As they arrived at chuck's Sam and dean and the girls were about to knock but found the door open so they decided to walk in dean told Amy and Casey to stay behind them as they all walked in to the kitchen the place had looked like a bomb had gone off as soon as Sam turned to the door chuck jumped out and hit Sam with a plunger Sam jumped back and Jesus chuck Sam said sorry Sam but how are you still alive I mean you heart rate was 140 and you were full on dark Vader your eyes were black. you're eyes were black Sam dean asked the two girls looked at each other 50 bucks says there will be a bitch fight in the next 2minutes chuck dean and Sam look at Casey I was just saying that you two fight a lot Casey we haven't time for this Amy snapped look maybe we should try and figure how the hell we got here. Any idea chuck . to be honest wait a sec chuck there something in your hair amy said omg said chuck is that a molar ewe gross said Casey. let me guess does that belong to cass . yes casey it does why did this happen to me chuck grabbed a bottle of whiskey and started drinking amy was starting to get pretty pissed off look chuck sorry for being a bitch but what the hell are me and casey doing in here we don't belong here yeah about that chuck said you guys have a role to play in this apocalypse ?

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