You know when you see a twelve year old with a trolley full of eggs that something is going down. He loaded them up onto my convey belt and looked at me sheepishly as I started to scan them.

"You know if the house owner catches you," the kid looked up at me scared as hell that I was going to dob him in. I laughed and continued, "They can't prove that you did it... unless they've got surveillance cameras on the perimeters of their house." I could see the boy start to breathe again. I told him the total.

"Thanks." He said and walked with his eggs out into the rain. I think he was surprised that I gave him tips instead of a lecture. Maybe I shouldn't have given him tips. Oh well, he was going to egg houses anyway.

I just really hope my house isn't one of them.

Maybe I should've thought it through before.

"Eddie." It was her voice and I winced. She saw the wince and pouted trying to get me to like her again.

She worked at Wal-Mart now. Bella had gotten her a job here. I was not happy. I never wanted to see her face again and now I see it regularly. Well, maybe that is an over exaggeration.

I had graduated and gotten a teaching job at the school where I trained, so my hours at Wal-Mart were nonexistent nowadays. Except I still worked during summer vacation. Bella insisted that I didn't work but I kind of liked it. We didn't need the money. The old lady that owned the bookstore where Bella works had died just after we graduated from College and left it to Angela and Bella. Bella pulled her fair share and I still had the trust fund that I rarely touched.

Money wasn't an issue.

So why still work here?

Well... it's where Bella and I met. I know silly isn't it? And extremely sentimental seeing as the first words Bella ever said to me were I'm not a nymphomaniac!

This summer we would be rounding our third year of marriage. We had not yet had a 'real' wedding, as Alice, Rose, Jacob and my mother prefer to call it. For Bella and I our little jail cell hitching was just enough. She is still the same... clumsy, awkward, beautiful, loving and always there to fill the silence with something that would cause her to blush profusely later on.

She stumbled up the aisle during Emmett and Rose's wedding. She was still blushing when they came back from their honeymoon a couple of weeks later.

I knew my shift was coming to an end and instinctively I looked up. I saw Bella enter through the Wal-Mart doors. Her eyes flickered towards the check-outs and she smiled a little when she saw me. Her eyes flickered up the illuminated number. I was on number three. Her smile grew bigger. I would like to say that it was because of myself, but with Bella... I'm pretty sure it was my number.

This was after all where it had all begun.

I had chosen her to be the first person I severed that day because she was the most beautiful woman in the line. I had watched her jig on the spot a little. I thought that it was impatience, but I soon found out that it was embarrassment. Her little ok was sinful. She had followed me even though it sounded like she didn't want to at all, it was an ego boost.

Of course I never expected to hear what I heard next, nor had I ever pictured those would be the first words I'd hear from my future wife's lips.

"I'm not a nymphomaniac."

I, being the twenty-one year old man that I was, snickered. It's not every day you scan 72 coloured condoms to a young woman. Yes, you get the odd 12 pack and the uncomfortable smile but not a profession on how one isn't a prostitute.

I kept daydreaming about the past and that first encounter with Bella... and the condoms... when I spotted her in my line. She knew that I wasn't supposed to serve her so I stared at her, trying to telepathically get her attention and such, but she was just standing there, looking at the ground, practically vibrating.

I looked at the clock. I only had five or so minutes before I was allowed to go home. That's probably why she is standing in my queue. She got closer and closer and I thought it was weird that she wasn't looking at me. Actually she was looking anywhere but at me. She looked down frequently and turned something over in her hands.

I wonder what she is holding.

I moved the people through as quickly as possible and soon enough Bella was standing there in front of me.

She placed the item down on the counter. She was a buzz with nerves. I picked up the item and ran a hand through my hair. I looked at my wife.

"Bella, seriously?"



I entered Wal-Mart and my eyes automatically searched for Edward. He found me and I smiled at him. I was nervous about being here like this. I wasn't sure if I should do this here. It is his workplace nonetheless. It was a big step in our relationship. I mean, we've never done this before. It's too soon, isn't it? Yes, yes it is. I almost turned to wait outside on the benches outside the store when I saw his number.


Damn checkout number three.

Stupid signs!

I was doing this here and now. I smiled wider and kept walking into the store. I found the aisle and moved to the section I wanted.

And then I stood.

I stared at the selection in front of me. There are a lot of choices. Why are there so many choices? Can't there just be one standout brand? The one that works the best should just be on the shelf. Why would someone want all these choices when they're just going to want the one that is most effective?

Shit, stop freaking out Bella!

I picked up the boxes and read all the stuff they preached to me trying to decide which one to buy.

So why was this so important?

Because I've, correction we've, never done this before and there's a first time for everything.

I turned around and stared at the tampon selection in front of me, trying to clear my head. Down the aisle in the tissue section with about four boxes in her trolley there was an old lady. She smiled at me. I smiled back and turned around to face them.

I blushed; I could feel her eyes on me. I look over at her and she is still staring at me. Maybe I should pick up the wrong box just to spook her. What if she supported that box? You never know, she was probably around and kicking during the sexual revolution.

Why should it really matter which box I pick up anyway? I'm a young married woman. I should not be afraid of doing this. I should not!

I returned my scrutiny to the options. Why hadn't I asked Alice or Rose to come with me? They would probably know which box to pick, or at least order me to just 'pick a goddam box already so we can watch this unfold!'

They'd probably bring a video camera just to catch Edward's face.

I actually feared Edward's reaction. Just a little... OK a lot.

I knew why I had asked them not to come, because this was a private thing I wanted to do with Edward, and beside if I asked Alice and Rose to come then I would've had to tell them my plans.

I could see the old woman edging closer out of the corner of my eye. It reminded me of the old man that had edged closer to me when I'd been down this aisle the first time, the time I met Edward unofficially. I wasn't as grossed out with her edging as I was with the man's.

I was still deliberating when I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I whirred around to see the old woman. Either I had been staring at these stupid things a long time, or she gained super speed. I have a feeling it was the previous. I can't imagine what the security guys are thinking, they've probably got bets on me or something. The old lady is probably in on it too.

The old lady gestured to the shelf behind me and I stepped aside. She reached and grabbed one of the boxes I had been looking at.

I tried to rein in my shock. She can't grab those, can she? I mean, she should be all dry and shrivelled down there, she can't possible had a need for this.

"This one deary," she said.

"Sorry, what?" I asked her, my horrid mental images had distracted me from what she had said.

"This one if the best to buy." She said holding out the box. I slowly took it from her.

"Thanks." I smiled.

She smiled and then when into a detailed description of when her daughter used one, gesticulating unaware with her hands the most graphic parts of the story, telling me how it felt and everything. I thanked her again and made a mad dash down the aisle. I could hear her calling good lucks and have funs from behind me.

I reached the end of the aisle and gave her a quick wave. I started on my way to the checkouts, well, checkout number three to be exact.

Nerves hitched up a little as I joined the queue for Edward. Edward and I hadn't exactly discussed this and here I was going to spring it on him in front of all of Wal-Mart. Yes, this good folks was going to be interesting.

I waited in the line, vibrating with nerves. I kept my eyes off of Edward. Looking at him would make me run. I could feel his eyes boring, looking for my eyes.

I was next in line and Edward's shift was almost finished, I had timed this well. Who knew my deliberation would pay off in the long run? I turned the product over in my hands. My hands were shaking and my body was buzzing wanting to let natural instinct over take and run.

Edward thanked the previous customer and then turned to me. I placed my purchase on the counter.

I needed his approval. He picked it up and ran his hand through his hair, tugging slightly. I moved from foot to foot wanting him to say something, anything?

He looked at me. "Bella, seriously?"

Bella, seriously?



I wrapped my hands around myself and looked up at my husband.



"Edward, seriously."

"You're serious?"

She rolled her eyes, "yes, dead serious." She was no longer shaking with nerves. Actually with that eye roll I was starting to think that she was getting a little bit pissed with me for not responding.

"Wait, dead serious?"

"Seriously!" She was pissed now. She folded her arms over her chest. I wouldn't be surprised if I found out her foot was tapping.

I snapped the stunned look off of my face. I smirked. I have had people purchase these from me before. Most didn't want a long ass conversation about anything and just wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible.

So I did what I would usually do.

"Do you want to pay with cash or card?"

Her eyes widened. "Edward!" She whined.

I scanned the box and then paid with my own credit card. I put up my close sign, ignoring the disgruntled customers still in the line and walked around the counter to face Bella.

I stood in front of her. "Seriously?"

She huffed, "Edward if you say seriously one more goddam time I'm gonna..." I kissed her, covering her mouth with mine. I picked her up and sat her on the counter top. Her arms wrapped around my neck and our tongues danced for dominance.

I pulled back first. "Why do you..."

She cut me off, a bit annoyed that I cut our kiss short. "I'm really fucking late." She huffed.

I kissed her briefly before I pulled back again. She sighed. I changed her sigh into a squeal as I picked her up off the counter top bridal style. I picked the test up too.

"My wife might be pregnant!" I announced to the people surrounding. "We've gotta go." Bella blushed and buried her head into my chest.

And Checkout Boy Number Three made his way out of Wal-Mart with his Nymphomaniac wife to live happily ever after.

The End

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