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Title: Don't run away

Chapter 1: Will not go and see him

Rome's POV

It has been two years since I have left G.O.A and go onto Zion to live. It has also been two years since I am separated from Erts. And it is also two years ago when I last heard from him. The only thing which I am certain is that he is still alive. You could imagine how much I miss him…

My train of thoughts was being disrupted when one of my students called out to me. "Sensei, sensei! Come out, they are putting fireworks! Lots of them!"

"Yes, Sensei's coming!"

What am I doing? Being a teacher at an orphanage, I should be more attentive to my students instead of thinking about someone whom I may not see again. Even if I have to think of him, I should not have done it on the job. Having that on my mind, I went out onto the opening where the children had gathered to watch the display of fireworks. It was a very mesmerizing scene even if I had seen it for several times already when I was back on Zion.

"Sensei, it is beautiful, right?" One of my students asked me.

"Sure, it is very beautiful," I smiled and gave the child a pat on the head. But I wonder what's the occasion for such large-scale display of fireworks…

"Rome!" Then I heard one of my friends, Saki Mimori, calling for me. I turned towards the source of the voice and saw that she was running towards me.

"What has happened?" I smoothed her back so that she could speak properly.

"H-have you h-heard? The battle between us and the Victims is over! Somehow, they manage to find a way to eliminate all of them. Aren't you happy? Don't worry, there's no news of any pilot dying or in grave danger." Saki was panting when she was saying all those words. Anyway, I am impressed that she can finish what she has intended to say despite being short of breath.

"That's very wonderful," my lips curved into a smile.

"Yup. Another good news is that the pilots, pilot's candidates, repairers and repairer's candidates, basically everyone, are coming back to Zion and live. Then, you will be able to see Erts again. And I will be able to see Clay. Even when I do get in touch with him some times through mails when he is free. However, I still yearn to see him," Saki straightened her back.

"Good news for you indeed. I'm so happy for you."

Saki turned and looked at me with questioning eyes, "Isn't it a good news for you too, to be able to see Erts again?"

"Ah, of course it is," I smiled again. But I wonder whether should I go and see him. After all, I still may not be with him till the last moment because of my illness. And, he may not have the same feelings which I have for him. So, I have decided that I will not go and see him. Nevertheless, Erts, I'm glad that you are safe.

Normal POV

Rome looked up at the sky where the beautiful display of fireworks was still going on while her smile turned bitter.

To be continued.

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