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"...If I so much as see you looking where you shouldn't, I'll have your fucking eyes out." The voice screamed as I walked into a light, bright and very roomy office. Miss Stanley looked at me and gave me a weak smile, clearly she hadn't expected this either.

The door over to the side kicked open and a man who was soaking wet and bleeding got pushed out. I was a little shocked at the scene unfolding in front of me. Jasper Whitlock's face emerged from behind the other man his face murderous as he proceeded to hit the guy in the back of the head.

"Get out, and don't be seen again. Do I make myself clear?" He demanded, full of authority.

"Ye...Yes boss." Said the man who was now missing a few teeth. He quickly walked out the room being sure to close the door behind him. Jasper Whitlock straightened his black suit jacket fastening the button and looking at Miss Stanley.

"Mr. Whitlock, this is Mr. Hale. Your appointment is at 3pm." Her voice shook slightly as she spoke. Jasper Whitlock nodded excusing her from the room and looking at me.

The murderous look on his face had disappeared. His deep blue eyes lightened as he looked at me. He pushed his golden curls off his face. I had seen pictures of him, and watched footage, but I had no idea just how striking he was in person. Tall, lean and tanned, wearing a very expensive and well fitted suit that only showed off just how lean he was. Dimples dawned his cheeks as he smiled and made his way to me. Full, pink lips that were slightly parted showing a perfect set of white teeth made my jeans become a little bit tighter.

"Mr. Hale, nice to met you. My humble apologies for what you just witnessed. Unfortunately, he has been playing around on my sister. Big brotherly love and all that." He held his hand out for me to shake.

Shaking his hand in a firm handshake, I felt the warmth of his skin invade mine and course through my body. "Jasper Whitlock, please take a seat. Would you like a drink? I'm sure Miss Stanley can arrange one."

"No, thank you. I'm fine." Letting go of his hand, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end. It wasn't a nervous or scared feeling that caused this, it was the fact that I couldn't take my eyes off him and that wasn't in my plan.

"So, Mr. Hale, do you have a first name?" He asked while leaning back on the large, high, black leather chair and smiling.

"Mason, Mason Hale." The tip of his tongue poked through his teeth as his eyes lit up slightly.

"You mind if I call you Mason?" He asked while pulling out a small brown file from the desk drawer.

"Not at all, Mr. Whitlock." He smirked at me as he opened the file up and looked over the papers while pulling his plump bottom lip in between his teeth.

"Please, call me Jasper, makes me sound old. So Mason, I see this isn't your first job working as a bouncer. Your past employers have given you great reviews and have been sad to see you leave." He looked up at me through his long lashes. "Martial Arts training as well. I can see why they didn't want to see you leave."

"I'm happy to hear my reviews are good." I relaxed back in the chair and placed my left ankle on my right knee.

"They are more then good, Mason. I think you would be a handy little asset to my company. Let's get down to business, shall we? You'll be required to work four out of seven nights rotating on a shift pattern, working the doors and the floor, keeping an eye out for any trouble and the removal of any pests that appear. You may be required to work extra shifts which means, if that is to happen, that your pay is double for the extra work. Working the VIP area from time to time is a possibility and you may be asked to work private functions that may take place." He took out a piece of paper and closed the file. "A three month trial is imposed, and you will be monitored throughout. But going by your records, you know just what you're doing so I will save myself some time and energy by skipping the rest of what the job entails. Any questions so far?"

"Your rule on carrying?"

"There is a metal detector at the doors. If anyone is caught carrying you will be required to remove the weapon. The club is clean at all times. No weapons and no drugs, unless of course I brought them in." He smirked. "I am joking. You'll find out that most people who come here don't carry. The ones that have done so in the past didn't like the punishment. So, shall I show you the club?"

"Please, it would be nice to get a feel of the place if I end up working here." I watched as Jasper opened the desk drawer again and pulled out a set of keys before closing it and standing up. Walking around the desk, his eyes looked me up and down as though he was weighing me up.

"Well going on just your reviews, I'm offering you the trial. Let's continue this down in the club and we can discuss pay." Following him out the room, he continued to tell me about the running of the club. "There are six bouncers working the club floor, six in the VIP area and two on the door. That's more or less what we have on a daily basis, though as I said before sometimes that will change. You'll of course be hooked up to everyone else with a simple earphone and mic. They are not toys. Please don't be rating the current blonde haired girl wearing very little over them."

"Wouldn't dream of it." He snickered and looked at me questioningly for a second before brushing it off and unlocking the large main doors into the club.

The club was dark and only lit by the white low lights that came from the fridges behind the bar. The soft humming sound was one of only two things I could hear. The other was Jasper's shoes as he walked across the floor and opened a panel to turn the lights on. The main lighting came on showing me the full look of the club. The main dance floor ran in a large circle that had a step all the way around it to the back wall where it flattened out again creating a higher level. The walls were a dark, royal blue and the seating was black leather. The bar itself was a deep grey metal that had a ridge running over it concealing the white lighting under it. The wall behind the bar was all mirrored with shelves of glass holding a large array of alcohol and glasses.

"Looks pretty crappy under the main lighting doesn't it? It's funny, you never see inside a club when it looks like this. It's always when it's dark and the different lighting is on. The music is bouncing off the walls and sweaty bodies are blocking your path. Drink?" He asked walking behind the bar and picking up two glasses. Getting the feeling that I wasn't being asked more than told, I nodded my head and looked around the room. "Excellent! I hate drinking alone." He smirked and pulled out a bottle of Linlithgow.

"Linlithgow?" I asked. He smiled and nodded his head while dropping two cubes of ice in the small tumblers before pouring out a shot.

"It is, you know it? It's one of my favorites though no one, and I mean no one, touches this bottle. My father once told me that a gentleman, one who is well educated in this world, would know the difference between the run of mill and the real deal when it came to whiskey." He walked behind the bar and handed me the glass.

"Well I know the odd few, if that helps. I have been meaning to ask, I had to hand in everything at the door emptying all my pockets and being searched, is that a necessity?" I watched him sit down on the high bar stool and pull a packet of smokes out of his pocket. Lighting up, he took a long, deep burn before blowing the smoke out.

"Yes. You see Mason, I pride myself on security here. I do not know you which means I don't trust you. It's a simple rule that applies to everyone that works here. I can assure you that nothing will be touched and everything will be returned to you when you leave. I'm sure that it won't be a problem, will it?" He asked whilst flicking his ash in the ash tray.

"Not at all, I just wondered. When does my trial start?" Jasper smiled at me. It was hard to believe that this man was one of the world's most dangerous men. He came across as a well educated businessman, not a killer.

"Would tomorrow night be okay? Arrive here about six. I won't be here, but my right hand man will be. Peter will give you your uniform. Just be sure to wear a pair of black trousers and shoes, never trainers. He'll fill you in on what you will be doing. If that's okay, why don't you come sit down and we'll talk money." Jumping up onto the stool next to him, I looked around the room again remembering where all the doors and CCTV cameras were.

"So, wages? How much and how do I get paid? Weekly? Monthly?" I asked before finishing off my drink.

"Basic set of fourteen euro an hour. You get paid weekly, and it's normally cash in hand come the end of the week. If you prefer to be paid into a bank account, that can be arranged. No drinking when working but you are, however, free to help yourself to as many soft drinks as you like while working. When your shift ends, you can can drink beer for free. Anything other then that, you pay for it. Your length of shift determines your breaks, but you will find that it's fair." He stubbed out his smoke and got off the chair. "I'm afraid I have to go. I have another appointment elsewhere, please excuse me. If you have any questions, Peter will be more than happy to answer them. Welcome to the team." He shook my hand again. "Miss Stanley will have your things waiting for you outside the door. It was nice to meet you, Mason."

"You too, and thank you." I said before walking back across the dance floor feeling his eyes on me as I reached the door. Looking over my shoulder, I saw Jasper smile and wave at me before I walked out.

Collecting my things form the front desk, I made my way towards my apartment. Jasper Whitlock had not been what I was expecting to see when I walked in there today. This man was billed as one of the worst most dangerous mob bosses, and had been on MI6's watch list for some time. I had expected someone more brash, a little intimidating with little to no manners at all. What I got, however, was a well spoken, professional businessman who didn't seem to have the look of a mob boss. Though I knew that the Jasper Whitlock I had just met was an act for business reasons, I had to wonder just how the hell he had fallen into that world.

Getting back into my apartment, I made my way into bathroom. Standing on the side of the bath, I pushed the small ceiling panel up and over to the side. Pulling out a file and laptop, I wandered back into the living room and dropped it on the table. Shrugging off my jacket and throwing it over the arm of the chair, I toed off my trainers and wandered into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, I pulled a bottle of beer out and opened it before walking back into the living room.

Sitting down on the sofa, I opened the laptop and pressed the start button before opening up the file and quickly looking over it. Typing the password into the laptop, I took a drink of beer and stared at the file wondering just where I was meant to look to find a way in. His file was bigger then War and Peace, and it contained everything that we could possibly find on him. Though his childhood and family were unclear, we did have everything we knew he was into and everything that we were most certainly positive he had a hand in. He was involved in weapon shipments, cars and his biggest, drugs. He imported and exported the largest amount of drugs that this country had ever seen. Since Jasper Whitlock's arrival to Lyon in France, the drug scene had risen a considerable amount.

Logging onto the MI6's site, I began to pull up what we knew about Peter.

Peter was, as Jasper had put it, his right hand man. A man that, at forty-two, was a good fourteen years older then Jasper. That made me wonder why he would be under Jasper and not above him. Jasper was very young to be the boss. At twenty-four he had appeared on our radar, and at the time we had thought he was being used as a front to cover the real boss. As time wore on, it became more and more clear that he was indeed at the top of his food chain. But how? It seemed the first twenty-four years of his life were somewhat of a mystery. He just suddenly appeared, and Peter has never left his side. Peter had been known to us for years, had been sent down once for a murder he committed some twenty years ago. Buying the judge had gotten him a shortened sentence of thirteen years, and he was out after eight.

He was also a guy you didn't want to cross. Having been given the nickname of 'hound' in the underworld from a string of fights that had ended with him biting off bits of people's body parts, he was someone you didn't want to fight unless you were armed. Peter had previously been working for Aro Volturi who, at the time, had been nothing short of a cold hearted bastard who certainly didn't bother to find out if things were legit or not. If he even suspected you weren't fully on his side you were removed, permanently.

During a gun blaze six years ago, Aro had been killed. Peter, it would seem, was the man behind Aro's death though it has never been proven. It was only a matter of time before he would have his number come up. While he was very powerful, he was also highly wanted, and not just by us. Other bosses were jealous of his power and wanted him gone as he controlled and ruled pretty much everything, much like Jasper did. You could almost say that Jasper had set his career up based solely off him. Many things led to his death. Not only what he had and what he controlled, but his whole persona had a way of rubbing people the wrong way. This was what I had been expecting when I had met Jasper, not the friendly businessman he presented himself as.

Closing the laptop down, I rested my head on the back of the sofa. I was in this for a long, long time. There was no way I would be able to get where I wanted or needed to be in a few weeks. This could be years in the making. Years of being stuck doing this, pretending to be someone I wasn't, not having any contact with my family, and not knowing a single thing that was going to happen.

I was about to become an uncle, and yet I wouldn't see my new little niece for a while. That thought pained me. This would have to be my last job, my last case. I was twenty-nine and I was now starting to want the normal life that so many have. I wanted to be able to have a normal nine to five job, to be able to come home and see my partner, maybe even a family...if I was lucky. But this life, this job, stopped all of that. Having to be so secretive about everything killed relationships and if that didn't do it, then the long cases I was sent on surely did.

Putting the laptop and file back away, out of the way from anyone who may come by, I decided to call it a night. The flight here from the London office, the meeting with Jasper and everything else that was swimming around inside my head, had left me feeling tired and drained.

Waking up to the birds outside the window, I groaned wishing they would just shut the hell up. Looking at the alarm clock on the side, I cursed myself for the one hour time difference. My internal body clock was set to wake up at 6 AM, but thanks to time zones I was now an hour behind my usual start. Pulling myself out of bed, I wandered over to the window. I had to admit, it was a beautiful part of world. The green hills and valleys, the clear blue skies and the fresh breeze of air cooling the temperature just enough so that it wasn't muggy, was definitely a nice place to wake up in.

Making my way into the kitchen, I put the coffee machine on. Heading into the bathroom, I splashed water on my face to wake myself up a little. It was one of those days where I wished that the coffee machine would magically come on before I woke up so I wouldn't have to wait. Walking barefoot across the cold tiled floor, I headed back into the kitchen to find the coffee machine had finished making its wonderful magic. Taking a mug of hot, fresh coffee, I sat and looked out of the window taking in the surroundings. I certainly could get used to it, but the reality of the situation was never too far from my mind.

Finishing off my coffee, I started my work out, sit ups followed by push ups and pull ups. It wasn't what I wanted, but it would have to do until I found a gym nearby to train in. Two hours and a sweaty mess later, I hit the shower. I needed to use this time to forget everything about me and remember everything about Mason. It wouldn't serve me well if someone called me Mason and I didn't answer or if someone said Edward and I responded to that. Though we go through training to make sure we become the person we were meant to be, it can be hard to just switch off who you really were.

After showering and changing, I spent the rest of the day reading over my new information and making sure it was watertight. I created a fake world inside my head with memories, family members, what I had done in life and such, all there ready and waiting for me to use them. I had to make sure that whatever I said, I could remember. Changing story, only ever so slightly, could blow everything.

About 5 PM, I began to make my way to the club for six. Knowing I would arrive a little early, I figured it would set a good impression. After all, I was on trial. The club's doors wouldn't be opening till eight, which should give me just enough time to figure out who everyone was. There was a tightly knitted group who followed Jasper from one place to another serving solely for his protection. They would be perfectly aware, or know, of the running of Jasper's business. The others would be local guys who Jasper employed to maintain the normal, friendly business cover. It would become too suspicious if Jasper kept his own boys around the club and employed no one else.

The sun was slowly starting to make its way back down over the city of Lyon as I reached the club. Knocking on the back door, a man with jet black hair and a large scar down the side of his face opened the door. His standoffish nature alone told me just who he was. Peter. I had to admit, for a guy who was now forty-two, he certainly didn't look it. You could easily think he was closer to Jasper's age than in his forties. The long, thick scar ran from the corner of his right eye to the corner of his mouth which crinkled as he smirked.

"You Mason?" His curtly tone was set to intermediate. Nodding my head, I smirked slightly as I saw Peter practically grow in size to fit the door frame. My eyes never left his as I maintained my calm, collected persona. "And early too."

"Yes, well I am new to the area and I wasn't too sure just how long it would take me to get here at this time of day." Smiling, Peter stepped aside and allowed me to enter the club.

"Smart thinking, boss hates people being late. Jasper said he told you pretty much everything yesterday, and all I had to do was answer any questions you may have, hand you your uniform and tell you where you're gonna be working." Peter said as we walked through the back area of the club. "Any questions?"

"Nope, I think I'm all set." We made our way into the staff room at the back which was full of lockers. Closing the door behind us, he took a tray out and placed it down on the table. "Hand everything over?" I asked.

Peter smirked, "Yep, club rules. You'll get used to it." He walked over to one of the lockers and opened it up. He pulled out a black garment which was covered in a clear plastic wrap. "This should fit you. I'll leave a few more in your locker."

"Thanks." Pulling off my Tee, I folded it up, placed it on the tray and handed it back to Peter. Taking the black polo shirt out the wrapping, I pulled it over my head and tucked it into the waistband of my trousers. Just above my left pec the word 'Spindle' was written in deep red.

"You'll need this as well, though I'm sure you already know how to use it, right?" He smirked handing me the little mic and ear piece. "Jasper informed me that this isn't your first gig. He seemed pretty impressed over your reviews from past employers."

"I know what I'm doing. Work in one club, you've worked in them all. Which reminds me, where am I tonight?" I asked while placing the ear piece in my ear.

"Club floor. Emmett will be shadowing you for the next few nights. You might get on well with him. When you're ready, I'll take you onto the club floor and we'll find Emmett." Peter spun a set of keys in his hand watching and waiting, weighing me up, to be able to report back to Jasper.

"I'm ready now." Peter smiled and headed towards the door. "So, what's Emmett like?" I asked as my eyes scanned around the corridors. Every inch was covered by CCTV. Jasper certainly wasn't lying when he said he prided himself on security here.

"Emmett is... more the joker of the pack. Did Jasper tell you the rule about not rating the talent?" He asked.

"Yeah, he did mention it. Why?" Peter chuckled and shook his head.

"That will be because of Emmett. He has had several warnings over it, but Emmett feels it's rude not to comment. Lucky for him he has known Jasper for a few years." Nodding, we walked onto a large dance floor. "The big guy currently stuffing his face is Emmett."

"Oh." I already knew who Emmett was, how long he had worked for Jasper, and what he was into.

"Em, you're not paid to eat on the job." Peter called across the the dance floor. Emmett lifted his head slightly and flipped him off making Peter chuckle.

"Yeah, and I don't get paid to rate and date but I do. Who's the new boy?" Emmett's eyes narrowed at me. "Where the fuck did Jasper find this prick?"

Chuckling, I shook my head. "WOW! It's impressive to see how well roids work. Now, were you the skinny kid everyone used to pick on at school?"

"Takes and gives. Well, at least this will be somewhat fun." Emmett declared over the dance floor.

Settling into my shift, Emmett and me actually got along rather well. It seemed it was Emmett's way of ripping into you when he first met you to see how well you could take it. Crossing my arms over my chest, my eyes stayed fixed on the dance floor watching the countless drunken bodies move to the beat. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Peter looking over at me. He had done this more then once. Sometimes he would be whispering to someone else, and whenever he saw me looking over he would smile and tip his head slightly before I returned the gesture and focused back on the dance floor.

True to his word, Jasper wasn't seen in the club all night. From what I had gathered, Jasper normally was seen only on the weekend, and even then it was never more then a few hours at any one time. From my first few hours of being in the club, all I could think of to sum it up was, clean. This, however, was something I already knew.

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