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"Listen, Potter, you have to learn this charm."

"Give me one reason why Charms have any impact on my life whatsoever."

"Exams. O.W.L.s. N.E.W.T.s. Surviving in the adult world. Shall I go on?"

"Evans, I know the damn charm, it just doesn't like me!"

Lily raised an eyebrow. "Potter, charms have no feelings."

"Yes they do. They hate James Potter."

Lily sighed and closed the book. She'd been working with Potter for an hour every day, for three days so far—and all they had done was argue. It was time to stop, anyway.

"Okay," she said. "Same time, same place tomorrow. And I swear we're going to work."

"Right, whatever you say."


"When d'you think they'll murder each other?" Angel whispered to Remus at breakfast a week later. James and Lily were sitting at opposite sides of the table glaring at each other.

"They've lasted longer than expected," Remus answered. "But I think the crack will be sometime—"

"Why did you have to summon a BOOKSHELF?" Lily burst out.

"It was convenient!"

"A huge shelf loaded with Transfiguration books is bloody CONVENIENT?"

"Soon," Remus finished.

"You should really be in Divination," Angel commented. "You'd be good at it."


"Accio book."

The book whizzed across the room and into James' hand. He smirked at Lily. "See, Evans? I'm not as mentally challenged in Charms as you think."

"Good," said Lily wearily. "Only took you two weeks. Now, I noticed you spacing out in Potions today..."

"You were watching me?" James waggled his eyebrows. "Why, might I ask?"

"You were at the front of the room, near where Snape was standing as he tutored the lesson." She didn't care to tell Potter that Sirius had been sitting next to him and he had happened to cross her line of vision as she looked at his friend. "The assignment is pretty complicated, so get out your book."

James groaned as he opened the book. "Do you ever take breaks?"

"Nope. Now shut up and tell me what you know about this potion."


"Miss Evans!"

Lily whirled around in the hall and saw Professor Flitwick waddling towards her. She smiled. "Hello, Professor...what do you need?"

"I'd just like to congratulate you on your work with Mr. Potter," the tiny professor said. "He has done fabulously on his past few assignments, and I have noticed that his attention span has grown considerably. Do keep up the good tutoring, Lily."

She felt herself glow from the praise. "Thank you, Professor."

"You know, once you're finished with Mr. Potter, I do have a few students in the lower classes who could use some tutoring...would you consider helping them? You are, after all, one of the top Charms students in the school, you know."

Lily turned red and laughed. She wasn't used to being praised this much. "Thank you, but no thanks, Professor. I think one pupil is enough."

"All right, Lily, but I encourage you to reconsider." Flitwick left, and Lily continued her way down the hall. That was nice, she thought. Careful, Evans, too much praise and your head might get bigger.


"What is wrong with you tonight?"

James looked up from his Charms book. "Wrong with me?" he asked icily. "Nothing. What could possibly be wrong with me?"

Lily sighed and leaned back in her chair. "You've said nothing for the entire evening and we've actually gotten some work done, despite you giving me Evil Eyes the whole time. Something's up, Potter. I haven't been tutoring you for a month to not know that your favorite way to eat up an hour is to argue with me so as not to do any work."

"Evans, I'm as happy as can be. Tra la la, let's go get ice cream."

At least he was being sarcastic. That could count as normalcy. Lily wasn't satisfied, though. "Spit it out, Potter."

"Okay, I'll spit it out." He stood up, and Lily could see his anger. "I heard you talking to Flitwick in the hall today."

Lily's stomach sank. "Oh," she said lamely.

"Oh is right." James pounded his fist on the table. "You must think you're so smart, Evans. 'Oh, Miss Evans, excellent job on that dumb Potter kid.' 'Oh, thank you, Professor!'" James made the imitation of Lily's voice high and whiny. "'You are one of the top Charms students, Lily.' 'Of course I am, Professor!'"

"That wasn't how it went," Lily said weakly. It had been a bit close to James' reenactment.

"'Well, Miss Evans, we have more dumb guys in the school to tutor, after you're finished with Potter you can tutor them!' 'Thank you, Professor, but I think one dumb guy is all I can handle, hahaha!'" James was really mad by now. "Evans, you're one of those people who thinks they're the only smart person on the universe. I'm smart too, you know! You think I've never opened a book in my life just because I get a lot of detentions, play Quidditch, and like to have fun. Well, it's not true!" James gathered up his books. "I think the lesson is over for today. And, as far as I'm concerned, I think it's over permanently."

He left, and Lily just sat there. For once, there was something where she couldn't put any blame on Potter.




"I feel terrible. I mean really, really bad."

"'Bout what, Lils?" asked Angel sleepily. Eleven o'clock at night wasn't the best time to seek her opinion.

"Well, it's about...Potter."

Angel sat up in her bed so quickly it almost woke Daisy Solomon across the room. "What?" she hissed. "Lily Evans feels bad about something to do with James Potter?"

"Well, yeah..."

"God, Lily, what is it? Did you finally murder him or something?"

"No, stupid." Lily turned over onto her back and tugged at her sheets. "It's just...Flitwick came up to me in the halls and congratulated me on my tutoring work with Potter...I mean, it was totally innocent conversation! Well, almost. And Potter...overheard."


"And it seems he's really sensitive about his intelligence, and he yelled at me today and made me feel really bad about the whole thing."

Angel nodded. "Yeah, he is really smart, but touchy about it. But knowing your blossoming relationship with JP—" Lily rolled her eyes "him yelling at you should cause you to glare at each other for several days with each of you trying to pin the fight on the other. This glaring period will finally be ended with a massive explosion at breakfast or, in rare circumstances, dinner, and then you will be back to your normal bickering selves. Nowhere in the Evans and Potter Feud rulebook says that one of you feels bad about a fight."

"Well...he kinda made me see it differently, and now that I think about it, I was acting like a stuck-up know-it-all."

"Now you're calling yourself names JP usually calls you. Did you eat something bad?"

"No, Angel...I'll figure this out on my own."

"OK, g'night." Angel rolled over and was soon sleeping. Rest, however, was not so easy for Lily...




"What's this?" James held up a note he had found on his dinner plate.

Potter—Meet me in the Transfig classroom at 7. I've got something to say. Please come, even if it is to just yell at me again. –L. Evans

"Yeah, well..." Lily took a deep breath. "I'm sorry that you had to hear that conversation, and you're right about me, I really do think I'm smart, and you're really smart too, and I didn't mean to sound like a stuck-up prat, will you forgive me?"

There was silence. Then James spoke up. "That must've taken a lot."

"Well...being me, it's hard to apologize to you."

"Yeah." A pause. "So...can you help me with the Charms assignment?"

Lily knew that meant forgiveness, and breathed a sigh of relief. "Right. Were you listening at all?"

"Yes...well,, not really."

"God, Potter, do you ever learn?"


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