"You have to fight to get him back."

I was stunned into silence as her words echoed in my head. Was it possible that I had heard her wrong? Or was this some sort of sick joke? I surveyed her face and as far as I could tell she was dead serious, but beyond that I detected a hint of exhaustion and I knew instantly it wasn't from a lack of sleep. I recognized that look… you could find it on both mine and Randy's faces these days.

"…okay wait… what?" I shook my head in confusion. "Have you been drinki– are you drunk?"

"No genius, getting drunk and causing drama is more your style," she said, rolling her eyes in irritation.

I nodded my head reluctantly in agreement; given these last few months I guess she had a point.

"So what the hell are you talking about then?" I questioned, probably a little more aggressively than I should have. If this was a game, I still couldn't work out what her end game would be.

"This is hard enough as it is… I don't want to deal with your attitude," she scowled.

"So please, enlighten me then."

She turned away, preventing me from seeing her face so I couldn't even attempt to read her expression to see where she was going with this. I don't remember the last time I had been this confused. Did she really want me to get Randy back? And if so, then why? Before I could answer this question for myself, she started speaking again.

"I know I said back then that you were just a game for him, and I think more than anything that's just what I wanted to believe, that's why I was so nasty. Because he's the only guy I've ever really loved and you were the only competition I ever had when it comes to him."

I could just faintly hear her take a deep breath before she turned around to face me once again. The hurt and pain I witnessed in her eyes made me want to reach out to her. But she was a proud woman, and I could only imagine how much this was killing her to admit. If the shoe was on the other foot, I don't know if I could be as selfless as her in this situation.

"But I knew it the moment he finally brought you home for us to meet. I knew you were different than any of the other women he had dated before," she took another deep breath and I had a feeling she was just barely holding it together, "The way he looked at you and the way he regarded you as if you were the single most important thing on this planet… god he still does and I've spent far too long ignoring it. He never looked at anyone else that way… not even me. So I guess you could say I was a little jealous–"

"A little? You attacked me…" I reminded her, trying to keep this conversation as light as possible.

"Are you gonna let me finish or not?" she snapped and sent me a disapproving glare before continuing, "I know how you feel about him and I know why you haven't actually set out to get him back. It's because you want his happiness and as much as I hate to say it, he's not happy with me. He's been trying so hard to make this work, for my sake of course, but he's failing miserably. He's never going to be truly happy with me, and like you, I want him to have the full thing… whether that's with me or not."

"What are you saying?" I whispered.

"Talk to him. Tell him how you feel. He loves you Mickie," she said, almost hesitantly as if she wished it weren't true. "Mickie you've been making him happy since 2004. Even before you guys started dating, every time he would come home he would always have stories to tell about how great and wonderful you were. So you've had a rough three years… what's that in the grand scheme of things? You guys can make up for that!"

"No… no," I said a little more forcefully, turning away from her, my breathing becoming suddenly uneven. "He knows how I feel Laura, and he chose you. It's not up to us to decide who he's going to be with. That's his decision and his alone."

"Yes, well it's my decision on whether or not I choose to stay with him," she said sharply.

I turned around to face her once more, confusion taking over, "What do you– Laura, you love him," I said softly.

"Yeah I do… but is it fair for him to expect me to give myself to him when I won't get all of him in return? He doesn't get to decide my love life," she said stubbornly.

"Are you insane?" I had to stop myself from full out shouting. "I would kill for him to have chosen me, and you're just going to throw that away because part of him will always love me?"

"If he were to choose you, he would be able to give all of himself to you without any reservations. There would be no issue with him still loving me because you are who he really wants. He doesn't love me in the same way that I love him. And that is the difference between our situations Mickie!"

"You know I always knew you were crazy, but I never knew just how much until now! Go back to him Laura, appreciate what you have. You know the love he's capable of… why are you so willing to give something like that up?" I almost pleaded, trying so hard to understand what was going on in her head. He chose her… it was a done deal and now she was ready to throw it away.

"Why are you?" she snapped, folding her arms across her chest. "Because you're afraid of the past? Oh boo hoo get over it!"

"You don't understand…" I said quietly, avoiding her scrutinizing gaze, "I'm the dark stain on his life. If he wanted me he would've chose me. But he chose you," I said, meeting her eyes once more.

"I refuse to be the regret he wakes up to every morning!" she shrieked.

I was stunned into silence at her words, and the serious amount of pain behind them. I knew what she was giving up and I also knew she was never going to fully get over it. There was no getting over Randy Orton.

"Laura I–" I reached out to her but she took a step back.

"You're the last person I want sympathy from Mickie," she scowled. "I'm doing this for him and him alone. I despise the treatment you have shown him these last few months, and I wish the situation was different," she took a deep breath, "But I do respect how much you care for him and that's the only reason I even came here tonight." She paused once more and then took another step back, "I'm going back right now to tell him that it's over and that I have a flight back to Missouri in an hour and a half... I hope you make the right decision… for his sake."

She reached in her pocket and pulled out a card key, "You might need this," she said softly and before another word could be spoken; she turned and exited my room, the only sound being the closing of the door before silence enveloped the room.

I slumped to the floor, confused and shaken at the conversation that had just taken place, as I literally felt the energy drain out of my body. This all felt so surreal, like I was in a dream. Part of me felt happy… that maybe Randy and I really did have a chance to be happy together. But mostly I felt terrified. If Randy wanted me, he would have chosen me in the first place. Instead all he's asked for is a friendship.

What the hell was I supposed to do?

Randy's POV

I had been pacing the room for the last twenty minutes since I had gotten back to an empty room, the curiosity of where Laura had disappeared to had been replaced with the events that had taken place earlier, and had already made an imprint into the carpet. I'd been racking my brain for the last hour going over ways that I could make this situation better. A decision needed to be made in order for things to work out for everyone involved, and I knew that decision rested solely on my shoulders. I had created this mess… I needed to fix it.

Before I could ponder any further, a knock sounded on the door and my attention was sidetracked once more as I strolled over to pull it open, surprised when I found Laura standing on the other side.

"Hey, where's your key?" I asked, stepping aside to allow her entry.

"I… I lost it," she responded.

"Oh… well we'll just ask for a new one. So I just wanted to apologize for earlier. It didn't mean anything I've just had a lot happening lately and–"

"Randy we need to talk," she interrupted; the expression on her face telling me it was going to be a serious matter.

"Okay," I chuckled lightly, pulling her into my arms, "What is it?"

She distanced herself from me and averted her gaze, "I'm going home tonight," she said quietly, still looking down at the floor.

"How come? We have a flight booked to take us home tomorrow afternoon," I reminded her.

"No Randy…" she took a deep breath, "I'm going home because I can't be in this relationship with you anymore."

I was caught off guard by her words; hell I could say I was shocked. I took a step back almost reflexively as if I was trying to shield myself from what I knew was coming.

"What do you mean?"

"You're not happy with me Randy," she said softly, her voice filled with a sadness that tugged at my heart.

"What are you talking about? Of course I am," I assured her, taking a step forward to comfort her but instead she took another step back.

"No… you aren't. There's a difference between pretending and the real thing. I appreciate you trying to slap on a smile and pretend everything is fine for my sake, but I can't endure it anymore. I see you when you think I'm not watching, and you're miserable Randy. I've known you my whole life and because of that I know that I'm right."

"I just need time," I explained, trying to convince her but deep down I knew I was merely trying to convince myself. I didn't need time, I needed a miracle.

She offered me a small, sad smile and placed her hand on my cheek, "You've had three years worth of time. You love her Randy, and no amount of time is ever going to change that."

"Laura I love you too," I stated, knowing it was the truth but knowing it didn't matter because she had already made up her mind.

"I know you do… but not in the same way. Not even close to the same way. Eight years ago I was sure that I was going to marry you. But we weren't really meant to be and we've been ignoring that for far too long. I'm not the one you are supposed to be with anymore and deep down you know that. You and I were only ever meant to be friends. You deserve to be truly happy Randy."

"Laura please, we can work through–"

"Randy!" she interrupted, "I deserve someone who is going to give me their whole heart. This," she grasped my hand and placed it on my chest over my heart, "may be yours, but it isn't yours to give anymore. It's belonged to Mickie since the moment you met her."

"Mickie and I are over!" I demanded, once again noting the fact that I still wasn't convinced of that statement, "Why are you doing this?"

She reciprocated with her own question, "Why are you so afraid?"

I was surprised at my inability to come up with an answer.

"You'll work things out Randy, I promise," she whispered, reaching up to place a soft kiss on my lips.

She turned and headed across the room where her suitcase was already gathered and ready to go. Why hadn't I noticed that earlier? I guess I would've assumed she was getting ready to go home tomorrow with me as opposed to tonight… alone.

"Laura don't go…" I said quietly.

"I have to… for me and for you. Take care Randy… when you're ready, you know where to find me," she turned to head out the door but not before turning back to face me, "Stop being afraid of the past, just let go of it."

Her eyes lingered on mine for a few seconds longer until she turned once more and walked out on me just like that. I couldn't, despite having just witnessed it, believe what had just happened. The one person, that wasn't part of my family, I had been counting on my entire life had just walked out on me, leaving me even more broken and alone than I already was. I sat down on the bed and placed my head in my hands. First Mickie says she wants nothing to do with me and now Laura is breaking up with me.

What the hell was going on with my life?

Mickie's POV

I took a deep breath and reached out to knock on the door, but withdrew my hand a second later and ran it through my hair instead. I made an attempt to walk away, but I knew I needed to do this.

It had only been an hour since Laura had left my hotel room and during that time I had gone back and forth in my mind on what the appropriate thing to do was. I didn't know if I was here because I was hoping he would finally choose me or if I merely wanted to make sure he was okay. I think it was a bit of both but mostly that unending hope that always seemed to get me into trouble. I wasn't sure if Laura had done what she said she would and if she was gone, but I guess there was only one way to find out.

I inhaled deeply once more and knocked on the door gently. After a few moments I still didn't hear any movements so I repeated the gesture once more. There was still silence so I fished the key Laura had left me out of my pocket and inserted it in the slot until the light flashed green. I turned the knob and pushed the door open ever so slowly, sticking my head in to peer around. The lights were off and the room was enveloped completely in darkness. I pushed the door open fully and stepped inside allowing it to close behind me.

"Randy?" I spoke softly but knew the action was wasted because other than me this room was unoccupied.

I thought there was a chance that maybe he had gone back with Laura but his belongings were still scattered throughout the room. I pulled my cell out of my pocket, dialled Randy's number and took a seat on the bed. It rang several times and I was just about to hang up when he finally answered.

"Hello?" he shouted.

I had to pull the phone away from my ear because the music playing in the background combined with his shouting was severely loud.

"Randy where are you?" I asked.

"What? Who is– Is this Mickie?" he slurred his words. So he's been drinking.

"Yes it's Mickie. Randy where are you?" I asked again.

"Mickie," he scoffed and the next moment the call had cut off.

I tried calling back again, but it just went to his voicemail. I continued sitting there for about fifteen minutes, trying to decide what my next move was. Finally, pocketing my phone once more I exited the room and headed towards the elevator. I had no clue where Randy was, but the loud music and his slurred speech alerted me to the fact that he was in a bar. I figured there was no harm in checking out the lounge downstairs. If he wasn't there I was going to go back to his room and wait for him to drag his drunken ass upstairs.

I was disappointed when there was no sign of him in the lounge, and knowing he could be anywhere in the city I wearily made the trek back upstairs and made myself comfortable in one of the chairs positioned around the table in the corner of his room, bringing my knees up to my chest. I responded to a text from Ted asking where I was. I replied telling him I was out and not to worry.

Two hours later my legs were starting to cramp, but I didn't dare move. It was all I could do to keep from running back to my room and hiding. My nerves were shot to hell and my entire body was shaking. I didn't know how, maybe it was the connection we had forged all those years ago, but somehow I just knew he was on his way back. Twenty minutes passed and sure enough I heard loud sounds drifting in from the hallway. I could definitely make out Randy's voice, but there was also some incessant and irritating giggling as well.

Finally it grew louder until it was directly outside the door. Who knows what Randy is going to do since he apparently decided to mend his "broken heart" with a random. It's been awhile since this has happened I'm sure and now I was more nervous than ever. Why had this seemed like such a good idea twenty minutes ago? Because now I was cursing myself for not waiting to do this until tomorrow. I ignored the irritation in my eyes that was from being as tired as I was and instead watched as the door was slowly pushed open before Randy ambled threw the door with not one but two women clinging to him.

I had to ignore the burning sensation of jealousy that seemed to seep to every area of my body as I watched these two women grope the man I love anywhere they could reach. I was frozen in anger, not being able to move and not one of them had even noticed my presence. The darker haired female reached up and engaged herself in a steamy make out session with him, and I had to ignore the feeling of queasiness that came over me.

They headed in the direction of the bed and still I couldn't find my voice. I felt incredibly uncomfortable, which given the circumstances wasn't exactly unusual, so I continued watching, my eyes glued to the back of Randy's head wondering how he could do this.

"Um is that your girlfriend?"

The question brought me back to reality and finally I realized the two women were staring directly at me, a questioning look on both their faces.

"What?" Randy questioned, following their gaze until his eyes rested on mine. "Mickie what are you… doing here?" he asked, disentangling the blonde females arms from around his neck so he could turn and face me fully.

I forced myself to stand up, folding my arms across my chest uncomfortably, "I… I came to check if you were okay," I said quietly.

"You came to check if I was okay?" he asked sceptically.

I nodded my head, "Randy how much have you had to drink?"

"What's it to you?" he snarled.

I flinched at the anger in his tone but kept my composure as best I could, "Because Laura broke up with you and the first thing you do is bring two random strangers back to your hotel room. I'm a little concerned."

"Oh you're concerned? Now you care about me?" he said angrily.

"Randy I've always cared about–"

"Mickie I'm an adult. What I do in my spare time, and who I choose to have sex with is my business and not yours. I'm single now, so I can do this freely without judgement."

"Randy you're hurting; I understand that but don't do this. This isn't you," I pleaded.

"You don't know anything Mickie," he spat, "This was me before you came waltzing back into my life and to be honest I've rather missed it. So if you don't mind I'd like to get the show on the road."

I released a sigh of frustration, at a loss of what more I could say in front of these two women.

"Fine I'll go, but don't expect me to be willing to talk to you in the morning," I said bitterly and took a step forward to go but the blonde of the two women stepped forward.

"Wait a second, you're already here you may as well join us," she giggled as her friend nodded in agreement. "The more the merrier."

Wow I set out to help out a friend and I get asked to have a foursome. The holidays were certainly different this time around.

I caught Randy's gaze as he smirked down at me, "What do you say Mickie, are you up for it?" I could tell instantly he was mocking me even through his drunken haze.

I glowered at him, "Somehow I doubt you could live up the expectations of three women at once," I said coldly.

"Oh trust me I'm more than capable. This wouldn't be my first time," he responded casually, "After all you're the one who says I'm amazingly gifted in that area."

I rolled my eyes, "And you're also irritatingly cocky," I released a sigh, "What about Laura, Randy?"

"What about her?" he scoffed, "She left me and what? You decided you would just come crawling back to me? Well it's not happening."

"So what do you say?" the blonde asked, apparently under the impression that I was actually considering it.

I was about to tell her to take her suggestion and shove it when Randy spoke first, "Yeah right, Mickie's a boring, good little girl," he mocked me as I felt the sting of his words as if he'd just slapped me, "Except of course when it comes to airing dirty laundry."

"Why thanks for that!" I said sarcastically, "Randy just come back to my room with me and you can talk to me and Ted."

"No," he retorted stubbornly, "Go away Mickie, I'm trying to salvage this night. And that's not going to be by talking with you and Ted."

I felt the emotion growing inside me and more than anything I wanted to run back to my room and into Ted's arms, but I couldn't leave Randy this way. He may think he was hiding it, but I could witness the pain in his eyes.

"Randy I know you're upset. I know that Laura leaving must be hard on you but–"

"Do you know why she left me? It was because of you," he said in an accusatory tone, "She said that my heart," he scoffed, "belongs to you. Is that not the stupidest thing you've ever heard?"

"Randy let's just–"

"But you know what? Relationships, who needs them?" he exclaimed, stopping to smirk down at both the women standing by his side.

"That's right baby, relationships just drag you down. All you need is a little time alone with the both of us and all your problems will go away," the dark haired female spoke, placing her hand on his chest and staring up into his eyes.

"I like the sound of that," he smirked down at her again before looking up at me, "You see Mickie the only thing relationships have ever done is cause pain and chaos in my life. Look at everything that's happened because I dated you."

I took a step back, stunned at the anger behind his words, "Randy you can't mean that. What we had… it was special. Why do you think things have brought us here? Randy your girlfriend just broke up with you because she knows it's supposed to be you and me… why are you fighting this?"

He took a few steps forward, "Mickie you said you came by to check if I was okay, if you really want to make sure of that you'd agree to the proposed foursome," he grinned down at me.

I rolled my eyes, "Not even in your wildest fantasy Randy. You're right, I am a good girl and I strongly believe in romance and making love… not sex with random strangers," I said angrily, giving him a shove.

"Well I'm not a stranger," he said, taking a step closer and pulling me into him before leaning down and pressing his lips against mine.

After a few seconds, I forced myself to pull away even though I wanted nothing more than to continue. I had missed his kiss more than I could possibly describe, but I had to remind myself we weren't alone.

"Randy we can't," I said quietly.

"Why not, I'm single again."

"Because of them," I said, gesturing over his shoulder.

"Oh come on don't be such a prude. You can't tell me you've never fantasized about another woman before," the blonde of the two said, "Just let us do all the work."

I rolled my eyes and gave Randy a push away from me, "It's not happening."

"Well would you just get out then," the brunette said impatiently.

"Yeah really, you're just wasting our time," the blonde scoffed.

"How about you two shut up for five seconds," Randy ordered, "I brought you back here for one reason and one reason only, and it certainly wasn't to hear you speak. I think I endured enough of that tonight."


"All three of you are single handedly killing my buzz. Mickie if you aren't going to join just get the hell out. I've had enough of this for one evening. And if you're going to run back to your hotel room crying, how about you tell Ted and Cody to wait until tomorrow to give me a lecture."

I felt the tears welling up in my eyes, "You're such a bastard," I rushed past all three of them and was half way out the door when I realized that I needed to stop running away. "No," I said forcefully, "I'm not going anywhere! I'm sick of running, and I'm sick of letting you run away! We have three years of shit to deal with and I am not going anywhere until we do!"

"Look we're just going to go," the brunette female said, "We didn't come here to get involved in this."

"No you don't have to go, she's going to go," Randy said, gesturing to me.

"Thanks it would be very much appreciated," I said, pulling the door open so they would get the hint.

The blonde looked up at Randy, "Sorry," she said quietly before turning and following after her friend, both sending me scowls as they passed by.

I closed the door behind them, "Well that wasn't so hard was it," I said sarcastically.

"What the fuck do you want Mickie? Every time I want to have some fun you're always right there ruining it like the jealous ex-girlfriend."

"Do you want me to admit it? Yes Randy I am jealous! But more than that I'm disappointed in you," I exclaimed, "Laura left you three hours ago and you resort back to your old ways?"

"What do you care? This entire situation is your fault!"

"Mine?" I shouted, "Maybe if you would just make up your damn mind already, we–"

"I did make up my mind!" he shouted, "I. Chose. Laura! But you couldn't stand for that could you? Because you can't let go of the past!"

"Oh and you have? The only reason you chose Laura is because you're scared of the past! Because you were using her to shield you from having to confront our problems. You're a coward!" I shouted back at him.

"And you're a bitch," he sneered, trying to walk past me to leave the room.

I inhaled deeply, stung by his words but I knew I couldn't allow him to leave… not now. I placed my hands on his chest and positioned myself directly in front of him.

"Randy, it's me and you. We are in this together. You can't push me away. I need you and you need me!" I wiped away the tears that had fallen without my consent. "We've spent so long pretending we were okay without each other when we should have realized that no one else will be able to fill the void that we have in our lives when we aren't together."

He looked down at me as his eyes filled with hate, "Don't you get it? I don't want you!" he shouted. "I chose Laura alright, and she chose to break up with me. So that means if she hadn't, I would still be with her right now. What part of that don't you get? It's not me and you anymore," he snarled. "After nearly six years I'm finally done with this shit. I'm ready to move on with my life, focus on my career and maybe meet someone who isn't Laura and isn't you. I'm ending this conversation!"

He tried to dodge around me, but I took a few steps back, continuing to block his only way out of the room.

"Randy no, you can't go, we can't leave it this way," I pleaded. "This can't be it for us."

He put his head in his hands and turned away, "You want to hurt me some more?" he finally exploded, causing me to flinch once again. "It's the only thing you've ever been good at. That and manipulation! Well this is the end of it!"

I took a step back, the truth of his words cutting into me like a knife. Our history was filled with lies, manipulation and pain but I wasn't the only one at fault here.

"Yeah well maybe I've manipulated you, and caused you more pain than you ever deserved, but you caused me just as much! The way you manipulated me since the moment I came back to Raw! I've done things I regret… many things… but you aren't innocent either," I shouted back at him.

He shook his head in irritation and tried to shove past me once more but this time I gave him an aggressive shove to stop him.

"You promised Randy!" I screamed, "You promised in 2004 that you would fight for me and you didn't!" I shoved him aggressively once more, "You were too much of a coward! Maybe it's me who's being foolish. Maybe I'm the one who needs to cut my ties with you! Why would I want to be with a man who goes back on his promises? I forgave you for lying to me for months Randy! The least you can do is extend me the same courtesy by giving us one more chance!"

He stared down at me for a few moments, the anger still heavily noticeable on his face until finally he opened his mouth to speak, "Get out of my way!" he snarled. I couldn't believe after everything, he still wanted to run away.

I clung onto his arm with both my hands, trying my best to stop him from leaving. A moment later I collided roughly with the wall, the wind knocked out of me as I sunk to the floor, clutching the back of my head in pain, struggling to see clearly.

"Oh fuck, Mickie are you okay?" my vision started to straighten out and finally I looked into his eyes, no longer filled with anger but with worry.

I was shocked at what had just taken place, more surprised than even hurt. I couldn't believe he would do something like this… I guess I had taken this way too far. I should have just left when he asked instead of forcing him to understand.

He was squatting in front of me, but fell backwards into a sitting position, a look of shock on his face as he continued staring back and forth between his hands and me.

"Mickie, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to shove you that hard," he whispered, his face twisted in anguish at what he had done.

"No Randy don't… it was my fault…" he scrambled to his feet and headed for the door, "Randy! Randy please come back," but it was too late because he was gone a moment later.

I lay on the floor, and brought my knees up to my chest, not bothering to wipe away the tears anymore. How could this be the end? This couldn't be it. We can't have been put through everything we had over the last six years for this to be it. There was a reason Randy and I found each other again. I made a vow that I was going to find out why before everything around me went dark.


I had woken up in my own room the next day with Ted and Cody hovering around me. They informed me that Randy had explained everything to them and I found out the reason Ted's hand was red and swollen was because his fist had made contact with Randy's face. I knew he didn't deserve it and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he hadn't meant to shove me. That's not the type of man Randy Orton was, nor was he ever going to be that man. I was also told that he had caught an earlier flight back to St. Louis for the holidays.

Christmas day was alright. Imagine that, Christmas being just alright. And it was so nice to be able to spend time with all of my immediate family and relatives. We enjoyed good food, that I wasn't allowed to help cook for fear of "ruining" it, there was laughter and story exchanges. It was the type of Christmas you would remember forever, just like any other, but there was a damper on it the entire four days I was home. I couldn't stop thinking about Randy, about our last confrontation and how much I regretted trying to force him to understand. He had just been broken up with and that sort of thing takes time to heal. I didn't blame him for being angry, in the same situation I probably would have been too.

And now here I was back in a hotel room in Cleveland, Ohio on New Years Eve getting ready to attend Kelly and John's New Year's party in the suite on the top floor against my better judgement. I had insisted on staying in for the night with a bowl of popcorn and a movie, but Ted nor Kelly would take no for an answer. Of course they wouldn't see the big deal… everyone else had a significant other to share a kiss with to ring in the New Year. But I was going to be standing there alone, like a loser, watching all the other couples around me. I guess that was more preferable to having to share a kiss with someone else on the roster who was also going to be riding solo.

The dress I had chosen for tonight was a black boat neck dress with a scoop back and beaded designs along the top hem and bottom that ended mid thigh. I paired it with a pair of black, studded six inch Louboutin pumps.

"Hey James, you ready?" Ted asked as he stepped out of the bathroom.

"Ted I can't express enough how much I don't want to go," I said, a hint of pleading to be detected.

"Mickie, I know. And I feel awful about basically forcing you to do this, but I will not let you ring in the new year alone," he said sincerely.

"Oh and I'm supposed to stand around when that clock strikes midnight and watch all the happy couples ring in the new year with a kiss?"

"I don't know Mickie... maybe Rand-"

I sighed angrily, "Ted, Randy doesn't want anything to do with me. He made that very clear."

"He was angry Mickie... he's had time to think about-"

"Ted just stop!" I said through gritted teeth, throwing my hands up in frustration. "You may think you're trying to help, but all you are doing is adding salt to the wounds by giving me false hope."

"I don't mean to but I wish you and Randy would get over yourselves."

I was surprised at the harshness of his words and the anger reflex wanted to bite back so badly but my body was much too exhausted, despite not thinking that that was even possible.

"Whatever Ted, I don't have the strength or energy to argue," I said wearily.

"So don't argue, you know I'm right," he responded, folding his arms across his chest.

"You think I don't know that," I paused, thinking about how I just admitted to Ted being right, "Why do you think I'm in this situation?" I continued, raising my voice slightly, "He doesn't want me and he's made that perfectly clear. I'm sick of being rejected over and over again. It's time to move on." I took a deep breath and turned away from him, focusing on nothing in particular, "Of course there is no moving on. But that doesn't matter," I faced him once more, "because this heartbreak and pain is proof that I'm alive. It's proof that the love between Randy and I is real, and that's fine with me."

"I can't believe you're not willing to–" he stopped talking because a knock sounded on the door, "Why does that always happen?" he grumbled, "I'm assuming you'll want me to get that?"

"No actually I will," I said sharply, crossing the room quickly to pull open the door, trying to distract myself otherwise I was afraid I might hit my roommate.

Maryse was standing on the other side of the door with a huge smile on her face, "Hey you two," she glanced over my shoulder, "You ready to ring in the New Year?"

"Oh yeah," I muttered, trying my best to keep the sarcasm out of my voice as I retreated back into the room.

"Oh Mickie you will have a fabulous time," she followed me into the room and closed the door behind her, "and you look sexy!"

"If only looks were everything," I muttered.

She grinned back at me before looking at Ted, "Hey handsome," she reached out and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

"Ugh it's you who has been feeding his ego, I really appreciate that by the way," I couldn't help the sarcasm seeping into my tone this time.

"Oh James you love it," he smirked at me. Oh and now he was back to his annoying self. I honestly don't know which one I prefer.

"Oh shut up Ted. I'm in a foul mood, are you happy?" when he continued smirking at me I snapped, "Oh let's go you moron. I can't believe you're dating him," I said to Maryse.

She smiled, "I wonder that myself."

Before Ted could protest, she stepped forward and grabbed my hand, "You look hot Mickie now let's go show ourselves off."

I poked my tongue out at Ted and linked my arm through hers and allowed her to pull me out the door and down to catch the elevator to the top floor that housed the suite that was the place of the party. By the time we arrived, the party was in full swing and Kelly and John were waiting to welcome us.

"Happy New Years babe!" Kelly exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around me tightly.

"Right back at you. This place looks great Kel."

She shrugged her shoulders lightly and smiled, "You know me, gotta go all out. Besides New Years is my favourite holiday!"

"Kelly you did a fantastic job!" Maryse exclaimed as I stepped aside to allow them a chance to converse.

I looked up at John and smiled as I walked into his open arms and wrapped mine around him in return, "Hey big guy, how's it going?"

"Big guy? That's Dave's nickname," he chuckled.

"Yes and I miss him! But he seems to be keeping his distance, so that great nickname is yours for the time being," I grinned, taking a step back.

He smiled back at me before his face turned serious, "How you doing Micks?"

"I'm... I'm holding it together... for now anyway," I responded truthfully.

"You're probably sick of hearing this, but everything will be okay."

"You're right... I am sick of hearing that," I said with a grin.

He chuckled and slung an arm around my shoulders, "Touché. Now let's get you a drink and ring the New Year in properly."

An hour and a half later, after a few conversations with several of the divas, I tracked down Ted who was standing in the corner of the living room, immersed in conversation with both John's.

"Hey boys hope you're behaving," I smiled and turned to Ted, "Have you seen Cody?"

"Nope, why am I not enough entertainment for you?"

"Nope," I mocked him, rolling my eyes in irritation. I guess I wasn't in the mood for Ted these days. I assumed it was because of my lack of tolerance and sudden outbursts of anger.

I turned and strolled away from him and purposely avoided making eye contact with anyone else so that I could avoid having to immerse myself in conversation with anyone. It's not that I had anything against any of the people here, except Ted for the moment, I just didn't really care about the New Year because I was going to be spending it feeling the same as I was now – heartbroken and lonely. So what exactly did I have to celebrate?

"Well you're looking mighty fine."

I whirled around to find Cody standing behind me with a smile on his face.

"Cody," I breathed out and pulled him in for a hug, "I've been looking for you," I smiled at Michelle and Layla who passed by, appearing to be a little tipsy.

"What's up?" he asked, leading me to an empty corner in the dining room.

"I'm ready to throttle Ted," I grumbled.

"Well that's nothing new. It was only two hours ago he wouldn't shut up about us taking him to Disney world. I had to promise him we would just to shut him up because I was ready to kill him."

"Ugh why would you promise him that? You know he's going to hold us to it. Ted is embarrassing to walk down the street with, imagine taking him to Disney world," I cringed at the thought.

Cody appeared lost in thought, a horrified look crossed his face before he shook his head and turned his attention back on me, "So how are you feeling?"

"How do you think? It's taking all my will power not to finish off that bottle of vodka on the table over there, but then I remember it wouldn't take away any of the pain so it would be useless."

"I don't know what to say Mickie... nothing just seems right and everything that can be said has been said. We're here for you, but I know that's not enough to fill the hole I know you have. Ted can be annoying, but he's right. You and Randy need to work this out. You two will never be happy without each other. Sometimes I wish that wasn't the case because sometimes I want to kill him for what he's done to you and he most certainly doesn't deserve you, but that doesn't change the reality. He's miserable and you're miserable... I don't believe this is the end for you two."


"It's the only thing that makes sense Mickie. Don't you see... we were meant to be friends. Not the three of us Mickie... the four of us. And in case you haven't noticed, it's not possible for you two to be 'just friends'. You two are meant to be... it's the only way all of us could truly be friends. You can't tell me you don't see that..."

"Of course I do. But maybe that's not–" I inhaled sharply because I locked eyes with the one man I wasn't expecting to see here tonight.

Cody placed a hand on my shoulder and offered me an encouraging smile before taking his exit as Randy slowly and hesitantly made his way towards me. I was fully aware of the fact that my body was shaking and my breathing had become uneven. I hadn't seen him for four days but beyond that I hadn't spoken a word to him since the night Laura had left.

"Hi," he said quietly.

"Hi," I whispered back, trying to ignore the wave of emotion that overcame me, looking into the blue eyes that always seemed to have control over me. The blue eyes that were a symbol of everything I longed for. Life with Randy, happiness, but more than that... a future where I could gaze into those blue eyes anytime I felt I needed to.

"How uh," he cleared his throat, "how are you?"

"Why are you here?"

He glanced around, apparently trying to make sure no one was eavesdropping, "I came to apologize about... what happened. It's the New Year Mickie; I don't want to start it off with what happened last week hanging over us. It kills me every time I think about what I did to you..."

"Randy it was an accident. You were drunk–"

"That's no excuse Mickie. I was angry and–"

"I said stop. Randy I don't want an apology from you," I mumbled.

He looked down at the drink in his hand before focusing on me once more and taking a few steps to lessen the gap, "Happy New Year Mickie," he said quietly and leaned down to place a kiss on the top of my head.

I closed my eyes at the action, not caring about the tears that had fallen down my face. I knew with certainty... this was goodbye. A few seconds later he had turned away, headed in the direction of the door. I looked to my right where Ted and Cody were standing together, a look of sadness mixed with confusion stretched across their faces. But there was something more there, it was the symbol of my past and my future with them. I wasn't about to let that go. If they still had hope... that was enough for me.

I set my drink down on the counter, not caring that it slopped over the sides and rushed past all the familiar faces, apologizing quickly to those I made contact with.

"Excuse me, excuse me..." I squeezed between two people, not bothering to look who it was until an arm reached out to stop me.

My heart was beating a thousand times per second and all I could think about was my chance slipping away before my eyes. This was my last moment... I knew Randy was fully intending to move on and any chance I had now was very, very slim.

"Mickie how are you?" I looked up into the dark brown eyes of Kofi Kingston, "It's been awhile hey?"

"Yeah I'm sorry I have to–"

"We were actually just talking about you," he continued and looking up I found he was talking to John Morrison, "About that time in Providence when you sweet talked that bartender into giving everyone a few round! Now that is skill."

I could just barely process what was happening as I looked up at both of them, their images slightly distorted as my heart continued pounding in my ears. I was surprised that neither of them could hear the pounding. I stumbled away, catching myself on the corner of a table near the door. I don't know what was wrong with me... a panic attack maybe? I wrenched open the door and stumbled into the hallway.

"Randy!" I gasped, clutching my chest because I was sure my heart was going to explode at any given moment, "Randy!" I placed my hand over my forehead and leaned against the wall, "Randy," I whispered again.

"Mickie!" the concern I heard along with footsteps rushing in my direction. A moment later a pair of familiar hands wrapped around me. "Mickie are you okay?"

I leaned into him still struggling to slow down my breathing.

"I... Randy, please don't leave me," I whispered, the tears much heavier this time around.

"Mickie..." he sighed, "…we can't keep doing this."

I inhaled deeply and took a step back, wiping the tears off my face and the hair out of my eyes.

"I love you Randy," I whispered. "God only knows why, but I do. I made the mistake of not standing by you back then and I won't make the same mistake again. You are the only man who's ever held my heart... and you've never given it back. Whether you want to admit it or not – and I don't expect you to because you are too fucking stubborn – we were meant to be together. We were meant to accept each others flaws and mistakes and work through our past problems that a lot of other people wouldn't be able to and we were made to make each other happy."

"I... Mickie please don't do this..."

I reached out and grabbed his hands, taking note of the pained look on his face and the moisture in his eyes, "I know how you feel about me... sometimes you wish I would just disappear, other times I merely frustrate you, but most of the time all you feel towards me is love of the greatest kind. I know that because it's a direct reflection of my own feelings." I reached up and used my hand to turn his head so I could look into his eyes, "We are supposed to drive each other crazy and argue over stupid things. But we are also meant to respect, support, appreciate and love each other unconditionally and we do Randy. What more could you ask for?"

I lifted his hand up and held it in both of mine, placing a soft kiss on the top of it before allowing my brown eyes to meet his blue eyes. I no longer felt scared or nervous; I knew I was in the right place at the right time.

"Greatness may be your destiny Orton, but you're my destiny."

Randy's POV

I turned away from her, overwhelmed at the emotion that had built up inside me over Mickie's words. I actually felt tears in my eyes but for once I didn't have the strength to care. I didn't know how to respond because I didn't know what it was that I really wanted. I turned around to face her once more, and looked into those beautiful, soft brown eyes that had always captivated me. In them I saw glimpses of the past, of how happy we were together. I narrowed my eyes in confusion, and continued staring because it wasn't only the past that I saw... Mickie and I still made each other happy. Back when I was younger and before I had met Mickie... I had envisioned myself potentially settling down and having a family with only one other woman... Laura. But those visions seemed so weak in comparison to what it was that I truly wanted with Mickie. She was one of a kind, and there wasn't one other person on this planet that would ever, ever compare to Mickie in my eyes.

How could I have ever given up this woman standing in front of me? I was the biggest fool for wasting these last three years. She's the only woman I'll ever be truly happy with and she's the only woman I'll ever want for the rest of my life.

I took a step forward, a look of doubt crossing her face, "You're wrong Mickie..."

Her face fell and a look of pain crossed her face. I cursed myself for making her feel doubt in all this.

"My destiny..." I looked into her eyes, knowing this was a long time coming, "...is you," I finished, knowing it sounded lame, but it was nothing short of the truth.

She exhaled deeply, the tears flowing down her face. She laughed weakly as she rushed forward and threw her arms around my neck as I grasped her tightly to my body.

It was going to be hard to get past everything that has taken place recently and in the past, and if it was anyone else I don't think it would be possible. But this was Mickie… and to me she is the epitome of everything that I want. So as long as I got to sleep next to her every night and wake up to her every morning… I was more than willing to endure whatever hardship was going to be thrown our way next.

Mickie's POV

I cried, happy tears, into his shoulder. It only took me three years, but Randy Orton was mine once again. After several minutes he pulled away and wiped the tears off my face with his thumb. He placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

"I hope these are happy tears," he murmured, brushing the hair out of my face.

"Only you could call me a bitch one day and make me incredibly happy the next," I chuckled, wiping the remaining tears off my face.

"I'm sorry about that... about everything. Especially about taking so long... I'm such a damn fool."

"It only took us three years, but we finally made it," I said softly.

He looked down at me, "It's always been worth it Mickie."

"For me too... I'm just sorry about hurting you. Randy that's the–"

He placed a finger on my lips, "Us hurting each other is inevitable, the important thing is we learn how to get through it... together."

I smiled at his words, reminiscing on how I had used a similar bit of advice back at the family reunion of 2004. I looked up into his eyes... it all felt so surreal. After everything that had happened, could Randy Orton really be mine again? Before I had the chance to contemplate further he lifted his arm up and glanced at his wrist watch.

"Just in time," he said with a smile.

"For what?" I asked, confused at his words.

"Happy New Year Mickie," he responded.

"You know, they say how you spend New Years is how you'll spend your year," I said with a smile.

"Good," he grinned down at me before swooping down and capturing my lips with his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me, smiling against his lips, trying to remember the last time I was this happy. Oh yeah... four years ago when I had told Randy I was pregnant.

We were interrupted during our kiss by the opening of the hotel room door and the clapping and cheering of everyone inside. I turned to look and found all of our fellow superstars and divas smiling at us shouting things like 'finally' and 'it took them long enough' as those stuck in the back craned to get a better look.

I looked back up into Randy's eyes and we both grinned to each other, placing my head against his forehead.

"I guess this was a long time coming hey?" I asked.

"Mickie... that's an understatement," he responded, causing me to giggle once more before I placed my lips against his, my heart swelling with joy and happiness at this moment in my life.

"Excuse me! Coming through! I think we have more of a right to be watching this than all of you!" I heard a shout and looked back into the room to see Ted shoving his way through the crowd followed closely by Cody who was muttering apologies.

Ted and Cody, both with grins plastered on their faces, came strolling up to us and pulled us into a group hug.

"I told you I was right!" Ted shouted.

"God Ted this isn't even your moment! Do you have to ruin everything?" Cody complained.

"Every moment is my moment. Besides I am responsible for this!" he looked up into Randy's eyes and the smile vanished instantly as he cleared his throat, "Sorry about the uh..." he rubbed the back of his head, "Punching you in the face thing..."

Randy smirked back at him, "Don't worry about it... I was thankful. It would've been less effective to punch myself."

"Oh well you're welcome then," Ted said smugly.

"Ted?" Randy questioned.

"Yeah man..."

"Don't let it happen again," Randy said warningly.

The blonde cleared his throat once more, "Right, of course. I wouldn't even dream of... Mickie has anyone told you how beautiful you look tonight?" he said in a high voice.

Randy looked down at me once more, "Of course I did," he said before pulling me into his arms once more.

"So… when are we going to Disney World?" Ted questioned.


One year later...

Looking back at my friends and family seated on the chairs as well as Ted and Cody who were standing to my right and behind Randy, I knew with certainty that without their unconditional support they had extended over the years, I would not be here, standing in front of the only man I've ever truly been in love with about to say the only two words that mattered on a day like today.

"I do," I said with the utmost confidence.

I couldn't believe that this was actually happening. Randy was fully mine and I in turn was his... this was truly the happiest day of my life and I don't believe it could ever be topped. My happiness was dependent upon Randy's role in my life and taking into consideration the fact that we had just gotten married, I knew I was going to be happy the rest of my life. Of course it was going to be hard, and there were going to be difficulties, I wasn't that, naive but I was ready to face whatever was to come as long as I had Randy by my side.

I didn't know it was possible to be this happy. I mean sure I've had my fair share of moments, but none of those amounts to the feeling that has enveloped me as I watched my wedding reception take place around me… reminiscing on the wedding ceremony that had taken place several hours ago.

"I'm not going to lie..." I spoke out loud to Ted and Cody who had joined me in watching all of our guests dance and enjoy themselves. I smiled and sent a wave in the direction of my new husband who was sharing a dance with my mother. "...I had my doubts about us; low moments where I had no hope whatsoever that things would work out. Too much history and a lot of betrayal and manipulation, but I think somewhere deep, deep down I always knew we were strong enough to overcome the odds stacked against us."

"I never had a moments doubt Mickie. You and Randy were still able to be civil despite everything that happened; I always knew you were capable to get past everything to be together. You complete each other and as stupid as that sounds, it's the best way to describe the two of you."

"We bring out the best in one another. He may have his flaws, but I'm far from perfect. Without him I don't know who I am. That may sound clingy and pathetic but he and I are connected, intertwined to each other if you will. Our history ties us together; it's not something that can be discarded." I took a deep breath, "It's like he's a part of me you know?"

"And you just married him," Ted grasped my hand and offered me a smile, "Everything is the way it's supposed to be."

I shook my head before smiling, "I know, I do, I'm just... I'm so happy that it scares me." I looked back and forth between the two men who had stood by me through thick and thin... the two men who were responsible, along with a few select others, for getting me to where I was today.

"Why? Mickie, you and Randy found each other again," Cody reassured me.

I knew how silly I was acting, but I couldn't help the doubt that had managed to seep in on the happiest day of my life.

I released a small sigh, "At the beginning of 2006, after Randy had proposed to me the first time and then we found out about the baby, I knew exactly what I wanted with my life – as important as wrestling is to me, starting a family with Randy was... god I wanted it so much... and then the whole thing with the pregnancy, it shattered my world. The amount of pain..." I breathed in, "...indescribable." It was much easier to talk about this part of my history considering what had happened and how we finally got our closure.

"And then I came back to Raw and despite the odds we managed to repair what I thought was a broken relationship. I fell in love with him again only to find out it was the wrong place, wrong time. You were both there; you know how I barely made it through that. Now... this is my wedding day and I just can't shake this feeling." I was only just realizing that my hands were quivering so I placed them on the table hoping to stop them.

Ted grasped my hand in his and forced me to look at him, "I'm not, good with intelligent words or comforting ones but Mickie I've seen the way you look at each other and I also saw the way he looked at you up on that altar. It was as if he was staring at his life Mickie, because that's what you are to him. It's what you are to each other. It puts the rest of us to shame with our feeble attempts at love," he finished with a small chuckle.

I wiped a tear that managed to escape, "God why must I be so negative? It's my wedding day," I cried out, laughing a bit.

"You wouldn't be you if you weren't. Don't worry, we love you regardless," Cody winked at me.

I smiled, "Seriously what would I do without you guys?"

"You would definitely be a lot more depressing, wouldn't she?" Ted questioned Cody.

"Definitely, and not as cool," Cody added with a grin.

"Hey my day remember?" I said. "Speaking of... I better go find Kelly and Melina."

"Oh so now we aren't good enough?" Ted faked insult.

"Well sure if you wanna help me pee," I said casually.

Cody and Ted both turned and exchanged looks before jumping to their feet, "We'll tell them you're looking for them," Ted said before they both scurried off.

I chuckled to myself and scanned the ballroom. It was filled with family, mine and Randy's, and friends from both the business and otherwise. Everyone seemed happy and enjoying themselves, but there was only one other person whose happiness mirrored my own. I locked eyes with him and felt my fear vanish almost instantly. It was as if he was telling me everything was finally okay with one look. He motioned for me to come to him but I shook my head and pointed to the restroom. He nodded his head and turned back to continue the conversation he was engaged in with his father and my own.

I finally found my two girlfriends and after a hard, yet amusing, time in the bathroom, I found myself back in the main room surveying my wedding guests once more. I felt someone brush against me and turning to expect Randy, I found someone else instead.

"Laura," I said with surprise.

"Mickie..." she acknowledged me back.

"You're not going to attack me are you? If so I would like a bit of warning," I half-teased.

She chuckled with amusement, "I'm not that bad."

"You're certainly full of surprises..." I muttered. There was silence for a moment, "As hard as it may be to believe I'm glad you came... for Randy. I know how much it means to him. So thank you."

"It's probably the hardest thing I've ever had to endure, but I was telling nothing but the truth when I told you I want his happiness. I know that's what you want too. I assume that's why you didn't tell me about the... affair," she turned to stare intently into my eyes.

"You know... about that?"

I closed my eyes and sighed as she pressed on, "I'm not stupid Mickie. I had a feeling something was going on... especially after I learned about the incorporation of you into Legacy."

"Laura... I want you to know, I never knew that he was dating you at the time. Believe me when I say I wouldn't have allowed it to happen."

She stared at me, remaining silent for a few moments before responding, "I know. But why didn't you tell me? I mean I won't lie and say I would have ended things, but you didn't know that."

"I'm not manipulative... okay I can be, but never did that even cross my mind. At that point I just wanted his pain to end."

"Even if that meant causing you pain the rest of your life?" she questioned.

"As masochistic as it sounds... yes. His happiness is more important to me than my own. I've made many selfish decisions when it pertains to him, but I didn't want to put him through anymore pain," I glanced across the room at Randy. "You know a girl once asked me how or why I thought I was good enough for him because she didn't think she was..." Laura sent me a questioning look, "We get some... different fans all over the world. Anyway the stupid thing is I didn't know what to say."

"Oh please why do they always put him on a pedestal? I will never understand."

"Not long after the girl asked I realized the exact same thing. He's very good looking and... well known but he's a normal guy... with major flaws. And yet he's everything I want."

"He sucks at cleaning and barely knows how to do laundry," she complained.

"Well I'm good at that but I couldn't cook if my life depended on it..." I chuckled.

"That hardly surprises me," she said rudely.

I rolled my eyes, "And I thought we were having a bonding moment."

"Oh please are you delusional?"

"Nice talk," I said sarcastically.

After another longer silence she spoke again, "You know Mickie, if I had to pick one person in this world apart from myself to be with him," she paused for a second and sighed, "obviously, given my appearance in your hotel room a year ago, it would be you. And not because I think you're better or that you even deserve him but because you know what it's like to love him, to be in love with him. You can see past the arrogance and the wall he has built around his life and know how he is truly feeling deep down. Instead of turning him into some problem, like our natural female instinct, you stand by his side and accept who he is, unlike the women who are under the impression that they love him after spending a night with him. That's what it's like to truly love Randy Orton… and you understand that."

I didn't know it was possible for her to surprise me even more than she did that night a year ago, but low and behold here I was, at a loss for words. It was weird because that was what I was trying to get Ted to understand when he encouraged me to tell Laura about the affair more than a year ago. Those words, and the understanding between us, are what tied Laura and me together despite our obvious dislike for one another. It's weird how the one person you understand is also the one you don't want to.

"Of course that doesn't mean I like you," she said quickly.

"Oh! Of course not!" I said dramatically.

"Am I gonna have to separate you two?" the Viper spoke as he cautiously and dramatically approached us.

"Surprisingly no. Wait for it…" I paused for dramatic effect, "…we got along for a whole two minutes before she reminded me of how much she doesn't like me."

"I'm impressed," he said with a grin.

Laura took a step towards him, "Don't get used to it," she said, offering her own smirk.

She pulled him in for a hug, "I'm happy for you Randy, but I'm going to go now and I'm sure you understand why," she spoke softly, but just loud enough for me to hear. She turned to face me once she pulled away, "Don't screw this up Mickie.

"I won't," I promised before rushing forward to give her my own hug to which she was extremely surprised, "Too much?" I asked hesitantly.

"Just a bit," she said awkwardly before muttering a good bye and hurrying off.

"What… was that?" Randy questioned me.

"We understand each other," I said nonchalantly, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer.

"Oh really? Last I checked you hated each other," he reminded me.

"That doesn't mean we don't get each other… when it comes to you anyway." We started swaying to the music, "Are you sure you chose the right one?" I teased.

"I… I don't know," he turned to look at the entrance where Laura disappeared to, "I mean I thought so… but now–"

Was he… serious?

He sent me a smirk and kissed the top of my forehead, "Mickie, I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

I could tell just by looking into his eyes, that he had meant every word.

I punched him in the arm, "It's not funny to joke about that! Especially on our wedding day."

"Sorry," he said with a grin before his expression turned serious, "I was always fooling myself by thinking I could live a life without you. You are my life Mickie James, there's no living without you."

"I believe that's Mickie Orton now," I responded with a smile.

"I like that," he reached down and kissed my forehead once more.

"Awe look at the Viper being all sentimental, alert the media!"

"That's why I made sure no one was around," he winked. "If you tell anyone they won't believe you, you have no proof."

I shrugged my shoulders and wrapped my arms around his neck, "That's okay, I feel special that I'm one of the very few people who can see past you're cold, hard exterior. Not very many people know just how sweet you can be. It makes the action that much more special."

"That's because you're special Mickie… the most amazing person I have ever met in my life."

"I love who you are Randy Orton, and I'm glad that you are still the same Viper. I loved who you were back in 2004… but who you are now makes more sense. You're cautious about letting just anyone in your life and those that you do allow, you look after and do everything you can to protect them. You're smarter because you've learned from your mistakes and your past. Others don't know the real you… but I do, and I wouldn't change a thing."

"Look who's talking. You're a strong woman Mickie. And even though you don't think so, you're selfless and you always put others before yourself. I may have fallen in love with a different Mickie James, but if it's possible, I love you even more than I did then. This Mickie that was forged over the last several years makes more sense for me."

"Hey I can't believe you cheap asses didn't spring for dessert that didn't taste like crap." Looking to our right we watched as Ted and Cody approached us.

"Sorry I tried keeping him away, but Ted's a resilient ass," Cody said with a grin.

"Ted you're so ungrateful. This is Mickie's big day, stop being such a dick," Randy responded, sending him an evil Viper glare.

"It's okay," I said, grasping Randy's hand in mine, "It wouldn't be normal if Ted wasn't saying something that made me want to punch him in the face. That's what makes him my Ted," I stepped forward and pulled him into a hug.

"And that's why she's my best friend!" Ted said proudly.

"And Randy and I are thinking 'Thank God'," Cody responded as Randy nodded in agreement. "You can have him!"

I laughed, "Life would just not be the same without you three!"

"Well I hope not seeing as how I'm your new husband," Randy responded.

"Now since it's your big day and all, I really need to ask you a very important question," Ted spoke up.

The three of us turned to face him, expecting something serious to come out of his mouth to match the expression on his face.

"You promised me Disney World… so when are you going to take me?"

Oh Ted… how he never seems to change.

I laughed along with the rest of them, glancing at each of their faces in turn. This was what I wanted for the rest of my life – my husband and my two best friends. And even though we were no longer Legacy in the storyline, we will always be the Legacy for the rest of our lives. Because that is the bond we forged a year and a half ago… a bond that I am a hundred percent certain will last until the end of time.

Well there is the last and final chapter of Crazy for You. I honestly hope that you are not disappointed. I have literally been going crazy over the last month trying to come up with the appropriate ending, and I must have gone through a million ideas. This is the only one I truly liked. I want to apologize sincerely for taking so long to update, and leaving it on a cliff hanger like I did. I know what it's like to wait for a story to be updated!

I was going to post a picture of a wedding dress, but I would much rather you picture it however you want :)

I have been thinking of a sequel… but there are no guarantees so just stay tuned. It would be different and I'm inclined to write an adventure sequel, but who knows?

Also if any of you have been anticipating the Round Robin challenge that Claire O'Mack came up with, I want to apologize for the lack of the first chapter! I've been ridiculously busy but I promise to post the first chapter as soon as I complete it. I have been going over various ideas, and none of them just seem to be the right one.

I want to take the time to thank each and every one of you who read this story, especially those of you who left a review. It means so much to me that there are others who enjoyed reading Crazy for You as much as I did writing it. I love this story, and I'm sad that I've finished it but I'm excited to move on to something else!

I hope I haven't forgotten to include anything in this author's note... seeing how it is the last. So just… thank you once again :) And I really, really hope you liked this chapter. Please tell me what you think!