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Chapter 5: Freedom and Missions



Naruto who is now looked at the stoned remains of his former teammate that is in a pile of dust before his feet. He did not have one look of regret one his face or his slitted eyes that just seemed to stare at the pile of dust. His sword then vanished from his hands as he floated back up to the waiting area of the stadium leaving people in shock once more again. As he had seemingly flown to his new teammates who did not seem effected by this what so ever. His single black feathered wing had vanished from his right shoulder on the moment he landed.

"I'm surprised you did not kill her slowly." Kiba said as he looked toward his silver haired friend who had his back to him.

"I would very much want this annoyance to be completed as soon as possible." Naruto replied as he then walk to the left side of Mikoto and leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. "So who is going to participate in the next round?" Naruto focused his eyes as he saw his mother walk toward the ground of the stadium.

"Well, I guess that's my que." Mikoto said as she jumped down to the stadium grounds as she spinned in two circles before landing on her feet in front of Kushina. "I never did once think that our rivalary would be renewed what so ever. The last time we had trained together ended in a draw and that was with my sharingan. But this time I will be able to break that draw so come at me with everything you got." Said Mikoto who gave confident smile to her former best friend.

"Miko-chan, why are we fighting?" Kushina said as she really wanted an answer from the woman. "Has that demon done something to make you like this?"

"I must say that Minato-kun would be really mad at you for what you have done to Naruto-kun." Mikoto said as she got into a taijutsu stance of some kind. "I want to you to know that I too believed in Minato-kuns words in seeing his son as a hero for being the one to carry the burden of Kyuubi and no matter how much people like you have done to break him or kill him. I know that Naruto-kun has a very strong heart as he had proved his strength time after time. Even after the Uchiha Massacar when I was wounded heavily to put me into a coma where and was kept in a secret hospital area that is controlled by Danzo. I still felt this strength that had so much warmth all around me three years ago. However that strength had vanished for that same three years had returned even though the warmth was faint, I still felt it with Naruto-kun."

Hearing this coming from the woman who she saw as he best friend in their childhood as well in the days as Konoha kunoichis. Made Kushina a bit angered that she had mentioned her husband Minato in a close way. "So your not going to listen to reason?"

"If you mean to your red ballooned head then no." Mikoto replied as she closed her eyes as she knew the referee was holding Kushina back. "Now that our talks are over, lets settle our little rivalary." Said the Uchiha matriarch as the ref had finally told them to begin.

Kushina then went through a quick had seals to hopefully subdue her best friend. "Fuuton: Kaze no Yaiba!" Kushina called out as the violent winds raced toward the Uchiha matriarch. Mikoto seeing this attack once before during her career as a kunoichi jumped back high in a back flip against the wall behind herself. Using her chakra to keep her up right on the wall Mikoto looked at her once rival as she knew her chakra elements being Fuuton and Suiton. The Uchiha matriarch then ran down at speeds that rivaled between anbu ninja or a kages speed. The moment she was coming upon striking distance with Kushina, a wall made of ground shot up. Kushina thinking this might have by a few percious seconds had started to go through some more hand seals. Only to be interrupted by a crack on the wall she created. Kushina then had brought a kunai our from her side pack that is tied in the back. While thinking she that the falling shard of earth would provide her cover and she then struck at her once friend. Only for Mikoto to catch her wrist with her gloved right hand, then jumped above the Namikaze head with her arm still in her grasp. While in mid-air Mikoto then cork-screwed her body so that so that she is facing Kushina's back. The used the momentum from her landing to lean the womans back as she then placed both her feet against the said area. The Uchiha matriarch then let Kushina's arm go as she then kicked the woman back as hard as she could sending the red haired woman into the air. Kushina the pulled out a scroll from her weapons pouch as she went through two hand seals and placed her hand on the now opened scroll where a large kanji for water could be seen. Soon water started to flow down from the scroll so that it let a large enough puddle on the ground as Mikoto jumped back again.

This time Kushina who is still in the air went through some more hand seals to do a suiton jutsu. "Suiton: Suiryuuben!" Just then the water had started t rise up from the ground as the red haired woman landed on her feet. The water then floated over the head of the Naimkaze as he formed a sphere over herself. The whips had struck out toward the Uchiha who then started to evade as many blows as she could. Only some had manage to give her a few scars on her arms or legs from narrow misses. "Mikoto, please give up. Because I don't want to hurt you."

Mikoto then looked at the red head who gave a snort. "Whatever bitch." She retorted back as she then began to dodge on coming attack from the jutsu. However as she was running no one or even the Hyuuga clan saw a faint yellow glow emitting from Mikoto's hands with the exception of two saw it. Just as one of the water whips shot to her left side, Mikoto had taken hold of the whip and then yellow lighting that came from her hand. Started to move toward the water sphere from the Uchiha's hands making people hold their breaths in thinking the match will be over. Only for Kushina to jump back from where she was holding the water sphere as it splashed on the ground in front of herself. "It is time for me to end the little fight now."

"Not so fast!" Kushina said as she went through some hand seals as fast as she can only to see Mikoto's body glow golden. Only for the said woman to look at her for a few seconds and start to run more faster as she was leaving a golden streak coming from her body. Wtihout realizing Mikoto had gotten behind of herself to kick her back in the air. Kushina who was too stunned at seeing something that reminded her of her late husband was no long aware of where she was. Then streaks of gold started to stike from the back as it rebounded to going in all directions. Which had consited to about 12 blows from the only woman who had become a famed jounin. Kushina then fell to the ground with a loud thudd sound as her opponent had her back toward the downed red head.

"Um... uh... Uchiha Mikoto is the winner." Said the proctor.

Mikoto then walked off from the ground in silence as she left so many people in silence. she looked up into the waiting area to see that Naruto was no longer there with Kiba. She then turned around to see that the swordsman in question is stand over the fallen body of his mother.

"What...do...you want...creature?" Kushina spat as she looked at the form of her son just looked back at her with eyes that still had a bit of warmth.

"Curaja." Naruto said as Kushina's body started to glow a bright blue for a few seconds. Once the light had finally died down from the woman's body to show that she was no longer a battered mess. Naruto then looked down at Kushina who by this time had started to look over herself for a few minutes. Then saw that the silver haired teen began to walk back up to the waiting area with Mikoto who was waiting for him.

"Why?" Kushina asked as she was completely confused as Naruto stopped in his tracks and turned his head slightly.

"I do not know why mysel, Kushina-san." Naruto said as he went back up to see Kiba smilling at him. "Why do you have a look of being pleased Kiba?"

"Oh nothin really." Kiba said as he looked at his friend. "But I believe that somewhere deep down inside you is that blond who can still forgive almost anyone."

"..." Naruto did not reply at the words. "Have you made the nesscary preperations for your match?"

"Yeah yeah...I'm goin." Said Kiba as he jumped down to the arena floor. "Besides I got a date on the line in this match and I don't feel like losin either. So just you two watch me out there alright." Said the Inuzuk who saw Mikoto sighed with a smile on her face while Naruto just nod his head in approval.

"Alright, then next match will be between Inuzuka Kiba and Tenten." The proctor called the next match. "Hajime!"

"Kiba I want you to finish this match in one blow." Said a cold voice that came from the waiting area as he saw Naruto look at him.

"Oh... Come on!" Kiba whinned as he looked toward Naruto. "You and Mikoto got to look cool." He said as he pointed an accusing finger at the silver haired swordsmen.

"I had not intention of showing my full power to anyone unless I need to and I want you to do the same." Replied Naruto in his monotone voice.

"Oh well..." Kiba gave up as he taken his brought forth his Buster Blade then looked toward Tenten. "Well you heard the man, so give me your best shot."

"Why you! Fine then here you go!" Tenten said obivously angered by Kiba's words as she took a large scroll from her back and flung it as high as she could in the air. Kiba seeing this with a smile as he knew where she was going with this attack as he had seen it on a few mission with the weapon mistress. Not being dissapointed thousands of weapons had started to shine in the aire due to light bouncing off the sun. Kiba then gripped his Buster blade as it was slung across his shoulder as it too started to glow in blue mist.

People had in the stands were not one the edge of their seats as they watched the rain of weapons approaching faster unto they're intended target. Who at the time made no attempt to move an inch as he had a smile of confidance on his face.

Kiba still did not make a single move as he kept his focus on Tenten who was sweating bullets at her opponents death. Granted that Naruto's match was a death match to begin with as the swordsman did not mind it. But this match with Kiba was only for a KO battle as she saw him grip his sword even more. After a few more seconds on waiting for the weapons to come down closer. Kiba then swung his Buster sword from his shoulders as it had hit the projecties away from himself and the blade swung in the direction of the weapon mistress, a blue crecent like beam came from the blade. Charging at the chuunin who was too shock at the attack to move or use any tyoe of defensive jutsu to save herself. Then beam had made contact with Tenten as it exploded all around herself and blew her fast to the wall behind which knocked her out.

Everyone was too stunned to say anything as they had saw the display of power coming from the youngest of the Inuzuka clan had defeated an expeirance kunoichi like Tenen with no effort. The proctor had finally came out of his stupor as he called the winner being Kiba who the said person gave out a yawn and began to do some squats.

"The winners of today's event is Team Maelstrom." Called the proctor as Mikoto landed on Kiba left side and Naruto had appeared slintly on his right as they looked to Tsunade.

"Seeing as we have achived victory in our respectable matches Tsunade-sama. I am have chosen the option of leaving the village of Konoha." Naruto said coldly as it earned him a look of worry on Kiba's face. "However I am along with anyone else who wishes to leave with me, will leave in 8 months. If that is an acceptable option with you as we can work for Konoha as an independant task force under the Hokage only."

Tsunade thought this over for a few minutes as it will give him some time to stay in the village for a while or rather until he saw fit to leave. But then again she new that mercinaries don't come cheap for hire as they could even bleed the village dry if Naruto wished it so. "Alright gaki if your going to work for me I want to know how much you want first?"

"All that I request is that we have suitable home along with the the standard pay of that of a jounin with my team here only being under my command." Naruto said as he looked into the eyes of the busty Hokage who sighed then smiled at him.

"Deal." Tsunade said as she closed her eyes for a few seconds, only to open them to see the three winners were surrounded my ROOT Anbu with their weapons drawn out. "What is going on here, Danzo!"

"Tsunade-hime, this boy is a threat to the village and must be dealt accordingly." Danzo replied as he nod his head to his anbu to move in.

Only to for Naruto to appear behind the entire group of Anbu with his Gunblade drawn out. The anbu then fell down to the ground dead as their blood started to pour on to the ground. The silver haired teen then looked up to the Kage box as he locked eyes with Danzo who was sweating in fear at the gaze from the jinchuuriki.

Naruto then had dispelled his sword from his hands as he then wave his right arm out to reveal a single black angel wing on his right side shoulder blade. He then flew up to the kage box where Danzo is seated as he saw the fear in the mans single eye at his form like the angel of death was personally coming for him. Naruto then held the elder by his robes, then for a split second let out a smile on his face. Before he took to the air with the man into the blinding sunlight above the arena.

Later that night in Konohagakure no sato, scream of pain and untold agony could be heard in the air. The screams were that of Danzo who seemed to be screaming for his very life in some unknown area in the village. This had served as a message to the people of the village that had scorned the same one person to many time and that message was.

Never cross Naruto, EVER!



A few days later


Naruto who was now standing in the Hokages office along with Mikoto, Kiba and Roushi who revealed that he too is a jinchuuriki. Tsunade was not sure on how take in the thought of two jinchuuriki being in the same village. Even with the fact that Roushi was formerly from Iwagakure for that matter. However Naruto had told her that he knew of a place that Akatsuki would have no knowledge to on where he would hide them. This had caught Tsunade's attention the most seeing that if the could hide the said Jinchuuriki in a place that no one knew of. Would help them a great deal on dealing with that threat as they had been out trying to collect the other demon vessals from other villages.

"I can assure you that in the location that the location is very much serves the purpose, Tsunade-sama." Naruto said as he looked at the blond. "If your concerns on the locations safety, then I would like Jiraiya to accompany us. As he were be able to serve as a witness to the locations safety in your steed."

"I can see where you are going with this Naruto. But the problems is that we do not know when Jiraiya will be back in the village so. I am going to have to ask you to wait a while on that." Tsunade finished as Naruto saw the logic in her arguement.

"But there is something I do know that have great vaule." Naruto said, getting Tsunade's attention.

"Well I'm all ears gaki, so spill it." Tsunade replied.

Naruto had nod his head to comply. "I was given some information the Kazekage's retrieval mission from Akatsuki as you are aware that I had assisted in. At the location known as the Bridge of Heaven, a spy that has been working undercover as one of Orochimaru's men under Sasori of Akatsuki in getting information."

'What!" Tsunade exclaimed as she stood up while hitting her desk. "Why have you not reported this in sooner, Naruto!"

"I assure you that I would have reported this vital information sooner." Naruto said as his eyes were calm. "But with the council along with Danzo had not decided to interfere in my return to the village. So even if I had given you the knowledge of the spy that is currently in Otogakure. I am very certain that Danzo along with those foolish people who sided with the elder would try to use this information for personal gain."

"Well I can't argue with you there." Said Tsunade as she gave the former blond a knowing look. "I assume that you wish to take part in this mission."

"Correct, as I will accept that you wish to assign aditional ninjas with me for this mission. Then I will comply with your with your recomendation." Said Naruto. "However I wish to act on my accord for this mission and will lend my assistance"

"Even if I wanted to go ahead with the mission, Naruto. It would not help much because in the time that you will reach the Bridge of Heaven. It will be too late and the spy will have gone back to Orochimaru under the impression that Sasori might have secretly sent a message to a later date."

"I can get to the bridge with the team on time, Tsunade-sama." Naruto replied with a look that said he was telling the truth as this made Tsunade cave in.

"Fine brat, but let me pick out the team and you can leave tonight." She then looked to the rest of Naruto's team. "So what will you two be doing while Naruto goes to the meeting?"

Mikoto then stepped up to Tsunade with a smile on her face. "We are going to Kusagakure no Sato to find the Shichibi Jinchuuriki to convince her to join us. But just in case that she might not believe us in our intentions, we're having Roushi join us in the mission."

"What so I'm a tag along now!" asked Roushi who had a tick mark on his head.

"Would you rather stay here then?' Kiba asked. "With nothin to really do and who knows, might run into a couple of Akatsuki members."

"Fine, fine geeze." Roushi said as he slouched where he stood and at the same time excited. "Wait a minute all three of us can't fit on the bike you know."

"Correct, Roushi-san." Naruto said as he had his eyes closed. "Kiba will be going to the area of my choosing to which I will need only him to go with Jiraiya once he has arrived in the village. From there, you will be taking Jiraiya to the area of Yuki no kuni and well you will wait for my arrival so that we can go to the safe house for the other jinchuuriki. Keeping the other jinchuuriki safe from Akatsuki's grasp is our top priority."

"Hey does this mean that Mikoto gets to ride on the Fenrir?" Kiba said as his head shot up.

"Correct." Naruto replied.

"Aaawww man, I wanted to take it for a ride." Whinned Kiba as he slummped over all the while Naruto turned over to look at Tsunade.

"Will I be assigned to a new team for the encounter at the Bridge of Heaven?"

Tsunade looked at him for a moment as Shizune had a bit of mixed emotions in having Naruto go on the mission. "Well, I do have somone in mind of going with you on the mission in case the Kyuubi's chakra get out of control."

"Very well then." Naruto said as he began to walk out the door with his team.





Well I know this was a short chapter as I had put as much as I can into every fight scene as I could. So I hope you have enjoyed this story.



Kusagakure no sato - Village hidden in grass

Yuki no Kuni - Land of Snow

Fuuton: Kaze no Yaiba - Wind Release: Sword of Wind

Suiton: Suiryuuben - Water Release: Water Dragon Whip