shortcut for that super long name which you carry. I mean I have a one syllable name, Sai." I sighed.

"Focus on practice!"

"Right right" I replied right away and started slicing the air with the bamboo sword. This is stupid. I mean, kendo isn't stupid. It's the fact that I know kendo! Just because my grandfather is good friends with Genichirou's grandfather, it doesn't mean I need to be influenced with their kendo.

Here, I'll explain the history of things. I was born fifteen years ago. Before I was born, Genichirou's grandfather met my grandfather during their police days. And when I was born, Genichirou's grandfather immersed his grandson with a Japanese lifestyle and intense kendo training. Since, I was usually dragged around with my grandfather in all his crazy antics. I met Genichirou's grandfather and was also forced to join the rigorous training.

Fifteen years after that, I've become the slave of Gen-chan. This is insane.

"Wrong form! Do it again!" he yelled one more time.

I'm just lucky I was never a target of any of his disastrous slaps. I'll die if I had a huge slap mark on my face. And I'll die if anybody hit my tiny body.

I left the house safe and sound with no wounds in sight. I stared at the dark sky and wondered what time it was. I was really hungry and I was extremely tired. I was also freaking out because of the weird darkness that surrounded me. I never usually go home late at night. Today was an exception because Genichirou was pushing me to my limits. I don't get why I'm still not as good as him in Kendo even though we've been trained by the same guy at exactly the same time.

I sighed and then I suddenly heard a small whistle behind my back. I looked back wondering what that whistle was about. It sort of broke the silence in the air. I felt a hand grab my arm harshly. I looked up at the guy who held it. That's when my heart started racing. It was a complete stranger who looked a lot like a pervert. His face was extremely ugly. He had a cap on his head and he looked suspicious. I tried to let go but his grip was too strong.

Damn it! Damn it!

"Are you alone? Mind if we join you?" he asked. As soon as I heard the word "we," my eyes surveyed the area around him. There were two more disgusting perverts beside him.

I shook my hand furiously. "Let me go." I hissed.

"Oh, hey, the girl wants us to let her go!" Perverted boy number one yelled to the other two, while giggling.

Perverted boy number two and three moved closer to me. Number two started touching my hair while number one got a good grip on my other hand. Number three slowly began watching me tremble. His head moved up to down, probably thinking of perverted thoughts in his head.

"She's a good catch." Number three answered.

I tried to get away but it was obviously impossible. It was three guys against one. There is no possible way a weak kendo girl like me can go against them. Especially when my kendo gear is nowhere near me and my hands are held tight by perverted boy number one.

"What do we do to her?" Number two said while smelling me.

Before any of them answered, I yelled "help!" But I couldn't yell anymore than that, one of them had their hand on my mouth. It smelled like cigarette smoke. It was scaring me more.

I felt like I was going to collapse right then and there. I knew I shouldn't. I continued to pull away.

"Wow, this girl is strong. I like those types." Number three grinned. "Take her to my house."

The other two seemed to have smiled wildly. I knew what they wanted to do with me but I didn't want that to happen at all. I wanted to bite cigarette boy's hand of my mouth but he was too strong. All my plans for an attack were impossible.

They began dragging me by force. I still tried to pull back. The power of three perverted guys was too much for me.

"Let her go!" A voice yelled from right in front of us. It was a low familiar voice. A voice I heard almost every day. I wouldn't make a mistake with a voice like that.

"Let her go?" Number one chuckled. "We've never had a catch like this. We're not letting this go."

The guy didn't say anymore until I heard this, "Swift like the wind."

That's when I finally said, "Gen-chan?"

After a few kendo hits, the guys were running away. I dropped to the ground and saw Genichirou standing in front of me.

"Thanks a lot. Thank you. Thank you." Those were the only things I could say. I was too happy to see Genichirou and to know that he saved my life. "Thank you." I wanted to give him a hug, but he was never the type who does those kinds of things.

He squatted in front of me. I stared into his eyes. He then grabbed his hair. And then, he unexpectedly pulled it off.


"Niou Masaharu!" I yelled. He gave me a hand. I grabbed it so that I could stand up. I removed the dust off my butt. "How the freak did you do that?"

He placed his hands in his pockets. "Haven't you heard? I'm a trickster."

I thought it was just a running gag around the school. I don't even know why it was joke. My classmates were telling me how Niou would dress up as teachers and give crazy home works to the other students. So we joked around saying stuff like, "Maybe Niou should dress up as Brad Pitt and act out in front of us." We also heard rumors that he's had more than five girl friends in his whole middle school life. He's a complete playboy.

"I thought that was just a joke." I murmured.

He gave me a questioning face.

"Anyway, thank you again. You were a great help." I said while bowing. I got back up and waved to him. Before I turned around to return home, I felt a hand grab my arm.

No not again.

Some other guy was going to rape me.

I turned my gaze to the guy holding my hand.

"You owe me a payment."

Oh thank goodness. It was just Niou. My heart stopped beating and my breathing went back to normal.

"What do you want?" I asked.

He started thinking. "How about being my personal slave, Tanaka Sai?"

"EH? Of course not!" I yelled. "That's insane."

"I saved your life, puri." He replied immediately, "Or would you prefer I play with you tonight."

"NO!" I screamed. "I've had enough of perverted guys for tonight."

"Then be my personal slave." His pulled my arm closer to his, making me move closer to him.

"F-f-fine." I sighed. "I'll be your personal slave."

He grinned. "Puri"

Don't freaking Puri me, you pervert

A/n: I hope I did a perfectly fine impersonation of Niou. I find it pretty hard. Anyway, here goes my newest story. I hope you all enjoyed it.