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Sweet Dreams

Booth had decided it was safer to stay on the sofa in Brennan's apartment. He had curled up on the sofa ready to spend the night. He closed his eyes as pulled the duvet Brennan had given him over his torso. He knew he wouldn't sleep much. He was determined to listen out for Brennan just in case.

"Sweet dreams Bones" He smiled as he remembered how she had kissed him earlier as they tidied away the dinner plates. He touched his lips thinking about how it had been her that had initiated the kiss. Despite everything, it had been a good day.


Brennan lay on her bed. She was tired but she couldn't sleep. She stared at the ceiling hoping that sleep would claim her. She was still worried about Angela. Jack had called to say that she was being moved from the ICU and was doing well. Brennan sighed; she was worried how Angela would cope if her father was put on trial for attempted murder. She knew how badly she had taken it when Max was on trial. She closed her eyes determined that she would sleep. Then she thought about Booth and the way he had held her - as if she was the most precious thing in the world. She couldn't help but smile as she thought of the total look of shock in his face after she had kissed him. It was the last thing she had thought before sleep had finally claimed her.


Angela was glad she was out of the ICU. The doctor had been really happy with her. The blood tests had shown the oxygen levels in her blood had begun to stabilise. She was also glad that her father seemed to be safe now. She was convinced he was the shooter and while she understood why she could never condone what her father had done. She missed Jack while she was in hospital. She had called him a few times since he had left the hospital, but it wasn't the same as having him there with her. She closed her eyes, knowing that if she concentrated on getting better she would be with him sooner.


Booth was asleep as he heard the scream. He was awake in an instant. Unsure for a moment if he had heard Brennan scream. In what felt like seconds he was next to her, as she thrashed out.

"Bones" He grabbed her hands to stop her hitting out "Bones, I'm here. Its ok" He whispered as she began to quieten down in his arms "I'm here Bones. Wake up. It's ok" He watched as she finally opened her eyes.

"She was here. She took you" Brennan knew she was breathing heavily as she opened her eyes, suddenly aware that she had spoken her fears out loud. Booth sighed; he'd had similar nightmares since the court case and hated every second of it.

"She can't touch us now Bones. You are safe, so am I, so's Hodgins and Angela" He continued to hold on to her as he spoke. Brennan nodded as she relaxed in his arms, finally resting her head back on the pillow as Booth sighed. He kissed her forehead and began to move away from her.

"Stay" She whispered as Booth nodded. He lay back down on the bed and pulled her to him. She was asleep in seconds but Booth knew had little or no chance of sleep capturing him for a second time.


Cam looked out of her bedroom window. For the first time in a long time she felt things were beginning to get back to normal. Michelle was home, asleep in her room. Hodgins and Angela were safe, although she was certain Hodgins was up t something. She wasn't sure she wanted to know what. Daisy and Sweets were as infuriating and lovable as ever while the other interns carried on trying to impress them all. She shook her head as she thought about her friend and the forensic anthropologist she had come to befriend in her time at the Jeffersonian. She sighed, it was painfully obvious they were in love, she just hoped that for once, just once Seeley Booth didn't stop to think about what he thought was honourable and right and instead followed his heart. Staring at the Washington night sky Cam pulled the blind. She hoped that her team would be ok. She was pretty sure they would be, whatever happened with Angela's father they were all family. Families stuck together, as Taffet seemed to have found out to her cost. Cam shook the morbid thoughts from her mind as she crossed the room. The gravedigger had taken up too much of her thoughts and her team's time.

"No more" Cam whispered as she made her way to her bed. "No more, this time it is over."


Across town a prison guard sat at the bedside of a woman who had killed many people and tried to kill an FBI officer and government scientist. He shook his head, she looked so normal lying in the bed with the various monitors attached. The guard returned to reading the newspaper, oblivious to the fact Taffet had opened her eyes.

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