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Lily Evans nervously adjusted her robes and settled herself in her seat. Out the window, she could see her mum and dad waving and her sister Petunia sulkily observing the wall. She waved back as the train started to chug along. She continued to stare out the window even as Platform 9 disappeared into the rolling green countryside.

^I hope I'll make friends,^ she thought. Lily had always felt out of place at her old school and didn't find out until recently that it was because she was a wizard. Now, going to Hogwarts, she hoped that would change.

She was jolted out of her reverie by the sound of footsteps and yelling. Turning, she was just in time to see two boys run into her car. The one in the lead had glasses and unruly black hair. He was laughing and dangling something in front of him. His furious pursuer had shaggy dark brown hair and several freckles.

"Potter!" yelled the boy chasing his friend. "Give me my wand back NOW!"

"Come and get me first, Sirius!" said Potter, laughing.

Sirius let out several curses and followed the black-haired boy. Lily was about to resume staring out the window when a girl about her own age stepped into the car. "Can I sit here?"

"Sure," Lily said. The girl sat in the seat opposite her. She had long dark brown hair pulled up in a ponytail. Two dark eyes were set over a nose covered in freckles.

"Excuse me," Lily said. "But, that boy who just came through here--Sirius--are you..."

"Oh, my good-for-nothing twin?" The girl rolled her eyes. "Yes, that's him. Sadly, we are related. Angelique Black," she said, holding out a hand. "Call me Angel."

Lily shook her hand. "Lily Evans. Who was that Potter?"

"Oh, you mean James. Our neighbor. Our dads are both Aurors."


"Yes..." Angel paused, then lit up in a smile. "Oh! I see! You're a Muggle!"

"Yes." said Lily. She knew what Muggles were at least.

"Oh, but you're missing so much!" Angel exclaimed. She leaned forward and began to give Lily a thorough grounding of Hogwarts. By the time the train reached the Hogsmeade station, Lily was beginning to feel at home.


Standing in the Great Hall, Lily heard her name called. "Evans, Lily!"

This is it, she thought, stepping up to the dais on which stood young, stern-faced Professor McGonagall. The last thing she saw before the Sorting Hat slipped over her head was Angel at the Gryffindor table giving her a thumbs-up sign.

She stared into the blackness of the hat and jumped when she heard a voice.

"Yes," said the hat. "You're a smart one, oh yes. Very bright, very very bright, hmm. Ravenclaw would suit you." Lily could not help but feel a rush of disappointment at not being in the same House as Angel. "However," the hat went on, "there's bravery in here. Oh, yes, much."

Bravery?!?! Lily thought. She was Lily Evans, the one who kept to her books and never tried out for anything, the one who always chose Truth instead of Dare.

"Ah, my dear," the hat said, its voice softening for a moment, "yes, so young...and so brave...what a sacrifice..."

Sacrifice? Lily thought, panic rising in her. Before she could act, the hat continued. "To bring that bravery out," it mused, "you should be in GRYFFINDOR!"

Lily, disbelieving, thrust the hat into Professor McGonagall's hands and stumbled down to the Gryffindor table amidst the applause. She smiled weakly at Angel, who clapped her on the back. "Congrats! You did it!" her new friend yelled.


James Potter grinned when the food appeared. "Dig in, Sirius." He helped himself to several pieces of steak and a heaping pile of mashed potatoes. He reached for a roll and grabbed it just as another hand did.

He looked up. "Hullo, Angel. Long time no see."

"Pity," Sirius drawled from his seat, "that you had to be in the same House as your fabulous brother."

Angel stuck out her tongue at him. "Live with it, Sirius."

"Will do, Angel-IQUE." Sirius looked at the girl on his sister's right. "Who's your friend?"

"Lily Evans," said the girl. She was small, with wavy red hair in a ponytail and piercing green eyes that showed through her oval tortoiseshell glasses.

"Pleased to meet you," Sirius said. James gave a vague smile as way of greeting and shoveled potatoes into his mouth.

"Now, who are your friends, Potter?" Angel asked. "Don't be rude and leave us wondering."

James motioned towards the boy on Sirius' left. "Remus Lupin. Remus, Angel Black and Lily Evans."

"Hello," said Remus. He was a small boy with honey-brown hair and sad hazel eyes.

"I-I'm P-peter," said the boy sitting next to him. Peter was chubby, with a thin, quivering nose and small eyes. "P-peter P-p-pettigrew ((AN: Damn him!))." Lily, disliking this boy, nodded curtly and turned back to her chicken.

"So, what do you call yourselves?" Angel asked sarcastically. "The Marauders?" Lily looked up, confused. "They're a comic book gang," Angel explained. "They try to play tricks on Muggles but never succeed."

Sirius was ignoring his sister's explanation. "The Marauders..." He jumped and hit the table, causing several spilled drinks and cries of "Oy! Watch it!". "That's it! We'll be the Marauders!"

"I like it," James said slowly. Remus nodded.

"Y-yes," said Peter. "M-me t-t-too."

James shot a glare at the boy. He hadn't asked Peter to be in the group, but he supposed that he was now. Peter was one of those people who could worm his way into anything by being pathetic. James tried to motion to Sirius with his eyes, but he failed.

"To the Marauders!" Remus held up his goblet and the rest of the group followed suit.

"Oh, Lord," muttered Angel.

Just then, something exploded out of Lily's bowl of chowder. Warm soup hit her full on the face, and showered several people next to her. She picked up her napkin and wiped her eyes, gasping. Closer inspection of her bowl revealed a Filibuster firework.

She glared daggers round the Marauders. "All right, who did that?"

Peter looked bewildered; Remus was grinning; Sirius was laughing hysterically. Only James Potter had that too-innocent look on his face.

"Potter," Lily said sweetly, "did YOU put that firework in my soup?"

"What?" James asked in mock confusion, batting his eyelashes over his clear blue eyes. "Me? Why, no?"

^You'll pay for that, James Potter,^ Lily thought, watching him dissolve into laughter. ^You'll pay.^


"Can anyone tell me what the Sinjaro Spell does? It was in the reading last night." Professor McGonagall's eyes settled on James Potter, slouching off in the back corner. "Mr. Potter?"

James was currently in the process of making a list of pranks to play on worthy victims. After writing "Lily Evans" at the top of his paper, he had crossed the name out. Too easy. After last week's chowder episode she had been all sweetness and light, with no sign of wanting revenge. Now, that Slytherin kid with the greasy hair...Snake or Sape or something...His thought was cut short by McGonagall's curt voice. "Mr. Potter? Are we paying attention? Please answer my question."

James shifted uneasily in his chair. He had no idea what the professor had just asked him. "Um...Number one?" he asked, taking a wild stab at the question.

The professor narrowed her eyes. "Perhaps someone who has been *paying attention* can tell us what the Sinjaro Spell does?" Lily's hand shot up. "Miss Evans?"

"The Sinjaro Spell turns any object into a finger of flame," Lily recited. ^Gawd,^ thought James, ^did she stuff the class notes into her head?^ "The bigger the object, the bigger the blaze."

"Very good, Miss Evans," Professor McGonagall said, bestowing a rare smile upon Lily. "Some of us--" she shot a look at James "would do well to follow Miss Evan's example." She walked back up to the front of the class. "Now, the transmogrification..."

Lily turned around in her seat very slowly, as to not attract the teacher's attention. She shot a look at James, scowling in the back corner, and gave him a smart-alecky smile. Seeing his frown deepen, she mouthed, "Gotcha, Potter."

James turned back to his paper and re-wrote "Lily Evans" at the top. Evans was a very worthy candidate. Very worthy indeed.

~Nine Months Later~

Lily didn't want to leave. The castle now felt like home to her, and although seeing her family would be nice, the thought of going a whole summer without Angel was unbearable. The two had become thick as thieves during the year, although they were so different: Angel tall, dark, sarcastic, all-around prankster, Lily small, quiet, and brainy, model student and teacher's pet. She would also miss Sirius; his jokes and wisecracks had helped her through many piles of homework, and Remus, who had always been a quiet, but good, friend.

Looking out the train window for a last glimpse of Hogwarts, Lily saw a tall figure stride down the path. She sighed. James Potter was one aspect of school she was *glad* to get away from. Two days after the Transfiguration episode she had collapsed into a chair in a crowded common room to be greeted with a noise like a foghorn. When the Whoopie Cushion had been discovered, she had got a glimpse of Potter silently cracking up near the fireplace. She had gone out of her way to publicly humiliate him in Charms and, in return, had found her hair dyed a nicely bright pink in the morning. From then on it was war.

But Lily had gotten the last laugh. She closed her eyes and remembered the day the exams came back. Lily Evans, top of all the classes! The look on Potter's face had been enough to satisfy her revenge for the whole summer.

Just then Angel burst into her compartment. "You will never guess," she said, breathless, "what Frank Longbottom just did." Lily let out a laugh and settled down to listen. She always felt vaguely sorry for Frank, but hearing about his latest blunder was always funny.

The train ride ended all too soon, and before she knew it Lily was standing on Platform 9 with Angel, Remus, and Sirius gathered around her. The omnipresent ((AN: ooh, vocab word!)) Peter quivered off to Remus' side, and James stood well apart.

Lily hugged Angel tightly. "Owl me lots." She smiled over her friend's shoulders at the two boys. "You guys too, OK?"

"See ya, Lils," Sirius called cheerfully. The small band began to disperse.

Lily picked up her cart and was about to head off when she was stopped by Potter coming towards her. "What do *you* want?" she snarled.

"Look, Evans," he began. "We didn't get off to a very good start, and I want you to know that I'm sorry."

Lily blinked. "Y-yes," she muttered. "O-okay."

"Good." Potter patted her on the back. "Maybe we can be friends next year, who knows?"

"S-sure..." Lily began, but was cut short by the sight of her family running towards her.

"Lily darling!" her mum exclaimed. "We missed you!"

"Hi, Mum," said Lily, sweeping her into a hug.

Her mother, however, recoiled. "Lily...did you wash your neck today?" Suddenly, Petunia screamed. Lily reached back and felt a sliminess, which she grasped and pulled into her line of vision. It was the largest, fattest, squelchiest frog she had ever seen.

"POTTER!" she shrieked, dropping the frog. Scanning the crowds wildly, she spotted him laughing.

"Gotcha, Evans!" he yelled.


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