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"... Just find out where and who, Peter. I'm not expecting to know everything, not just yet anyway." I heard Jasper's voice enter the bedroom.

Turning my head and looking over my shoulder from the balcony, I watched Jasper smile and pull off his tie. We had been in Monte Carlo for three or four hours, and in those hours I had spent it all on my own, enjoying the view and the changing sky. Moments after stepping off the jet, Jasper was off like a shot, muttering something about this matter couldn't wait and he would see me later.

For once, I hadn't bothered to try and find out what matter it was, instead letting it slide. If anything, there wasn't much I could do right now even if it was below board.

"Peter, it's in your hands," with that, Jasper hung up and threw his phone on the bed. "Sorry I had to dash off, but I hand to attend to this right away so we could enjoy our first night here without any problems."

Jasper's arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me back against his chest. A shiver ran down my spine making him chuckle as he kissed my neck. "What are you doing?" I breathed out as Jasper slowly ground his hardening cock against my arse.

"Getting close, babe. Don't pretend you don't want me, I know you do," he purred into my ear. "Let go, please. Forget who I am and what I do."

"Easier said than done, Jasper," I answered, pulling out of his embrace.

"Why is it? I wanna be with you and you wanna be with me, so forget how wanted I am or how dangerous I can be, and just be with me." If that was the only thing that was stopping me, it wouldn't be a problem. "Why fight it?"

"I'm not," I replied weakly, making Jasper snort.

"Yeah, you are." Walking over to me, Jasper took hold of my hand and kissed it gently, "If you're not, then just let go. Whatever happens, happens."

"I'm not into being someone's "friend with benefits", Jasper," I said, using air quotations.

"And you're not." He smiled softly at me. "Give me a chance? Please?"

It seemed unlike Jasper to almost beg like this, he seemed to do things his way or no way. Looking at him, I tried to work out if he was playing a card here, trying to get me to his way of thinking. J asper's eyes showed nothing but honesty, no hint of him playing a game, but I also knew Jasper was very good at getting his own way.

"You're not gonna let it go, are you?" Jasper smiled and kissed my lips once.

"Nope. It's not in my blood to give up." He grinned at me and looked at his watch. "Dinner?"


"You'll see." Jasper walked back through the patio doors. "We need to leave now, Mase."

Following Jasper into the hotel room, I closed the doors to the balcony and looked at his phone on the bed and then back at Jasper who was standing by the door. Smirking at him slightly, with questioning eyes, I walked to him as he opened the door.

"I'm not bringing it. Not tonight, anyway," Jasper said as he closed the door behind me.

"Will you be all right without it?" I joked as he slipped his fingers in between mine.

"The world can survive without me for tonight. I want tonight to be perfect, and that phone will only bring me stress. Whatever happens, I can deal with it in the morning," he answered.

"Seems to be a running trend with you at the moment," I commented as we waited by the lifts.

"I just want to be me with you tonight, is that so bad?"

"The bad ass act is being dropped?" Jasper snorted at my comment.

"I'm not a bad ass all the time, Mase, just most of the time. Tonight it's just me and you, and tonight I hope you see me as something other than Jasper Whitlock." Getting into the lift, Jasper sighed as he pressed the button to take us to the ground level.

We fell into a easy silence as we walked through the hotel holding hands. Stepping outside, a long black limo was waiting on the curb. The driver was waiting with the door open and he tilted his head to Jasper as we approached. Letting go of my hand, Jasper motioned for me to get in first, making me snort.

"What? I'm being gentlemanly." Rolling my eyes at him, I climbed in quickly followed by Jasper. "Are you looking forward to this?"

"Where are we going?" I asked as the limo pulled off from the curb.

"You'll see. I just hope you like it, that's all." Jasper lit up a smoke and looked at me, holding out the palm of his hand. "Phone, Mase. I've left mine and I don't want anything going off tonight."

Handing my phone over to Jasper, I watched him smile and turn it off, placing it on the side compartment in the limo.

We rode in the limo for about thirty minutes before we came to a stop near the beach. Smiling, Jasper got out of the limo and spoke to the driver quietly as I climbed out. The grass and sandy banks parted to show a pathway that led down to the beach. I couldn't see the sea, but I could hear its gentle lapping waves meeting the sand.

"Ready?" Jasper grinned at me and took my hand. "Let's go eat."

Walking down the wooden path, I noticed the sign that said "private land" causing me to slow down slightly. If Jasper wanted a quiet night, then being on private land wasn't the smartest move ever. From what I knew, Jasper didn't own anything in Monte Carlo, no records showed he had any houses here or owned any land.

Looking over his shoulder, Jasper smiled at me and tugged my arm, continuing to lead me down the path. As we neared the end of the path and the beach came into view, I saw candle lanterns on either side, marking out a sandy path that lit up against the sun setting in the sky. Coming to a stop at the end of the wooden path, I saw a blanket laid out on on the sand complete with a picnic basket. Grinning at me, Jasper pulled off his boots and socks.

"Take them off, babe," Jasper said, the excitement in voice ringing into every word.

Pulling off my own shoes and socks, I followed Jasper walk down the sandy path feeling the warm sand rush between my toes. Reaching the blanket, I saw a champagne bucket next to the rather large picnic basket. Just off to the side, there was a tiny bonfire blazing into the night sky, casting a golden glow over the area.

Jasper dropped his boots on the edge of the blanket and pulled my shoes out my hand. Slightly shocked at the sight before me, Jasper chuckled and sat down, patting the spot next to him.

"Well?" he asked as I sat down next to him. "Drink?" He motioned, already undoing the champagne bottle.

"I wasn't expecting this, but it's nice, thank you."

"No, thank you." He smiled and handed me a glass of champagne. "I wanted our first date to be something memorable, not some restaurant somewhere. I can take you there anytime, I wanted something special."

"It's certainly that." Taking a sip of my champagne, Jasper flipped the basket lid.

"Help yourself, there is a mixture of everything in there, nothing hot though." Peeking into the basket I laughed. "What?"

"Egg mayo sandwiches?" I chuckled out. "And pickled onions? Is there potato salad in there, too?"

"Yes. And there is nothing wrong with egg mayo. My mum always used to make them when we went for a picnic." He looked slightly hurt by my joking around. "There are other things in there, but I kept it simple. Cheese and pickle, or ham and mustard are in there as well."

"Jasper, I didn't mean to upset you." Jasper shrugged at me and looked out onto the sea.

"I know it sucks, it was a stupid idea," he sighed. "Can you tell I haven't wooed anyone in a long time?"

"Jasper, it's perfect. It just surprised me, that's all. And really, you can't have a picnic without egg mayo and potato salad. Just like you can't have a buffet without cheese and pineapple on sticks." Jasper laughed at me.

"Completely agree." Leaning over to him, I kissed him softly on the lips. "You sure you like it?"

"Love it." Taking a bite out of my ham and mustard sandwich, I looked over at Jasper. "Did you go on many picnics as a kid?"

"When I was really young, yes. My mum used to make this big fuss of it. Drove my dad insane with what she would make and bring," he chuckled out. "She once made him stop at the store on our way to have our picnic to buy pork pies."


"Swear to God." He smiled as he laid on his side. "My dad couldn't stand it, and made this big fuss in the store over it claiming we would live without it."

"You close to them? Your parents, I mean?"

"Yes," his answer was short and sharp, showing he wasn't willing to discuss his parents with me.

Deciding to change course, I asked, "Is this what you shot off to do when we landed?"

"Yeah, I needed to plan a few things." Taking off his jacket, Jasper laid down and placed his hands behind his head. "It belongs to my Uncle. The beach, I mean."

"It wouldn't shock me if you were breaking the law by being here," I joked out.

"Well, I do play to the law when it suits me, and tonight it suits me."

The sun soon set against the beautiful Monte Carlo skyline as we ate our picnic on the beach. We chatted freely, learning new things that both shocked us and surprised us. I found out that Jasper spent a lot of money investing in a program for children who had either lost one or both of their parents or were going through a bad time at home.

Jasper told me that a lot of children, some of his friends included, weren't so lucky growing up and had a pretty hard time at home as a kid. I would have never of put him down as the type of person who helped charities out and spent time with them. This was completely new information to me, and something that MI6 knew nothing about. Though it wouldn't help bring Jasper down in the long run, it did help paint a better picture of what he was doing before he came into the mob world.

I told him about my family, my real family and not the back up that I had. Certain details were left out, but I admitted to him that I was about to be an Uncle and I couldn't wait to meet my little nephew or niece. Jasper had smiled brightly and joked about running kiddie parties in the club, claiming that having clowns, bouncy castles and balloons was the way forward for the club.

"You never wanted kids?" Jasper asked me as he emptied the rest of the champagne in to our glasses.

"Honestly? I've never given it much thought. I guess it's finding that guy first and then seeing how we both feel. What about you?" I watched Jasper roll onto his stomach and rest his cheek on his forearm.

"No," he answered with a sigh. "I love kids, hence the charity work I do, but do I want them? Nope. Why have a child when you are in the line of work I am in? Why risk them?"

"Don't you have some sort of code over it?"

Jasper snorted, "As in go after the guy, not his family?" I nodded and Jasper shook his head. "There used to be. It was common that wives and children were left alone, but it's not how it works now. People who want to take you out will go to any lengths to destroy you. I will admit, any hits I have done, I've never brought it to the man's family home. I don't want his dead wife or child on my conscious. It's not their fault, and they really don't have anything to do with this world."

"What about Jacob?"

"What about him? He's not dead and Billy Black brought his son into this world. It's fair game then."

"I guess you're right, there." Laying on my side, I looked at Jasper who looked nothing short of content and happy. It was the first time I had actually seen him relaxed. "You look happy,"

"I am, Mase. It's nice to unwind and just forget about everything and enjoy your company."

"It is. So, Jasper? Do you go by another name?" Jasper chuckled at me.

"Never call me Jazz, I hate it. If you wanna shorten it, then Jay is fine."

"What's wrong with Jazz?" I asked watching him narrow his eyes at me. "Is the bad ass act coming back out?"

"Watch it, Mase," he warned.

"Why, Jazz?" I chuckled out as he threw the champagne cork at me. "Oh, that was hard."

"I'll show you hard." With that Jasper moved and pinned me down. Straddling my waist, Jasper pinned my hands down over my head and lent forward, his face almost touching mine.

Flipping him over, I pinned him underneath me feeling his cock harden against my thigh. Jasper chuckled and began to fight back, causing us to wrestle on the sand. Evenly matched in strength, we both spent more time laughing at our frustration on not being able to overpower the other with skill or strength. Stealing odd kisses here and there, we flipped each other over and Jasper finally submitted underneath me.

Straddling his waist, Jasper's hard cock was in a perfect line with my arse, and I couldn't help but grind myself into him making him moan. Resting my hands either side of his head, Jasper's hands trailed up and down my thighs.

"Who would have thought, huh? The great Jasper Whitlock submits." Jasper smiled and moved his hands to my arse.

"Maybe I could just fall for you, Mase." His sentence shocked me, but I couldn't help but smile.

"I think the same." Leaning forward, I captured his lips with mine.

The kiss wasn't demanding or dominating, it was slow, sweet and soft. His tongue gently danced with mine, slow and sensual, creating waves of pleasure that rocked though my body. Jasper's fingers weaved into my hair, holding me close as he flipped us over. Moaning into the kiss, my hands took a mind of their own and began roaming all over his body. Tugging at his shirt, I pulled it out from his trousers and let my fingertips travel up his warm, hard stomach.

Breaking the kiss, Jasper attacked my neck, biting, nipping and kiss the skin from my earlobe to my collar bone. Jasper's hard cock was pressed against my thigh, throbbing with need. My own was trapped in my trousers and pressing painfully against the zipper. My hands began unbuttoning his shirt, almost popping the buttons off in an attempt to remove the offending item.

Holding my hands still, Jasper looked at me. "Don't start something you can't finish, Mase."

Raising an eyebrow at him, I grabbed the back of his head and crashed my lips to his. Continuing my work, I unbuttoned the last button and pushed the shirt off his shoulders.

Breaking the kiss for just a second, Jasper pulled the shirt off his arms and threw it somewhere on the beach. His hands reached the top buttons of my own shirt and opened them. Yanking the shirt out of my trousers, Jasper pulled it up and over my head.

Crashing his lips to mine, I moaned into the kiss as our bare chests touched and tingles of pleasure trickled throughout my body. Jasper lightly bit down on my bottom lip, making me whimper into his mouth. Chuckling at me, he began moving his way down my throat, nipping and sucking his way until he reach the curve of my neck.

Sliding his body down mine, he pushed my legs apart and scraped his short nails down my chest and stomach until he reached my belt. Arching my back and moaning into the night sky, Jasper silenced me by covering his mouth with mine. His tongue softly explored my mouth as his hands worked to undo my belt.

Feeling the zipper slowly being pulled down, I groaned into his mouth as the uncomfortable feeling of tightness disappeared and Jasper's warm rough hand wrapped around my cock. Panting heavily, Jasper moved down my body, kissing my chest and stomach before reaching his goal.

Tugging on the corners of my trousers, I lifted my arse up and allowed him to pull them halfway down my thighs. Jasper buried his face in my crotch and breathed in deeply. A sound that I could only describe as a growl left his lips.

My body shuddered and broke out in goose pimples as his hot, wet tongue ran up the length of my cock and swirled around the head. My hips bucked upwards seeking out more friction. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was aware of just how much I was playing with fire; but as Jasper took me into his hot heaven and I slid down his throat, I couldn't find it in me to care.

"Fuck... Jay... Fuck...," I all but cried out as he picked up a fast and steady rhythm.

Jasper moaned around me, and began rolling my balls in his hand. My own hands were weaved tightly into his hair, trying not to cum so soon, but my attempt was pointless.

The tight spring in my stomach began to get tighter and tighter. Every swallow around my cock, every lapping of his tongue against my skin, every moan, groan, growl and whimper he made, pushed me ever closer to the edge.

Jasper's hand trailed to my balls and began tugging on them gently as his teeth scraped down my cock causing my undoing. Gripping his hair hard through my fingers, I came hard, screaming out his name as my body rocked violently with pleasure.

Panting hard, and arching my back, Jasper continued to bob his head up and down my cock, prolonging my euphoric state a little longer. Every part of my body twitched and contracted while I came down from my high. Jasper licked me clean, and placed a kiss on my over sensitive head before pulling back and pulling my boxers back up.

Reaching my hand towards the waist band of his trousers, Jasper gripped my wrist and shook his head. "I'm fine," he lied. "This was all for you, not me, Mase." Raising an eyebrow at him, I watched him smirk slightly. "What?"

"You talk utter bullshit, Jay." Jasper chuckled at me. "You do! I know how badly you want me."

"Darlin', I want you on every surface I can find, but sand is out of the question." Jasper grimaced slightly at the thought of where the tiny grains of sand could go.

"Fair point," I sighed and relaxed back, hearing the sound of the ocean lapping at the shore.


"I want every bit of information on this man, and I want it now! Do you hear me, Emmett?" Jasper growled down the phone, waking me up from my restful sleep. The sun was barely up and only just starting to peek through the window weakly. "I don't fucking care if he owns MI6! I want that bastard and I want him now."

Sitting up, I looked at Jasper. His hair was a mess, sticking out all over the place from last night. His chest heaved as he yelled down the phone to Emmett, clad in only a pair of tight black boxers. "Just who the fuck does he think he is? Find my fucking shipment, Emmett. If that shipment doesn't turn up and I find out that either of these two halfwits are behind it, it will be your head." Jasper snapped the phone shut and sighed deeply.

"Something wrong?"

"Fucking peachy!" Jasper snapped back at me, turning sharply to look at me. "A shipment has gone walkies and Emmett can't locate it or the bastard who took it."

"What was it?" Jasper cocked his eyebrow at me and shook his head.

"You share my bed, not my fucking secrets, Mason," Jasper all but growled out as he lit up. "I don't trust you enough to tell you, Mase, so I would like it if you keep your fucking nose out of my business!" His nostrils flared at me as he spoke, both of us staring at each other, before his phone kicked back into life.

"What the fuck now?" I watched as Jasper took a long drag of his smoke and closed his eyes. "Who? I want to know who, Peter, not some fucking feeling!"

Whatever had gone missing was important to Jasper. I tried to think of what shipments I had heard of that were arriving, but nothing warranted this sort of reaction from him. Whatever it was, Jasper looked damn right murderous over it.

"Just who the fuck is that?" he yelled at Peter. "Who? Jerad, that little fucking shit I've seen working in Harry's lot? No? Find him, make the little shit talk, but keep him alive." Throwing his phone down on the bed, Jasper rubbed his forehead and turned to look at me.

"Do you know about this?" Jasper accused. "Answer me!"

"Know about what?" Sitting up in the bed, I rested my wrist over my knees, while staring at him hard.

"My fucking shipment!" he yelled. "Some dirty little fucker knows and has tipped off my competitors."

"And you think it's me?" The shock in my voice wasn't fake, it was real, as real as it could be. Yes, there would be a time when I would be tipping off people, but none of them would be Jasper competitors.

"Well, you arrive and suddenly my shipments are all fucked up. Things have gone, shipments have never turned up. So you fucking tell me, are you behind this?" Jasper moved closer to me, straightening himself out. "If I find out that you are the rat in my ranks, I will kill you."

"I didn't even know you had a shipment coming in last night, so how the fuck could I fuck it up, and just what do you mean that things have been fucked up?" Jasper's jaw locked while his arms muscles flexed. "Jasper?"

"Shipments haven't gone according to plan since you arrived, Mase," he sighed. "I have to find out who is at the bottom of it."

"And you think it's me? Thanks." Jasper's eyes narrowed at me, almost baiting me. "Do you think it's me?"

"I don't trust you," he answered. "If I trusted you, I wouldn't have asked you, would I?"

"So why bring me here if you don't trust me?" Jasper snickered, then chuckled at me.

"Could it be that Mason actually has feelings for me?" He smirked again. "And here was me thinking you weren't interested in me, and yet," Jasper moved and bent down bringing his mouth to my ear, "I see the hurt look in your eyes when I told you I didn't trust you. You want me more than you're willing to admit and you've just showed me how much, too."

"Fuck you, Jasper," I snapped back as he moved away from me looking very much like the cat that got the cream. "I thought you knew my every move?"

"Oh, I do, but that doesn't mean that things can't slip though, Mase." Walking towards the door, Jasper turned to look at me. "Meet me down at the racetrack at midday."

"Why? You've just accused me of stealing your shipment!"

"Mason, I wasn't asking, I was telling you." Jasper's phone began to ring again. "Don't be late."

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