Magic is Might

Nobody believed that Voldemort had returned and that was making his rise to power even easier. His new body was stronger than the last, but still weak in many ways.

'At least it functions normally' Voldemort thought to himself as he watched the blood traitor Weasleys go about their daily business. Today they were leaving The Burrow for the Order's headquarters. Voldemort had a plan and needed to be quick and precise. They feared attack but still forgot to use silencing charms around their house. He had heard the entire plan to move the family there.

He waited for the driver to arrive. Kingsley Shacklebolt was completely unaware of the disillusioned, snakelike Voldemort hovering above him. The Weasleys hurried out of the house to the car. He would only have a split second… The car was parked with the door open right next to the gate...

There was a great whooshing sound and Ginny was flying through the air. All she could hear was her mother's screams and then suddenly nothing. Everything had gone black and there was no sound.

She woke up in a strange place. She felt cold and alone.

"Awake at last?... You took your time." She heard the snake like hiss come from the dark. To scared to move she tried to adjust her eyes to the dark. She saw they outline of a tall hooded figure. Then she screamed and screamed until she couldn't breathe. His cold laugh pierced her heart like and icy blade.

"Ginevra stop, no one can hear you here. You are very well hidden. I have missed you and your young body." Voldemort calmly stated.

"Wh… why have you missed me?" she asked dumbfounded.

"You will see in time." He replied laughing at her bewildered expression. He silently stunned her, exhausted from the day's activities. He exited the room after placing charms on the only window, locking the door behind him he let out a contented sigh. Soon his plan would be complete.

When Ginny awoke the next day the sun was high in the sky already. She looked to the clock on the wall. It was midday. She stretched and rubbed her eyes trying to remember what happened. She sat up suddenly when she realized she wasn't in a familiar place. She looked around cautiously. Everything was black and dark green. She was sitting on a king sized four poster bed with dark green silk sheets. It was comfortable but cold. She suddenly became aware of somebody watching her.

Voldemort was sitting next to the bed watching her intently. She jumped when she realized who he was, at first glance she wasn't sure. He was different, he had thick black hair and dark browns eyes with a red tinge. He didn't look like Harry had described.

"Why have you brought me here? Where am I?" She screeched at him.

"I am going to talk honestly with you and I do not wish to be interrupted." Voldemort said without even a hint of a hiss. She was slightly shocked by his tone it was warmer than last night.

"You are a guest in my home and therefore you will respect my rules. You will not be rude to my staff or me, ever. You will eat with me three times a day and you will wear what I tell you to. I urge you not to lie to me and warn you that if you do I will punish you severely. You may have noticed I do not like being disobeyed…" He paused, she stayed silent waiting for him to continue.

"Did you miss me?" He asked gently.

"Yes, but no. I hate you for using me and leaving me." She replied determined not to disobey him. She wanted to live after all.

"That was essential Ginevra, but I did not mean to leave you. I would have brought you back when I had returned. However you dear friend put a stop to it. I know you may find this hard to believe, but Lord Voldemort does love and he has chosen you. I chose you from the moment you wrote in my diary, however if you ever let that piece of information slip to anyone I will not hesitate in killing you. Do you understand?" He asked hoping she would not lose her head and start, he shuddered, crying.

"I understand, but why have you chosen me? My family are blood traitors!" She said, slightly worried she would anger him.

"You can make up for your sins against The Dark Lord." He whispered as he looked deep into her eyes. She shivered, not because of the cold, but because of the hunger in his eyes.

"Now I wish you to wash and dress, it is lunchtime and you must be hungry. I have left some clothes hanging in the ensuite for you. The dining room is at the end of the hall, when you're ready." And with that he left her alone in the room once more.