Written for the 30 Drabbles in 30 days challenge and the Taboo Challenge

Pairing: Draco/Ginny

Prompt: Fire

Taboo Challenge: Well, the purpose of this challenge is to write about a character or characters while avoiding the use of certain taboo phrases, characters, situations, etc.

Taboo's for Draco Malfoy I was not allowed to use: Pansy Parkinson, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Astoria Greengrass, "sneer", "pureblood"

Draco Malfoy was scared of fire. He had been, ever since Crabbe had lit the Fiendfyre, also known as the cursed fire, in the room of requirement, five years ago. He still had nightmares about it, he could see Crabbe burning in his own lit fire and he often woke up screaming. Many people thought it had been an in born phobia, an in born fear, but only his wife, his Ginny, knew that it had not been in born. The war had resulted in casualties in both sides, and her husband's nightmares were a proof of that.

It was weird, for a wizard to be scared of fire, as they had to use the floo network which was through the fireplaces, yet Draco was scared of it, seeing his own friend burn in a cursed fire. They no longer used the floo network to travel, using portkeys and apparition, a thing which often confused not her family, but also his family, but they could not explain.

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