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The First Step to Destroying a Man is Finding Out His Weakness


You've always known that you aren't the brightest kid even while growing up, but you were loyal and honest to your cause so, even though you didn't understand at times, even though you're itching to know why, you always shut your mouth and listened to whatever explanation your loved one –your queen, your goddess, your Mi Shil- told you.

She never did explain everything clearly to you but even though you were not the smartest man –like Mun No, or Chil Suk, or whoever else- you still knew how to put pieces together to solve the grand scale jigsaw puzzle.

Which is why you worry now.

There is a spark in his eyes and while he barely showed a flicker of it, a small flash of that look is all you really need to confirm your claim.

You want to ignore it at first but then it hits you that this is all too familiar.

After ten years, the look in his eyes changes –cloudier, darker- and so does the tone of his voice but you still see the passion hidden within, the obsession to posses veiled thickly by the venom of his words. He speaks and all he talks about is her, how her empire fares, how her empire should be, how she wishes for all good things for her people, how he'd do anything –everything- for her –his queen, his star, his Deok Man-.

You halt in your tracks as you stare at the man hiding behind a pillar. He doesn't see you, doesn't sense and frankly, you know he doesn't give a damn about you right now when his queen is standing over *there* with a certain general. Something clicks in the back of your head.

You pity the handle of his fan; his knuckles are turning white.

Ah, you chuckle to yourself, the boy is in love.


Note: Still, just in case some people are still wondering whose point of view I used while writing this, it's Seol Won.