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Chapter 1 Awakening of the New One Winged Angel




Naruto looking from one side to the other as he stood in the legendary dueling grounds, that is known as the Valley of the End. On the side to where Naruto was looking, he saw two people that he knew as teammates to team 7. One being Uchiha Sasuke, the villages favored ninja as he had a fully developed Sharingan in his eyes and the other being Haruno Sakura, a girl that had been his long time crush. Naruto saw Sakura hidding behind one of the statues of Uchiha Madara. While Sasuke looked at the jinchuuriki with so much hatred, all that Naruto had seen most of his entire life. While Naruto was in his Demon Fox Cloak, he held out on had as a purple rasengan started to form easily without a cloak. Sasuke on the other hand looked rather deformed looking bat of some sorts as he made a black lightning chidori in his own hand. Naruto could sense that this would be final attempt to bring his two friends back home to Konoha, so he charged forward as Sasuke did the same thing.



Both ninja's called out their attacks as each began to clash with one trying to over power the other. of course sense Naruto's only focus was on Sasuke, he had failed to notice that Sakura had some how gotten behind him. The moment that Sakura was directly in back of the blond, she ad taken some shuriken out from her ninja pouch and held them in her hand as she started to shake terribly, wether she should strike or not. Until finally she had remembered what Naruto had done to him in her mind and that was becoming stronger than her Sasuke-kun.



At that moment Naruto felt a seething pain in his back as he looked to around to see Sakura with a satisfied smile on her face. Naruto no longer needed to know what had just happened to him as then felt another pain hit him in the chest. The blond looked back to the front as he saw that Sasuke had stabbed him with a Chidori again in the chest. He then started to fall into the water, but he was caught by Sakura to keep him from landing into the water. Only to be thrown into a wall that he had slammed into previously during their fight, before this had happen as sakura started to beat her fist upon him relentlessly. Sasuke stood their as he watched the pink haired girl beat on the now helpless blond as he had a smirk on his face. Just as she was about to finish her work with one last punch to the blond, he had caught her fist in one hand with a strong grip. Their faces were of one with shock as they saw Naruto looking back at them with a slitted eye. Sasuke then came out of his shock as he gave the strongest kick to his former friend in the stomach. The kick had been strong enough to break the rocked wall to make a cave. Sasuke looking into the cave that he had made, he knew that Naruto was somewhere in their and this time he wanted to make sure he was finished. He had taken out a kunai from his pouch, then was about to walk inside of the cave to finish the job.

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" A voice called from a distance as a very large fireball shot at the two defecting ninjas. Sasuke knew who this voice belonged to as he no longer could activate Sharingan anymore.

"Uchiha Itachi!" Sasuke yelled as his hatred took control of him, but just as he was about to make a move toward the older Uchiha. He felt hands holding him back from behind, he then turned to see Sakura. "You better let me go this instant, Sakura!"

"Sasuke-kun, please listen to me for once." Sakura looked at her love with pleading eyes. "This was the reason why we decided to leave Konoha, so we could get stronger together and then you can get your vengeance."

Just when Sakura thought that Sasuke had seen what he said was true, she let go of him. Only to be hit in the face by the same Uchiha that she had followed to go to Orochimaru. Again as he hatred fueled him, made the necessary hand seals to make the one technique, that he thought was invincible. "Chidor!" He called out again.

"Foolish..." Itachi said as he watched Sasuke started to charge at him, the moment his little brother had gotten close enough to thrust his hand forward. Itachi could not help, but find himself a little amused as history repeated itself in a way. He then looked around the area as he was sure that he felt the the blond jinchuuriki chakra earlier, only to no longer sense it "Where is Naruto-kun, foolish brother?"

Saskue eyes then showed more hatred again as he again was being ignored by his brother. "That dobe should be lying face down dead by now and soon you will join him!"

Itachi eyes then hardened at the moment his brother mentioned, that Naruto may be dead. At the moment the older Uchiha then decided to do another repeat of their previous encounter of each other. With a slight jerk of his own hand, Itachi had broken the exact same arm that he had done previously before, however he did not finish here. He then reached over to the other hand, broke it the same way as he did the other one. Sasuke on his part let out an yell that was filled with overwhelming pain, then the moment Itachi let go. Sasuke had fallen to his knees as he stood perfectly still.

Sakura thinkin that she could do a repeat of what she had accomplished earlier with Naruto. Came out from some bushes behind the older Uchiha with kunais in her hand, however this was not to be so. As she was then hit from behind in the back, then was pinned to the ground as she looked up to see she was at Itachi's feet.

"Kisame..." Itachi said as he partner of Akatsuki looked up to him and grinned.

"Thought I would get in on some of the fun, But looks like I missed out on it." Kisame said as he brought his gaze to the pink haired girl. "So tell us, pinky, where is the blond brat?"

"Sasuke-kun already told told you partner, Baka!" Sakura yelled at the former Mizu ninja as she looked to Itachi, who had a frown on his face.

"It looks like that your Sasuke-kun has left you to our mercy." Itachi said as he revealed that Sasuke had indeed left her to the wolves.

"...Sasuke-kun wouldn't...Sasuke-kun."

"So what are we gonna do with this liitle, gaki?" Kisame said as he brought up his sword.

"Do whatever you want, with her." Itachi said as he looked around the area, then saw all the destroyed pecies of the Valley of the End. In a sense it was telling him of what had happened.

Kisame then put his sword on the girls back as he took his time in waiting to shred the girl apart. However it was then brought to an end before he even got started as he was kicked off Sakura. Itachi having the sense jumped away from the girl in time to see Hatake Kakashi over the Sakura. Kakashi then stood in front of his crying student, then looked to the two Akatsuki members with untold determination.

"Where are Naruto and Sasuke?"

"My foolish brother went to Orochimaru, Naruto however is another case as we had asked the same thing of your student, back there." Itachi said calmly as the it had started to rain the moment Sasuke told them he is dead.

Kakashi looked to the two hoping that he can somehow escape with his remaining student of team 7. But was brought out of his thoughts on a plan of escape when Itachi turned around. "We're going now, Kisame."

Kisame let out an annoyed sigh as he was again denied to chance to fight Kakashi. But he did as he was told then put his sword back on his hoslter, then shunshined out of the area. Leaving a troubled Kakashi on what he should do now, with the loss of his students. Kakashi then picked up Sakura over his back as he made his way back to Konoha. The moment he left the area, the cave that housed Naruto had collapsed at the entrance, sealing him from the rest of the world.




Cave: a few hours later



Naruto had had finally awoken from be unconscious that he had went into due to his injuries, at the hands of his former friends. He had tried to get up from from the rocks that had fallen on him, which could have be his would be grave. Finding himself still unable to make any big movements due to lack of strength, he willed himself to get up. Despite the pain of this attempt, his will to now die then and there had given him to strength to get to his feet. Seeing as he as he is now trapped in the cave that looked to be his personal tomb, he started to feel around the area to find a way out. It had seemed that luck was finally on his side, as his hands felt a smooth wall of what felt to be of a building inside the cave. Having no other choice at the moment Naruto started to fell his way around by using the wall of the place. After what had seemed like hours of walking blindly to what almost seemed endless, Naruto finally came to an opening as he fell forward. After a few moments Naruto then picked himself up from the ground again with much strain. As he picked himself up from the floor again, he saw a single glowing square. With no other option available to him, he walked over and then pressed the the glowing square button. Just then he heard a few sound around him as well as the lights had turned on around him to see some kind of lab. Naruto looked around the strange looking lab as he saw a very large glass tube that looked to be for something.

"Unidentified male has gained entry into Shinra facility 16." A voice said that came from all around him which cause him to back up into a wall. "The unidentified male, has sustained a serious injury to his left shoulder and will be deceased without medical attention immediantly."

Naruto looking everywhere to find the voice of the person who spoke to him from all around him. However he gave up upon hearing that he will die at the notion of not seeing a doctor. "Wait, are you saying that I will die, if I don't get help?"

"That is correct."

Naruto closed his eyes as he had asked the Kyuubi to see if this was true, since he knew well enough from the fox healed whatever wound he gained. However his response from the Kyuubi had told him that even with her healing him the best she can, she had told him that he needed help. Naruto had sighed from getting the information he needed from the female bijuu, as he looked up. "Is there anyway I can get help from this place here?"

"Yes, this lab has the means to treat your wounds as well as make you stronger." The voice said as it sounds much like a woman's as well only gentle. "This will allow you to have more increased chances of avoiding such injuries in the future."

"What must I do?"

"Take two steps forward from the wall where you currently are now."

"Hai." Naruto replied as he did was he was told, only to for a glass cylinder came from under him. Then without him knowing a metal top had come from the ceiling of them room.

"Now commencing liquid Mako infusion."

Just then some glowing green water had started to pour in from the top of the cylinder as Naruto started to panic, while it filled up. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!"

"Liquid Mako infusion to your body while, your body will recover from your wound. The liquid Mako also works as liquid air so you will not die from your lungs being filled with water. While you will go through Mako infusion, the Mako energy with fill every cell inside your body as well as consciousness. However for this to go into action you will be required to be in a state of sleep, But I must ask you is there any kind of abilities you wish to acquire?"

"What do you have that I can have for fighting?"

"The following is of the what can be given to you for the necessary means for combat. The Swordmanship skill that you can be given are of three type of sword classes, Buster Sword, Rapier, and a Katana. a miscellaneous sword is also available to you as well, called a revoler gunblade. Hand to hand skills would might suffice for close combat, Magic is another ability you wish to learn.

"That is a lot of skills to choose from, are there others aside from weapons?"

"Yes, Magic is also available for you to choose from."

"Wait you said magic, right?"


"What can I learn from magic?"

"With Magic you gain the ability to control the elements as well as non-elements"

"Such as?"

"you will gain the ability to effect time, inflict am opponents personal health which is called status effect. As well as healing an allied person or persons from wounds, including yourself. Summons will also be available to you should you choose to take magic into your aresenals."

"I see..." Naruto said as he he thought long and hard on what he wanted to choose, only then his head perked up. "Is it possible to have all these skills?"

After a few moments of waiting for a response from the voice in the room, then thought it was not going to happen. "Yes, such a request is possible, if that is what you wish."

Naruto let out a huge grin just as the water will was near his stomach. "Then I will take all of those skills you just said."

"Very well." The voice said as he a breather mask came down to him and a strange looking helmet came as well. "Please put the breather mask in your mouth as he the data helmet with automatically be secured on you to your head. If I may also suggest the following, woulf you like any kind of transport available for your awakening?"

"What kind of transport?"

"There is only one that can made in this facility only, due to the lack of resources."

"Well I guess that will be okay."

"Clothes will be provided for you with special status effect will be also be ready once the you are completely infused with Mako along with your new found powers."


"Now commencing hibernation phase."

Once those words where said to him from the voice in the room, the entire lab of Shinra Lab Facility 16 started to activate. However Naruto had fallen asleep as when the lab had started to go to work on his weapons. As well as his new transport on land for him as it started to be assembled in another room.




Cave: 3 years later


"Mako infusion complete, now empting liquid Mako from cylinder 3." The female voice said as the liquid mako started to drain from the cylinder.

The head mask had come off the now silver haired teen who had long hair that reach down to his shoulders. It was no longer spiky as he it started to lay down flat, with some of his bangs covering his right eye. Naruto's eyes were still blue, however they seemed to let out a greenish glow in them due to his Mako infusion. He now stood there naked as his skin was a bit more pale now as it was no long tan like it used to be. Due to the Mako that had been empowered two times a week, that had destroyed his old clothes that he came in with. Once the the Mako had been finally drained and freed from the cylinder, Naruto looked around the area.

"You had informed me that clothes would be ready for the moment I had completed my Mako infusion." Naruto said in a voice that had no emotions.

"You are correct, your clothes are waiting for you in the next room to the left."

"Very well."

Naruto had went into the room as he looked around to find his clothes, which had not even taken a few seconds. He then walked over to the table, then looked at the entire outfit as he looked them over for a long while. The now sliver haired jinchuuriki began to put his clothes on one by one which consisted of black pants with a matching turtle-neck shirt. Once he had gotten the black clothing on, he then proceeded to put on a crimson trench coat with black shoulder guards. The last things that were left were a pair of crimson fingerless gloves and a pair of black boots, along with Shodaime's necklace. The moment Naruto found himself to be acceptable for himself, then up in the room with his slitted eyes.

"Are my desired weapons, ready for combat?"

"Yes, they have been ready within the first year of your Mako infusion and I have taken the liberty of making new clothes in case the ones you wear now will get damage."


"These clothes also have the same additions of your current garments."

Naruto then looked around the second room of the lab as he looked for such clothes that were told from the computer. Whom he learned while he was awoken from his sleep during the second year. She was later introduced herself as Lucrecia Crescent who had given him the means of gain his new found strength. While she had process of loading his mind with the knowledge of what he needed to master everything he had asked for three years ago. She had looked into his memories of what his life had been like from the days he could even remember. To say that she was mortified at the amount of abuse he had endured throughout his life and had not broken his mind was incredible. The more she had looked into his memories, the more she became fascinated by his will to keep moving forward. In the nearing of the end of the second year Lucrecia found herself attracted to him as a man. So during the time she had weekly reports for him on his status were moments she looked forward to. They would engage in talks about how he had taken missions to places outside his village, though most were boring to him. Lucrecia found his irritation of doing such pointless missions funny to herself and Naruto some how felt her happiness things that annoyed him. Of course he no longer mind telling these things as he it made him feel a bit differently towards the her.

"Lucrecia, what will you do now?"

"I cannot leave the facility really as my consciousness as remained within the mainframe of this system, why do you ask?"

"Is there any methods in bringing you along with me?"

"Naruto, why the sudden interest in bringing me with you?"

Naruto took each weapon as he gave them each a few good swings before dismissing each weapon into his own consciousness. Until he came across a rather unusual looking Buster Sword that had caught his attention. "This sword seemed different than the others, Lucrecia would you mind telling me why?"

"Oh, yes I had almost forgotten in telling you that I wanted to make something different rather than a plain Buster sword for you. The sword was used by a man named Cloud Strife, it is called The First Tsurugi. However in this case I guess we can call it the second Tsurugi, seeing at these is not the first sword. This sword is actually five different swords link together, to make it a Buster sword."

"I see, this is a very interesting sword."

"Well, I'm happy that you are find it to you liking, Naruto-kun."

"Now back to my previous question, is there any method or a means to bring you with me?"

"...Yes, though there is a great risk in doing such a method."

"Tell me, as I am willing to take such a risk."

"...(sighs)... It is the same method in which I used in loading my consciousness as before. The risk is very high in doing such a method of you going into a coma."

"Do it anyways."

"Naruto, this is a very serious matter in doing this, why are you so determined in taking me with you?"

"No, person should live in confinement."

After what seemed like hours between the two, Lucercia let out a defeated sigh as she knew, that the silvered haired teen was too stubborn. "Very well... get back into the container one more time as this will not take long."




Konoha: late in the night


Throughout the streets of Konoha the town became very empty as people were now asleep, except for the jounin or anbu guards. while everyone slept peacefully in their sleep, a single figure floated high above the village. This figured looked down upon the village, that he fought to protect with his life and to never go back on his word, when he spoke such an oath. However this time as he looked at the village the silver haired jinchuuriki looked at it with such disgust. He then looked over the the northwest part of town, as he knew that side had housed the most of the civilian members of the council. Naruto then silently flew in that direction as he knew two members, who once said he would never amount to anything lived.

A few hours later as he stood quietly over the dead bodies of the civilian members of the council at his feet, he looked to the side to see one still alive. One of two who had said those words to him so long ago, Utatane Koharu one of Sandaime's old teammates. She sat there against the wall with fear overcoming her body as she watched the silver haired team kill her supporters. Naruto then started to walk over to her slowly, with each step striking more fear into the elder. Only to stop at a good distance from the elder member of the council of Konohagakure no sato.

"How dose it feel to be at the mercy of the one you tried so hard to hated?"

"W-W-W-What do you mean, I have never seen you before."

"Think back three 15 years ago, you tried to have me killed for something I never had choice in."

Koharu then thought back all those times as she never once tried to do anything of the sorts to this silver haired teen. The only one who she had arrange for to be killed was Uzumaki Naruto. Then it had finally dawned on her as she looked up into the glwoing slitted eyes of the silver haired teen. "It's you...! You can't be you, the Haruno girl told us that you were dead."

"So Haruno Sakura had told you of my demise, then I guess she was sadly mistaken then." Naruto said in a deep cold voice as he closed his eyes, only to open them again. "This time you to face judgement...my judgement and I find you unworthy of you life." The moment that was said the Masamune then appeared as he swung his sword accross the room. As it had severed the ninja elders head from her body swiftly without leaving any blood. Naruto the slid the door open as he looked up at the moonless sky and flown over to the Hokage monuments sliently fast. Once he landed on top of Yondaime's head, he turned around as he held his hand out to the building that he left from.

At that moment the entire house had been consumed by a black dome, then lights of all colors where seen going into the dome. As they gathered at the center of them dome and began to become an orb of multi colored light. Those were patrolling the area that were either jounin or anbu, who saw what was happening. Watched at what was happening before them, then as one final light went into the dome, a blinding flash of green shot out. Followed by a large green dome burst from the light as it destroyed the entire building or anything within that buildings range, which one only the house itself. People came out there houses at hearing the loud explosion in the village, as ninja's waited from the flames to die down. Far away, Naruto looked at the scene of the display of his power with the same cold eyes he gave Koharu. As he felt something sprout from his back as one black wing appeared from his right side on his back.

"Now, it is time I went to see the Hokage."





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