AN: This is a story I have wanted to publish for some time now. I have no idea where the idea even came from but one day it got into my head and I just had to write it down.

I completely suck at summaries'. Especially for this story. If I say even one wrong word it'd give away the story or make it sound totally lame and ridiculous and I want people to make up their own minds. But I'm going to try my best to expand, though I should warn you now, it could be quite complicated to understand. I am the worst explainer in the entire world. Yep, I've now claimed the title!

Bigger summary: After starting college, Bella's picked up into a line of business she never thought existed nor intended on entering. It's been three years and she haven't seen anyone from her past, including her family and she's constantly in anxiety about how they would react if they ever knew what she did for a living.Was that at all helpful or made you want to click away as fast as you can? Either way, I do hope you'll read on, whoever you are… And sorry for this huge Authors note. It won't be repeated.

Welcome To The Jungle

I've always hated clubs. They're too loud and crowded. There's always remixes blasting through the speakers (I prefer the originals) and the drinks are just too fucking expensive. I mean, who would ever pay over forty bucks for a bottle of water? Freaks.

As I'm walking across the floor, it appears my only concerned is the two – very tall and well endowed in the muscle department – men escorting me across said dance floor, I was all too aware of my surroundings. With my head directed forward like a good girl, I let my eyes wander across the room, surveying every possible exit and threats.

Two viable escape routes accountable for, with one possibility in the storage behind the bar. As for threats, that's a whole different story. Excluding Tweedledee and Tweedledum at my sides, five more lookalikes were spotted at the main entrance, another three for the back and I would sure, if there's another way out in the storage behind the bar, there would be an addition of at least two guards. That would bring a total of ten guards but I knew that wasn't even close to the whole picture. But here's the thing about clubs; security is pathetic. They don't know shit about blending in and if you know what to look for, they become visible like 'that'.

Double trouble led me to a staircase – nodding at the dude standing behind a red velvet rope to let us pass. They followed closely behind as I started climbing. It's like they don't trust me. I almost smiled.

At the top of the stairs there's the VIP area. Couples lounging on the sofas, chatting, drinking, snorting coke and laughing at whatever trivial statement was just addressed. Others were too busy making-out and dry-humping to notice anyone approaching.

But Tweedledee and Tweedledum led me away from all the fun and down a long corridor, with only one single door at the end. I knew all of this was simply a scare tactic. If they only knew what I've seen and done in my life, they would think twice about intimidating me with preschool material.

Tweedledee knocked once on the maroon door and waited two seconds before opening and pushing me inside. The door closed as fast as it had opened and I was left in semi darkness, staring at the man I'd been preparing to see for almost a month now.


The number one drug dealer in town.

That's what I'm here for – in a manner of speaking. Laurent's under the belief I want to make a deal with him. While he isn't completely out of the loop, there's just one thing he doesn't know about; by the end of the night, I will have his entire hard drive. Just imagine what there would be to find; phone numbers, account numbers, upcoming deals and meeting points. We'd have enough ammo to bring down companies and private civilians in the high hundreds. Maybe even low thousands.

Smiling leeringly at me, Laurent leaned back in his chair, resting his hands on the armchairs, completely content with himself and the fact that he didn't seem to care there were four bags of coke on his desk.

"Melissa, I presume?" His French accent was unmistakable and heavy. I nodded, standing put where I was. Not because I was intimidated by a piece of shit like him who probably has bigger performance anxiety than Hugh Hefner, but because it's what someone who knows the business does. The inexperienced one's stand shivering against the door, fidgeting and avoid eye contact.

I hold his gaze now and will do so for the remainder of my visit. A lot can be told by and with the eyes and mine, I knew, never gave anything away unless I wanted them to.

"Please, sit down." I move briskly to one of the tacky chairs in front of the even tackier desk. I lean back and cross my legs, letting my hands fall just above my stomach. In this position, I will be prepared for anything.

"Would you like something to drink? Perhaps some merchandise?" He nodded towards a mirror filled with white dust. I peered at it from the corner of my eye, assessing the amount.

"No thank you." My voice gave away no emotions. Laurent nodded, no longer smiling but gazing curiously at me. While he certainly didn't look it, Laurent was no idiot. But, luckily for me and unlucky for him, he was a womanizing pig and underestimated what someone like me could be capable of. The shoulder-long blonde wig, pale pink lace camisole and dark ripped skinny jeans I was wearing were a complete distraction as Laurent shifted his gaze between my face and my boobs. This was going to be easy. Like taking candy from a child.

"You are not what I was expecting." I stayed quiet, my face set, emotionless. He frowned at my lack of talkatively.

"Not one to talk?"

"I'm not here to discuss my appearance. I'm here for the deal." Laurent rolled his eyes and sighed.

"And here I thought I would get a little bit of company."

"There are hundreds of people outside that door. I'm sure at least one must find you even moderately… interesting." Laurent frowned before breaking out in a wide smile and a chuckle.

"You're feisty. I like that."

"The. Deal."

"Yes, yes. I've got a contract your bosses can look over." When he stood and turned his back to me, I whipped my head around, assessing the easiest way to do damage without making too much noise. The party might be going strong but one too loud scream and I'm caught.

The room is on the smaller side. The tacky interior blended well with the tacky owner. But I would not be fooled by first impressions. I knew he was hiding some heavy artillery throughout the room. He had one in the top drawer of his desk. One was strapped to his ankle and I could see the outlining of another at his lower back. Aww… he probably thought that would intimidate me too. Fucking amateur.

"Here it is." Laurent leaned over his desk and handed me a stack of papers in a brown envelope. I stood to collect them. This was my moment and I couldn't waste it. I met Laurent's eyes and smiled a warm but mischievous smile.

"Thank you." While my left hand had a firm grasp on the papers, the right one moved too fast for him to see. One second it was at my side, the next it held a standard 2 mm pencil, going for Laurent's arterial artery. He wouldn't be able to scream at all if I hit just right.

I jabbed the pencil into his neck. Laurent gasped in pain and yanked away from me, backing into a filing cabinet before stumbling into a corner. His one hand instinctively came up to his neck while the other reached for the gun strapped to his leg. But I was faster.

Right as his gun became visible; I grabbed his left wrist and kicked him hard in the side. When he wouldn't let go of his gun, I bended my knee and jammed it into the wrist which in return slammed into another filing cabinet behind.

Letting out another gasp and groan of pain, Laurent struggled to do something and as I had kicked his gun across the room, he quickly saw there was no way out. I lifted my leg and pounded my foot into his face. Blood gushed from his nose and mouth. His head fell forward and his body slumped against the wall.

I bent down to look at the neck wound but found myself disappointed when there wasn't enough blood gushing out. So I hadn't hit the main artery. In a few hours it wouldn't matter. While Laurent may run his own business, it doesn't mean he's on his own. He reports back the same way I do. His bosses will take good care of him later on and I can sleep just a little better tonight.

I stood back up and went to the desk, putting on the vinyl gloves from my back pocket. I was right about the gun in top draw, by the way. But what I was really looking for was not with the gun. I hadn't expected it to be. But when I came to the third and final draw; Jackpot.

I grabbed the laptop and placed it on the desk. I pulled a USB chip from my pocket and pushed it into the side of the computer. Once it started, a password was demanded. I pressed in the necessary numbers and sighed in relief when it gave with. I didn't have time to conceal an entire laptop, this way I would be able to buy some time. They wouldn't notice right away that I've stole just about everything.

I placed the laptop back in its place and closed the drawer. I stopped at the mirror before stepping outside. They couldn't come in before I left the building. Unzipping my jacket fully and rumpling up my wig I looked freshly fucked. They'd never know the difference. I turned off all lights and left the room.

At the end of the hallway, Tweedledee and Tweedledum stood and waited for me. Tweedledum looked like he wanted to go inside but I grabbed his arm.

"I wouldn't go in there just yet. We got a little carried away and… you know," I giggled – and almost gagged from the noise. I am not a giggly person.

Tweedledum nodded and I left, creeping down the stairs as fast as I could without raising suspicion. I crossed half the floor before stopping dead in my tracks and gasp in shock. I whirled around, my pulse quickening for every second going by.

No… this can't be happening.

No, no, no, no, no…

It was carelessly of me to be distracted like that but if I just saw who I thought I saw, I was in deep shit if he recognized me. I wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't. I've changed a lot in three years. But something told me my make-up and wig wouldn't completely fool him.

I quickly leapt towards the bar, sneaking in behind before the bartender could stop me and it wasn't until I was in the storage that I finally breathed out in relief. Once I was there and could think clearly, it was apparent I had jumped to conclusions. It couldn't have been him, just couldn't. It was just someone who looked a lot like him. That's all. Silly misunderstanding. What would he even be doing here?

I was right about the back door security. The two guards' playing a game of poker looked up at my arrival and their hands immediately went to their sides. My brain worked on pure reflex now. The guards would each be equipped with one standard police issued Glock 22 but I knew at least one rifle wasn't too far away. Their physique wasn't working in their favors and they both wore drunken faces. What I've learned over the years is that if there's anything to splurge on; it's security.

"Howdy fellas," I said cheerfully in the deepest southern accent I could manage. "Would ya'll be so kind and let a girl pass? My boyfriend's a real jealous one and I can't stand him when he's like that."

"You're not supposed to be back here." Hmm… Russian security. At least I know how they think.

"Please… he wouldn't think twice about hitting my pretty little face." I tried my best puppy dog face and even pouted. One of the guards sat down again, seeming to want to get back to the game.

"Prosto propustil yee," the one still sitting down said tiredly. At least he had a brain.

"Hozyain skazal, ne dopustit', chtoby kto-nibud' prohidit." Do you always listen to what the boss says?

"Kotoryĭ daet derʹmo?" The other guard didn't look please as he turned to me.

"Just get out of here quick."

"Thank you darlin." But that's when my luck ran out. A loud noise broke out, sounding like a fire alarm but I was experienced enough to know the difference. This was a lockdown siren. They much have found Laurent.


I didn't have time to sugarcoat it now. I grabbed the nearest bottle and slammed it into the standing guards face. He crumpled down to the floor, wet with blood and reeking of vodka. I raised my hand with the broken bottle and slashed it across the other guards face. He screamed in pain but I kicked him in the groin before he could make too much noise. He went down fast, holding on to himself, his face scrunched up in pain.

I ran for the door but it was locked. I cursed while patting down the guards for the key. I could hear loud voices approaching and I had to find another way out. Taking a deep breath so I wouldn't panic – not that I was afraid, far from it. Adrenaline was surging through me. That's what was going to save me. It always does.

A small – almost too small – window was placed above a rack of shelves. I climbed as carefully I could – the metallic material swayed with the effort of added weight and I had to shove down items as I came to the top. I pushed against the window but it wouldn't budge. I started kicking it but it barely moved. I cursed again, feeling like I was trapped in a corner. I hate that feeling.

With loud and mad Russian voices coming closer, I had no more time to think I could get away quietly. I grabbed the nearest object and rammed it into the window, making it crash. I used the can of beans to make sure no shards would get to me. They were not going to get a DNA sample. As I was about to jump out, four tough looking Russians stormed the place and I felt the impact when one of their bullets shot into the concrete wall right above my head.

It was a shorter drop than I had planned and I landed right on my knee. I cursed in pain and stupidity of how I could have made such a careless and possibly life threatening jump. But there was no time to think about it now. I scrambled on to both legs and started running.

There was a flash of light behind me, a bullet grazing the brick wall to my right. I ignored it and kept on running. I am faster than most and even if someone was following me, they would never be fast enough to catch me.

Once out of the alley, I started walking slower down the street, careful not to look back. I made my way across a long asphalt lane and into a park. That's when I heard someone. I stopped in my tracks to listen better but the noise was gone. I wasn't going to take any chances and as soon as I swerved fast to the right, another shot echoes through the space.

I jumped over a small picket fence and ran through the back yard too fast for the tenants to see and then jumped over a second fence, this one noticeably larger. My arm scraped against the metal as I dropped to the ground and I could feel the skin had broken. But the guy was still behind me. I knew he wouldn't stop; he'd been trained not to so I had to think of something else.

Down the street, between two apartment complexes a narrow alley slipped between. I ran down and slipped into the crack. I smiled, noticing it's a dead end. I jumped easily up on a dumpster which was located right across a fire escape. I pushed against the wall and leapt across the space and managed to grab the bar with one hand and dragged myself above the small railing.

Once I was on it I pressed myself to the floor and waited for him. Not one minute later, Tweedledee joined me and for a second I was slightly worried he would have the upper hand but if he was as stupid as he looked, he'd go for the obvious kill.

He seemed confused by my lack of presence and went deeper into the alley, looking behind the dumpster to see if I wasn't hiding there. I'm much too smart for that.

When he was deep enough, I got up as quietly as I could and when he had his back to me, I jumped over the railing and landed gracefully on my feet behind him. He heard the impact and pointed his gun towards me but I was faster. My leg kicked his arm hard enough for him to drop the gun and me to kick up my other leg and hit him right in the kneecap. The schmuck fell to one knee and made a grab at me but I jumped away and kicked him right in the temple.

But Tweedledee apparently hadn't had enough. The idiot got up as fast as he fell and came at me. I jumped to the side and he crashed into the dumpster. He was faster than I thought and managed to grab me from behind. I bit his right hand and when he let go I yanked my elbow into his nose. He let me go with a grunt and held his hand above his nose which I could tell was bleeding.

I grabbed his arm as he attempted to punch me and twisted it behind his back, feeling he bones pop. I brought my knee up and jammed it into his back and he went down a second time. I grabbed the back of his head and used all my force to slam his face into he ground. I heard even more bones crack and when I was done and he finally emotionless, I saw blood trickle out from under him.

I was breathing hard and seeing red. It always pisses me off when they don't back down. And if they are going to be relentless, they should at least make it a little bit difficult.

I left Tweedledee and went to retrieve his gun and disposed of it in the dumpster. Then I walked out of the alley and strolled calmly down the empty and dark streets, hearing the police sirens fade out from behind me.


The docks were quiet this time of night. The salty smell of ocean always made me think of my former home – though I usually refrained from thinking about the past.

I sighed tiredly and grabbed the hair and drew it back over my head. I yanked off the sock that was keeping my hair in and after pulling away the black pins, my naturally curly, black colored hair let loose and fell down to just above my ribs.

I could hear the water slosh against the concrete walls of the harbor as I passed rustic building after building.

At any given time, the harbor looked like any other but taking a peek inside any of these buildings would quell all doubt that this was an ordinary place. The Vultury owned most properties around here – covering their grounds so to speak – but they only ever used one.

I came to the loading dock and climbed the stairs. The massive cargo doors opened for me automatically – they must have seen me coming, though I wasn't surprised, there are cameras everywhere.

I made a beeline for the main hall where we always gathered after missions were completed. I didn't wait for someone to tell me to come in but pushed them open with too much force.

The three brothers; Aro, Caius and Marcus all sat waiting for me. We didn't speak as I walked up to the massive oak table they sat behind and placed the small USB right in front of Aro. He took it up, inspecting it with his piercing eyes. After a moment he spoke in his usual soft and collected voice.

"It's marvelous, isn't it? How such magnitude of knowledge could fit inside such a small devise. Just sixty years ago, a computer took the space of an entire room." I said nothing but waited for him to address me.

Aro peered over me for a moment before looking away, placing the memory on the table again. When he met my eyes, they were the darkest I have ever seen. I've never been a person to admit she's scared but I am smart enough to admit that Aro scares the shit out of me.

"Take her downstairs for an hour." My blood turned to ice and my face drained of color. Downstairs was a nicely way of saying take someone to the basement to be tortured. I've been there a few times. Most were in the beginning when I refused to do as they said.

Once I was stripped down to my underwear, suspended in midair and while my arms groaned with the effort of supporting my weight, they continually sliced at my exposed skin with a scalpel. But they never went further than shallow wounds that would heal within days. The pain was indescribable.

And that was only one of hundreds of times.

"What? I did as you asked. I got you the fucking hard drive!" Not many could get away with talking this was towards the brothers – Aro in particular – but I've been here long enough to know when it's acceptable and when it's not.

"Yes, but you were not completely successful in bringing it here."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You were followed." I wasn't surprised he knew.

"I took care of it."

"You wouldn't have to take care of it if you'd followed as you were instructed." While Aro rarely shouted, his calm voice was even more terrifying.

"I did follow as instructed. It's not my fault someone got a little too nosey."

"It is if you're paid to be invisible."

"Is that what I'm paid for? I thought it was because I'm the only one able to get the job done."

I could almost hear Jane hiss at me from behind Caius chair. She's always been jealous I was such a fast learner. I shoot her a narrow-eyed look. Aro's nose twitched, not appreciating my attitude. Well I wasn't appreciating being called inadequate just because I was followed half a block and was going to send me to the basement for it. I don't make mistakes. He knows I'm the best and he takes about every opportunity to screw with me.

"I'm not going to change my mind so why do you fight it?"

"Because I'm not gonna be sent to the basement for a petty little thing like this." Aro's mouth set into a firm line and he rose slowly, placing his hands on the table and leaning towards me.

"This petty little thing could have exposed you and this entire operation. And believe me when I tell you that if ever caught, you will beg for death." I held eye contact, refusing to be intimidating. It was very hard. "You got distracted." I blinked. How did he-

"You had me followed?"

"Of course."

"I've been working on my own for over a year."

"But still, obviously, makes plenty of mistakes. Mistakes I would like to know about and I know you would never willingly tell me." We stared at each other before Aro broke contact first and sat down again.

"Who did you see?"

"No one. I was mistaken."

"And yet you froze in the middle of the dance floor, right where everyone could see you." I swallowed before responding.

"It was one mistake."

"And your exit strategy?"

"What about it?"

"You were supposed to leave quickly out the main entrance. And yet you purposely disobeyed my orders to jump out of a window and nearly get a bullet in your head?"

"It was one mistake."

"So you keep on saying but one mistake can change everything." That shut me up. I knew just how one mistake can ruin your entire life. "But of course you know all about that don't you?" I said nothing and I didn't hold eye contact any longer. It didn't matter what I would say, they were still going to take me downstairs.

I admitted defeat when my head bowed. Aro snapped his fingers, to which I winced. Felix and Demetri grabbed my arms and escorted me out of the main hall and down the longest flight of stairs you'll ever come across.

I was sizing myself up for whatever torture I would undergo tonight. I will never admit this out loud but I was scared. I hated pain and the only thing keeping me from falling down when hit is the adrenaline. I've tried to muster up some at a time like this but all I could think about was my previous experience and all amounts of courage disappeared and fear entered instead.

Felix let go of my arm to open an iron sliding door. I almost whimpered as I saw the metallic tub, its light content and the ice cubes floating along the surface. I knew better than to struggle but in moments like this, you don't think about what kind of training you've had. All you know it that the water is cold and cold equals bad so you try to resist for as long as possible.

Stepping away from us, Demetri checked the temperature. He nodded towards Felix – who I didn't have to look at to know he was smiling. With a too strong hold on my shoulder – to the point where I thought my collarbone would crack – Felix waited no longer and forced my face into the water.

It always felt the same and yet I always forgot until this very moment. The water felt like thousands of tiny knifes pushing against my skin. I crushed my eyelids close and waited for it to be over. Felix liked to wait over a minute.

When he forced me out I barely had time to take a breath before my face flushed down again. With each passing push and pull, it felt like I was drowning. I took in too much water when I went down and let out too little when I came back up. It was pure torture and finally, it got the best of me. I relaxed on pure instinct and everything went dark.

When I came too I was coughing up what felt like fifty liters of ice cold water. I knew I could never make a word – I could barely breathe.

I didn't get the time to think about anything before I was lifted and this time my entire body was pushed underneath the surface. I couldn't muster up any real energy to fight both of them and I was too tired to care anymore. My entire body ached with every move and I remember thinking that if they just kept me under a few more seconds and then I'd be gone for good. Of course they didn't. They weren't stupid.

I was brought back and slammed into a wall and left there for immeasurable moments before I got back some energy to get up. Felix and Demetri were gone by then and I was left alone in the dark space. I leaned against the wall for a while before getting up and walking out of the building and away from the harbor.

My apartment building was barely a 30 minute walk away but tonight it took twice as long. I felt like I could freeze in my spot and sometimes I thought I would die from the cold.

By the time I got into the elevator and pressed my button, I was well on the verge of hypothermia, if I hadn't already crossed that line.

The elevator opened and I walked down the hall and fished out my key. I dropped them in a bowl on a small table right beside the door and then walked purposefully to the bathroom. I started the shower and got in without taking my clothes off.

The warm water cascaded down me as I leaned against the beige tiled wall for support, until my legs couldn't support me anymore and I slid down the wall and kept my knees close to my body as I sat there on the floor.

I was shaking so bad my vision blurred sometimes and the water felt as if it were going to burn me. I knew it was only my body reacting to the warmth but I was tempted to turn it off.

My hair plastered to my face but I don't care. My eyes are barely opened as it was. This is one of those times where I think how I got here and what I could have possibly done to deserve a life like this.

I was a decent student – at least the times I showed up for school and wasn't sitting behind the bleachers smoking and/or drinking. I knew I put my parents through hell, though. Every time I got sent to the principal's office or all of the times the cops had to take me home from whatever illegal party I was at, my mom and dad would give me the biggest looks of disappointment. I knew I was hurting them. I knew it, cared and yet I continued to cut class, drink, smoke and stay out all night long.

The only one I knew I could always turn to was my brother, Jasper. But even as he gave me so many chances and I blew all of them, he never gave up. He was the one who convinced me to apply for college and he practically kicked me out of my room, telling me I was going and turning my life around. I will never admit this to him but that was the worst thing that could have happened to me.

I sometimes think of how they're doing. Of course I send post cards from where ever country I'm pretending to be in at the moment. I've sometimes called but I only talk to Jasper. My parents would scream or cry for me to come home, or worse – they'd tell me they are better off not having me around to complicate their living. I haven't seen any of them for three years.

It wasn't a rule you couldn't see your family or friends but I didn't want my family to see me like this. What would be worse would be for them to find out what I was doing. I don't think I could bare the resentment they would project at me.

Thinking about it like this, it's no wonder why I am where I am. I was truly horrible. Probably worse now. Why do I pity myself? It's such a waste of time and patience. I'm not a good person. I should just face karma the way it's presented itself to me.

The water turned cold and I got up, finally peeling off my soaking clothes. I let them lay in the shower, knowing I would never wear them again.

I redress in black sweatpants, a dark green military-looking tank top and pull my hair back in a mess bun. My stomach growled but when I opened the fridge and all I could find was Wake-Up energy drinks and eggs; hunger doesn't seem so bad.

The freezer wasn't looking any better. A pint of Ben & Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew and a few frozen mozzarella pizzas.

I close the fridge with a snort and gaze over the too empty space that is my apartment.

While most would kill to live here, I couldn't have been more oddly placed. The place was pretty, I guess, but completely empty. The living room held a single couch and a coffee table. No TV.

The kitchen was worse. Nothing except a toaster could be seen as something newly bought. The only "room" holding more than five items was my closet and it was surprisingly neat. Every item of clothing I owned was shelved, hung, stacked and labeled. Clothes were one of the very few things I splurged on. Mostly because I like Ed Hardy and pretty much everything I own is in it.

While I wasn't tired – even with everything I've gone through today – it was after 2 in the morning and what else would I do if I didn't go to sleep now? Stare at the city from my balcony? Or maybe just sit and stare at nothing at all? My life is so pathetic I don't know what to do with myself.

As I finally crawl beneath the soft covers exhaustion pulls me down and it's not long until I'm asleep, dreaming nothing but nightmares.

I'm not sure what woke me up but I'm glad for whatever it was. I was dreaming of my last day in college, the day they "recruited" me. You don't have a choice when the Voltury asks you to work for them. Either you go with them willingly, reluctantly or… the obvious choice; you are eliminated.

Beneath my pillow I keep my Colt 1911, ready to use if I should ever need it. I kept my eyes closed and gripped the gun tight and then jolted upright, the gun pointing at my doorway and then towards the balcony. Nothing was at either entrance.

I was breathing hard and fast, covered in a thin sheen of cold sweat. Sighing in relief, I put the safety back on, laid the gun back beneath my pillow and rubbed my face with both my hands. I was so paranoid these days, it wouldn't surprise me if I one day shot at my unmoving wall. It's barely past five in the morning and all I would like to do is fall back asleep but I knew it would be futile to even try.

It's twilight outside, making it seem as if the ocean is glowing. I grab the black cashmere blanket from the foot of my bed and make my way outside. I plant myself down on a tanning chair, watching twilight fade and the sun rise behind the horizon.

AN: I'm not really sure where I'm going with this and I have no idea where the plot even came from. It was just here one second and seemed too interesting to forget.

And I have to say I like seeing Bella in this new light. In almost all other stories, Bella is this fragile damsel in distress and I absolutely hate the fact that Edward has to 'swoop in and save the day'. Why couldn't Bella be "stronger" and deal with nasty guys herself?
So is it a bit clearer why I had a hard time describing this story?


Prosto propustil yee – Just let her pass

Hozyain skazal, ne dopustit', chtoby kto-nibud' prohidit – the boss said not to let anyone pass

Kotoryĭ daet derʹmo – Who gives a shit