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The dark night seemed so silent, the world almost holding its breath. It was so quiet, calm but it was in no way peaceful. Not at least to one person. It was nowhere near tranquil. It was, in many ways, the biggest decision of his life. He had to make his choice. Leave, or stay. Both had their pros and cons. But at the moment, leaving seemed to be better.

The young person sighed and glanced around his bedroom as he kneeled on the floor beside his bed. Only a few feet away was his sleeping brother. Totally oblivious to what was going on. The boy on the bed across the room was just simply snoring. Just like everyone else in the house.

The Clark house, his home, he was leaving his home, and his name was Tony.

Tony sighed quietly once more as he layed his head down on his arms, resting his head. Was this truly the answer? Running from his problems, what would it solve anyway? The youngest Clark was not sure, but he felt so unneeded here.

His own siblings said it themselves when the four of them had a falling out. It made Tony almost cry. But luckily, he held it to himself. Tony was tough and would not show tears.

Yes, this is truly the right thing to do. I have to. I know this right.

Tony and his siblings were secretly a spies apart of a secret corperation called whoop. Being a spy gave Tony and his siblings access to many gadets. It also helped Tony alone on this because he knew how to take care of himself and stay hidden.

Tony dropped onto all four and reached underneath his bed and pulled out some suppiles he had been gathering. He rummaged through the supplies under his bed and DNA samples he had collected. If Jerry tried to whoop him, the system would not let him in this way if he had other DNA with him. He also gathered the spy gadgets he had gathered that Jerry let him take and keep. The good thing was, Jerry never gave a second thought as to why Tony wanted the gadgets, but the young Clark did have his own idea in mind.

He knew Jerry or even his Einstein brother could use some sort thingy to track him. Tony was only 11 and may pick up on things slowly sometimes but he knew a lot about being a spy. He was trained and knew what he was doing. This is why he had no choice but leave his Mpcom and High tech behind. These were gadgets his siblings could track.

But then, a new thought haunted him. Would anyone try to find him? Would he even be missed? I mean, he was the worst spy in the team he was in, according to his siblings that is, so he was not needed on the team and too be honest; he was not a good sibling either.

They might though. Just to get me in trouble. Tony thought with a small and silent grumble. He knew this was the right choice. There had to be a life better than this.

I am an international spy. I can take care of myself! My siblings don't even want me around anyway so I won't be missed. Tony thought, gathering the last of his stuff in his backpack. 100 dollars, some spy gadgets, a plane ticket he won in some contest, food, and water. Then he attached the DNA to himself for safety around the arm and covered it with his sweatshirt. Jerry could easily track him or whoop him from wherever he was. He needed this for protection. It would also make it harded to tract Tony as he fled.

Tony slipped the backpack over his shoulders and onto his back with a smile. Perfect. He was ready.

He thought about leaving a note but somehow, it did not seem right… plus Tony's siblings might be able to use it to track him. Besides, Tony's siblings knew what they did, there was no need for a note to explain. If they feel guilty now… well it is their own fault! They should know why he was leaving

Tony glanced once over more at his brother, Marc. The two of them shared a room and they were close, at least they used to be. As time went on, they drifted slowly apart and more as brothers, not friends or close brothers. Tony sort of missed it in a way, but all the same, he still felt anger toward his sibling cloest in age to him, he was at as much fault as Tony's other siblings.

Tony slipped on his fully charged rocket powered boots. Thank gawd he could just use these and not have to put on his whole suit! The rest of his spy suit was being left behind. Less stuff to carry.

Then quietly, silently, he slipped his window opened. He made sure he made no sound. He did not want to wake anyone. He had to leave in secret. Once out, the young Clark balanced on the window ledge and quietly shut the window once more before leaping off the window from two stories.

He landed with a grunt. As quiet as he could. He made sure of it. He glanced once more at his former house, before turning on his rocket boots and flying into the dark night.


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