Chapter 13: It's Going to Be Fine

I always wanted my first date on top of a building, underneath the stars, violinist playing a nice classical piece and candle light dinner with my boyfriend.

But sure, spending it in a coffee shop isn't bad either.

Niou called me up in this dark and gloomy day early in the morning, before the sun even rose up. I had been sound asleep after accepting his confession and had wanted to wake up late to make up for the disturbed sleepless nights lately. I was a morning person, years of kendo and discipline taught me that I should wake up when the phone rings but it still hasn't taught me to stay awake during meditation mornings with Genichirou.

"What do you want?" I grumbled at the phone, forgetting to greet Niou.


I looked at the time and saw that it just hit 5 AM. "Now?"

Niou didnt reply instantly, "hmm" he said as he thought, "fine, at 8"

That brought a sigh of relief. "Oh, ok. Where am I going to meet you?"

"In that coffee shop near our school. See you later."

"Sure, see you."

He hung up and I set my phone to wake me up in two hours. For a second there, I thought Niou was going to play a trick on me and tell me to go there now. It was just so like him to do such a thing. But maybe he's trying to change or maybe he's just not in the mood to do tricks in the morning. I should find out. Maybe there are just times when he's not in the mood to do a trick and just sleep it off. Or maybe, I'm just over thinking and this is actually a trick. But oh well, forget about it. I need to sleep.

I opted for going casual wear, I don't know if we could call this a date but I've gone out with Niou twice. Once in a high class restaurant, I was in my uniform, the second time, in Mcdonald's and I was wearing normal clothes and most likely smelled a little odd because I came from kendo practice and Gen-chan's place. And at that time, I was expecting to see Yagyuu-kun. There really was no reason to go all out for breakfast anyway. Niou, however, came looking like he came from a run. Fresh from the shower, duffel bag at the side, big bottle of water on the table, sports clothes and running shoes.

"Is that why you were awake so early?" I asked as I sat on the chair and dropped my bag on the table, "came from a run?"

"Puri" came his reply, most likely meaning a yes.

"What are you ordering?" I asked immediately. My stomach has been grumbling the moment he called me this morning, it hasn't stopped since. Even in my dreams, I was thinking of pancakes, bacon and a hot cup of coffee. I got my wallet from my bag and counted the cash I brought for today. But, his long and sleek hand reached out for my wrist and replied, "I'll take care of it."

I just nodded in shock. He's acting quite oddly today. I told him what I wanted and he got off his chair and walked to the counter. Breakfast at a coffee place with Niou, not such a bad first date. He returned not too long after with my order and carefully placed them on the table. I looked around and noticed that it was only both of us and two other businessmen eating here. Not such a busy day. Silent and alone, just the way I like it.

"Are you always like this in the morning?" I asked. He gave me a questioning look, pondering what I meant, "Gentlemanly and all?"

He raised his eyebrow, "So you don't think I'm a gentleman."

I returned the look and said matter-of-factly, "You've been pretty forceful on me more than once, Niou, I'm pretty sure that's not the meaning of gentleman."

He nodded, "piyo"

"But, I like it that you're being all so sweet and nice in the morning." I smiled, "however, I feel like you have something up your sleeve."

"Don't think about that. A surprise will come when it's needed," he shrugged, "and if there's none, then don't be so shocked. I act like this when I'm with people I like."

I still didn't want to believe him but this in itself was already a surprise, so I didn't complain. "Alright" I replied not long after. I then pointed the duffel bag at his side, "Do you go jogging every day?"

"On weekends, yeah." He answered while munching on his meal, "Why? Interested to join?"

"Oh hell yeah." I grinned, "It can probably help with my stamina for Kendo games, too."

"Then sure. I'll take you with me tomorrow. I hope you can handle it."

I wondered what he meant by that because how hard can jogging be. I jogged around the neighborhood whenever I had time. I always got tired but the more I jogged, the more I got used to it. It always helped with my endurance and for strengthening the muscles in my legs. Although, I look weak with my small stature, I always made sure that I was healthy and strong enough for a game.

"So, what's the plan today?" I asked while slicing the pancakes into tiny little pieces, a technique I've been doing since I was a kid. My dad always said that I should slice a piece and then eat, but I had a habit of going against him. Besides, isn't it always faster to eat it when the food is prepared ahead?

He shrugged, "I didn't think that far. I just wanted to see you."

I blushed at his comment and replied, "well, a day with you wouldn't be so bad either."

He stopped munching when I said that, and he gave me a glare. "I forgot to do something." He murmured. I hardly caught him saying it but with him moving in closer, I heard it as clear as day. I had no time to react because unexpectedly, he was coming in close. He gave me quick peck on the lips. It was the softness of his lips just grazing on to mine. He then quickly sat back his seat. "I'm starting to forget you're my girlfriend."

I must have turned as red as a tomato because he started to smirk with that perverted look on his face. "You're looking quite cute today, Sai-chan." He pinched my cheek while smiling happily.

"Damn it, Niou. Not in public!" I whispered as loud as I could.

He looked around, "It's not like those two businessmen there would be interested in a middle school couple. Besides, I bet they have their wives to play around with."

Ugh. That brought a sudden ugly image in my head. "You're so disgusting."

"What are you talking about, Sai?" He leaned his head to the right, "I wasn't even thinking of anything disgusting."

This bastard. Always making tricks even when we're just conversing. "Forget it! I didn't think of anything!"I replied. I breathed out, "can you just not do those things out here?"

"Why?" He asked, "Can't I tell the world that you're mine in a little form of affection?"

I glared at him, "I'm just not used to it."

He kicked my shoes under the table and reached for my right hand, which was holding the bread knife. I let go of the bread knife when his hand was on mine, unknowingly, and he slowly but stealthily directed his left hand to go through the little spaces between my fingers. Each move he made brought shivers to my arms and when his hand was already holding on to mine completely, my fingers rested on his knuckles and I couldn't resist this touch. I could never resist his hold on me. I can say no to his words but it's his hands I may always be weak to.

He took one good look at me and said, "Then I'll make you get used to it."

He brought my hand closer to him, and then kissed my wrist softly.

Oh no. I think I'm going to faint from all these kisses.

"Next time," he started, my hand still near his face, "you should be the one giving the kisses."

I stared at him. Hell no was I doing what he was telling me to do. "Let's talk about something else, shall we?" I pulled my hand away, and he let it go easily.

He looked back down at his almost empty plate. I, on the other hand, had an almost untouched diced pancake. I proceeded to gobble down the food while silence filled our small table. We had somehow gotten on a stop when it came to conversing. I had realized, other than bickering and professing our undying love, we have never really talked about anything. Then why exactly did this guy like me and why did I like him when I knew almost nothing about him?

Infatuation, perhaps?

"Tell me something." I spoke, "I don't really know much about you."

"Hmm.." he thought for a moment then began, "I have an older sister, a younger brother, my mom doesn't work and my dad is employed in some construction business. It gets really tiring at home and chaotic because sometimes all we do is mimic each other. I got used to it since I was born but it doesn't get so fun since we all somehow see it coming. That's why it so much more fun to imitate people outside home because there's just so much different reactions from people that you can't don't expect."

I stared at him. Did he just say they all mimic each other? Oh my goodness. When I meet them will I just be seeing carbon copies of Niou Masaharu? I'm pretty sure I cannot handle that.

"You?" he asked.

I woke up from my thoughts and replied, "My dad is employed in this business and I may never understand what he does. My mom is a housewife. She cooks really well but I never really got that talent. But my little sister is the one who's the girliest in the crew. She cooks, cleans, and is pretty smart, too. I envy her but I know I can beat her when it comes to kendo. So, that doesn't bother me."

"Your sister is into volleyball, right?"

"Yeah. She got into it just recently. She'll excel in it one day, aims to be the captain of the team." I smiled, reminiscing the times when I would watch her in the club, "How did you know?"

"I've seen you watch her sometimes." He said, after drinking in his hot coffee. "She looks a little cuter than you."

I kicked his shin underneath the table. "You little pervert."

He smirked, hiding the pain.

"You've been watching me?"

"Not exactly." He replied, he pointed upwards then said, "The rooftop."

I tilted my head and raised an eyebrow.

"I can see everything from up there."

"That's a little too high up to see everything though." I commented, "I mean, won't we all be like tiny little ants from up there."

"More like mice." He corrected, "But with an eye like mine, I can see everything."

What eye does he mean? The perverted one or the one that can easily copy people? Probably the latter, but I don't want to second guess myself. Maybe, he did mean the perverted one. To be watching the volleyball team practice, though. It must be the perverted one.

"What are you thinking of?" he asked suddenly.

"Oh nothing" I waved my hands. Why does it seem like this guy knows whenever I have bad thoughts about him? Can he read minds, too? "Nothing." I rested my chin on my palm, "But you do like staying up there huh?"

He shrugged, "Yeah, that or any other place around school. I just like walking around tricking people here and there, really, anything that catches my attention. Your sister, for example."

"What about her?"

"She was walking with her friends in the first week of school," he started narrating, "when one of them took one good look at me and started saying about how handsome I was. Sure, I was happy and giving them grins and everything. What they didn't know, however, was that I was impersonating Yukimura. So," he leaned back, "they never really got to see my face."

He chuckled by himself. I started laughing softly then replied, "Did they ever find out?"

"Ask your sister. Doesn't she have a crush on Yukimura?"

It was my turn to shrug, "She has a crush on any handsome guy she sees. The captain of the male volleyball team, football team, baseball team, volleyball team. All of them. You can't really count them all."

"And you? Other than Yagyuu, anyone you've been eyeing recently?" he asked suddenly.

Any other time, but not the first date, this question might have been appropriate. Then again, is this a first date? He could have asked way back when we were still bickering, but we had somehow skipped the get to know you stage and went straight to this. I somehow feel like I made a stupid decision.

"I don't really like talking about people I've had crushes on." I answered. It was true. I wouldn't want to talk about it with him just yet, the same way I don't want to talk about his long list of ex girlfriends. I am curious, and I've heard the rumors, but I'm not that interested to find out.

"Wouldn't you like to ask me that question?" he asked.

I didn't have to ponder, "Nope. Next time, maybe." I finished my coffee and the pancake on the table. But we continued talking.

"You and Sanada sure are close." He said, "I didn't think he would have a childhood friend like you."

I giggle at that, "It's actually the first time anyone called him a childhood friend. I can't really say if we are close friends. Sure, he's there to protect me and my parents call him whenever I go missing," I said, suddenly recalling the time he had to pick me up from karaoke, "but I can't really talk about my problems with him. He's just not that kind of guy."

He nodded in agreement, "And he slaps hard."

"Very hard."

We smiled at each other and I realized, maybe, this thing between both of us would work out just fine. All we need is to understand each other, and it's going to be fine.

Our first date was over coffee. Maybe, I'll never think of coffee the same way ever again. Or maybe, I'll start associating Niou with lots of other things in the future, too. Because, the more I get to know him, the more I'll find out about the things he loves and the things he finds amusing.

"One more thing," Niou said, when we finally left the coffee shop, "Try calling me by my first name next time."

Masaharu. I told myself. That wouldn't be so hard. But I knew it also meant that we were finally getting close. We were going to get to that point of closeness that I've never reached with any other guy.

"Sure." I said, "Next time"

A/n: And there goes the first date. I just really wanted a chapter where there was nothing tense going on, no nervousness, no anger, no frustrations. I was getting tired of coming up with complicated situations so I came up with their first date. I was pretty excited about this because I've hardly had a chance to go in detail on any of my OCs' first dates in my other fanfics. So, I just wanted to get into what it would be like to be in a relationship with Niou. It's kind of good practice for me, too. Because, for now, I just want to take it slow and let their relationship grow. Thank you! Reviews and ConCrits are highly appreciated. Don't forget to leave one before you go.