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*Setting: Yu-gi and his pals are still on the Deullist Kingdom.*

Yugi: I'm pissed. I can't believe that stupid guard tossed my star chips.

Joey: Yea, but at least you beat evil Kaiba.

Tristan (drools slightly...) Uh... yea!

Tea: (looks into a nearby forest) Hey! Isn't that Bakura?

Yugi: Bakura? Here? Noooooooooooooo!!! Tea, I want you away from him.

Tea: (looks at him) Why not?

(a shot rings out.)

Yugi: What th....?

(Yugi is suddenly hit, and goes down)

Joey: Yugi! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I didn't reveal my feelings...

Tristan: (turns slowly) Who's Bakura? (drools more)


(Yugi bounces up)

Tea: Yugi!

Yugi: I'm okay.

Tristan: (turns suddenly to everyone) HEY! I HEARD A SHOT!

(Joey slaps him one)

Yugi: Who shot me?

Tea: How did you survive?

Yugi: (looks down...) My extreme use of gel saved me!

(a rustling is heard in the forest)

Yugi: (spins his head to the forest) COME OUT!!!

(Weevil pops out)

Joey: Hey, it's Weevil!

Tristan: (looks at Yugi) Thats a lot of gel... (drools more)

Weevil: I'm Amish!

Yugi: We know that you Amish poofter!

Weevil: Will you help me build a barn?


(Yugi is now Yami)

Yami: Enough of your sniveling, you Amish wimp. It's time to duel!

(the Super Mario Theme is heard. You know: bay bay bay ba bay bo.)

(Bakura runs out of the forest)

Bakura: Weevy! No!

(Tea turns her head)

Tea: Bakura?

(Joey turns his head)

Joey: Bakura?

(Yami turns his head)

Yami: WEEVY?!?

(Tristan looks at Weevil)

Tristan: heh heh heh... Amish poofter... heh heh heh (drools)
Will Tristan ever get the picture?
Will Bakura save.... Weevy?
Will Yami realise that he wears to many buckles (Yami: Hey, thats the fashion! ![)

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