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Notes: When I was writing this, I still haven't finished the drama. So I say this was set around that time when Yu Shin Rang just got back from battle. Or something.

How to be King 101: Bi Dam


It wasn't enough, wasn't it?

That you destroyed your world and lived anew. That you gave up the life you've always lived; that you didn't listen to anyone else but her. That you forgot your past; that you've abandoned your future for her sake.

That you lost yourself so you can be someone she wanted you to be, someone she could trust, someone she could need.

No, it wasn't enough.

She still wouldn't look at you. Her eyes always strayed from your direction to his.

Despite everything you did –everyone you killed, everything you sacrificed- you still can't touch her.

There is no other way now.

You have to make her see you. If not the legitimate way, then - -