Chapter 14: Jealousy

Christine looked up from where she was clearing the last drops of soup from her plate with a piece of hard bread, "Meg, where are you going?"

Meg paused from where she had stood up from her stool and looked down at Christine, "I just-" she stuttered hiding her hands which automatically had clenched into fists in the folds of her skirt. "I just was going to see my mama."

"I'll go with you!" Christine giggled her smile turning into a grin as she dropped the piece of bread on her plate forgotten and began to stand from her own stool.

"No!" Meg rushed out flustered, waving her hands in front of Christine, "No, you stay here you still have some bread left. I'll be back soon I'm just not feeling well." She pretended to cough for emphasis but was taken off guard when her pretend cough turned into a real coughing fit that shook her shoulders and left her light headed.

Christine tilted her head concern suddenly flashing across her face, "I should really go with you."

Clenching her dress in her clammy fists Meg stomped her foot suddenly, anger flashing in her eyes, "Stay here!"

"Meg," Christine whispered flinching at the girl's sudden outburst.

Sighing Meg closed her eyes and shook her head, "I'm sorry Christine, my head just hurts I didn't mean to take it out on you."

Picking up the forgotten piece of bread Christine picked at it nodding, as a few tears escaping her lowered eyes, "It's just it seems like you've been avoiding me for the past week."

Sitting back on her stool Meg leaned against the girl and wiped at her tears with the edge of her napkin, "I just haven't wanted to get you sick silly," Meg admonished realizing she was taking out her anger on her friend, "you just got here a few weeks ago it wouldn't be fun if you were laid up in bed all day. I'm sorry I'm being so crabby. Besides all I do after dinner is just sip on hot chocolate and sit in front of the fire, it's hardly exciting at all."

"Hot chocolate does sound good," Christine mumbled.

"And once I'm all better we can have some together ok?" Meg nodded at Christine who smiled up at her again and nodded enthusiastically.

"Get better soon then Meg!"

Shooting up from the stool Meg nodded, "Once I'm better." She made sure Christine was thoroughly distracted by one of the other girls before she slipped off into the shadows. She began to walk fast, pausing only briefly in front of her mother's door before hurrying off to the stairs to the roof. Picking up her cloak where she had hid it the other day she quickly clasped it over her shoulders and raced up the stairs gasping as she threw open the door and was blasted by the chill of the night air.

Coughing into her hand Meg clutched her cloak up around her neck a bit higher and made her way to her favorite spot, the spot where she had first met Erik. After a cursory glance in the darkening shadows she sat down with a sigh, pushing her knees up against her chest she wrapped her arms around them and huddled inside herself for body warmth as another annoying cough racked her body.

It had been three weeks since she and Erik had fought with each other, three weeks and he had still not come to her. So each night for the past week she had come to the roof in the vain hope that he would be there waiting for her in the shadows. She would stay up there for hours memorizing the patterns of the stars and watching as Paris slowly came to life in the darkening twilight. Meg still wondered how she had not been caught by her mother or Christine, she had spun a fragile web of lies for both of them a simplistic thing that was bound to be caught upon soon. Shivering as another breeze of cold wind whispered past her Meg thought of how close she had been to getting caught by Christine, she had been uncharacteristically abrupt with her friend and almost regretted it now…almost.

Her stomach slowly began to churn as thoughts of jealousy slipped into her mind at the memory of secrets that had revealed themselves just a few days prior. It had been late at night when Meg had been jarred awake by another nightmare that left her in a cold sweat and was getting out of bed for a glass of water from the nearby pitcher when she heard Christine whispering to someone.

Slightly alarmed Meg laid still on her bed, scooting closer to her right where Christine's bed was located and strained her ears to listen.

"Angel? Is my father…is he happy Angel?" Christine whispered into the silence.

Meg nervously chewed her bottom lip as she waited for her suspicions to be confirmed and nearly cried out when a melodic voice softly chuckled, "Yes, Christine your father is very happy and proud of you my child."

Pulling up the covers and pretending to shift to lay on her other side Meg buried her head into her pillow and clutched the blanket up to her mouth to stifle the sobs that threatened to escape. She knew that laugh, and she suddenly remembered fondly how Erik would past rainy days by showing her how he could throw his voice into different corners of the room from one side to the other, from the thundering of an organ bouncing off all the walls to a hushed whisper tickling the air by her ear. It was true then Erik had become Christine's supposed 'angel of music', Meg fought at the tears that kept coming, he had chosen Christine over her.

Another coughing fit brought Meg out of her reverie and she shook her limbs to gain some warmth back into them. She had come to the most obvious conclusion when she had heard Erik whispering to Christine, if he believed that people could only have one friend he had made his decision then. Meg let her head fall down upon her arms; she was fine with his decision, completely fine. If Erik was stubborn enough to only believe in solitary friends then she didn't need him.

"I don't need you." Meg whispered to the air defiantly, "Just watch me."

She nodded, her head still on her arms as she willed herself to get to her feet and leave the roof entirely and give up on the last thread of hope that maybe, maybe he'd come to her there. That maybe he'd slam the door open and run breathlessly over to her calling, 'Meg!...Meg!' She smiled to herself, if she listened hard enough she could almost hear it, she could almost hear his voice echoing over the wind that whipped her cloak around her body.

Meg smiled as someone called out her name in anguish and the world went dark.

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