Title: Why Lelouch Is Wary of Hotdogs

Genre: Humor/Romance

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: AU-ish. Innuendo. Kind of cracky. Really short. SuzaLulu. Challenge fic from my Suzie.

Summary: Suzaku effectively ruined hotdog eating for our rebellious little prince.

Disclaimer:…damn it, Suzie. I mean, I don't own Code Geass.

Serena: So I was in a bad mood and got bitchy (as a Lulu does). My Suzie tried to cheer me up, but I was bitchy. I thought I hurt his feelings because I was bitchy…then he threw this at me and I loled so hard. So enjoy the result of Suzie trying to make me less bitchy. (I am enjoying using the word "bitchy" for some reason.)


Fact: Lelouch liked eating hotdogs.

It was a simple and quick food to prepare. All you needed to do was throw a couple of hotdog franks into a pot of boiling water for a few minutes and then once they were nice and plump, you simply placed them inside a cozy little bread bun and drizzled them in tasty sauces (like ketchup or mustard or perhaps even a dressing of some kind if your hotdog was feeling fancy).

As previously stated, it was simple and quick. It was just the sort of thing Lelouch needed after a hard day of parading around as Zero. He did not have to think about making the meal since it was so simple and he did not have to wait very long for said meal to be ready.

Fact: Lelouch liked eating hotdogs after he was done being Zero for the day.

But the key word here is that he liked them, meaning that he did enjoy eating them at one point in time. Now, however, Lelouch is on the hunt for another food to fill his hotdog void. Ah, but Lelouch thoroughly blames Suzaku for this, as it is Suzaku's fault.

Fact: Lelouch has a hard time eating lunch with Suzaku.

It started during lunch time, after all. He, being the considerate person he is, made lunch for his little sister and Suzaku.

And, of course, he made hotdogs.

Nunnally and Suzaku had no objections. The two liked the idea of having a picnic outside and hotdogs are the perfect picnic food, you know. So, Lelouch made a plate of hotdogs and the three ate them in peace outside along with various other picnic foods including potato chips and popsicles for a cold treat.

Now, as they were eating, Suzaku must have gotten an idea inside his head (either that or the entire thing had been completely innocent). He had an uneaten hotdog in his hand and had stared at it for a few moments before calling for Lelouch's attention.

"Hey, Lelouch, you want my hotdog?" he had asked with seemingly no underlying meanings.

Lelouch had shaken his head and politely declined.

"No thanks. I think I'm full." had been his answer.

All had seemed fine. Lelouch had not thought anything of Suzaku's question…until Suzaku followed up Lelouch's answer with a rather odd remark.

"You sure? It has mayonnaise in it."

Lelouch may have choked on his soda after hearing that.

Fact: Lelouch is wary of eating hotdogs.

Because Suzaku is an idiot in all sorts of ways.


Serena: This is still funny to me. …pfft, Suzie is such a pervert, but gotta love him anyway~ So, I was going to wait until I had three things to update for you guys, but this wouldn't wait. 8D [is shot]