Dumbledore was watching Ginevra intently while she processed all the new information. She knew his moods were strange and erratic. She knew the monster was changing.

"Voldemort doesn't love, but Tom Riddle does." Dumbledore's words echoed in her brain. He was slowly becoming human again. His horcruxes were almost gone, Nagini and one other remained. Once they were destroyed he would become mortal.

'Snape really is on the side of the light.' Ginevra thought to herself. Severus had been supplying his 'Master' with a weekly potion that suppressed his evil thoughts and urges. He had gotten the idea when a muggle had protested loudly about his antipsychotic medication during an alcohol fuelled rant in a dingy pub. To everyone's surprise it had worked and Voldemort was becoming a little less evil every day.

His behaviour was becoming more understandable. Even his muggle persona had started writing songs that were mixed with love and hate. He was conflicted, his memories telling him to act one way and his new feelings telling him to act another way.

"It all makes sense now." She whispered.

Ginevra began to worry. What would happen once all the horcruxes were destroyed? Would they send him to Azkaban or just kill him? Her heart began to beat rapidly in her chest at the thought. With eyes filled with tears she looked up at Dumbledore.

"What happens next?" She choked out.

"You return to him until we destroy the other horcruxes."

At his words everyone started yelling. Molly pulled Ginevra to her chest and held her as she mumbled "Not my baby. No, no, no."

"SILENCE!" Everyone looked at Dumbledore in surprise. "We cannot jeopardise our plan by keeping Miss Weasley from him. She is responsible for him handing over the title of Minister for Magic to me and promising the position of Head Auror to Mr. Potter. I am sure that, even with the aid of Severus' potion, if the only person he loves is taken from him he will seek her out in the only way he knows how. Brute force."

Everyone looked down at his words and an awkward silence hung in the air. There was no denying the truth behind them. Ginevra had once again become a pawn in their plan. A very important one.

"Well I think it's time we all tucked into Molly's treacle tart. It's looks delicious!" Dumbledore rubbed his hands together and smiled.

Ginevra spent the next hour trying to enjoy her mother's cooking and her family's company. Hermione had given her a galleon which, when turned three times, would transport her back to them. She could also use it to send messages if she ever had her wand returned to her. It was time to return to her husband and she tried her best to look upset instead of relieved. She was hugged by everyone again and just when she thought she would suffocate in her mother's chest Hermione handed her a portkey and she was back in her little garden.

"I trust everything went well Miss Weasley?"

"Oh yes, fine and fucking dandy. Where is my husband?" She hissed at Snape.

"Inside on your bed. He'll wake in a few minutes, shall we?" He gestured to the open door unfazed by her anger.

She pushed past him and rushed into the cottage to her husband's side. When she reached him he was fidgeting restlessly and sweating profusely. Ginevra lightly rested her hand on his forehead and felt the intense heat radiating from him.

"My Lord?" She whispered, but he didn't respond. "Can you hear me, My Lord?" Still nothing.

"Tom?" She softly whispered in his ear, mindful of Snape standing in the doorway. His eyes snapped open and searched frantically for her. He reached for her as soon as he laid his eyes upon her.

"Shh it's ok I'm here." Ginevra stroked his thick black hair.

"What is happening to me? Where is Severus?" He croaked out.

"I'm here My Lord and I must beg for your forgiveness. The frog liver I used in your potion mustn't have been fresh enough. Your appearance will revert back somewhat and you may feel unwell for several days. I have a potion for the pain if you would like it?" Severus rushed out.

Ginevra realised it was the first time she had heard him sound scared. She looked over to her husband wondering how he would take all this.

"Severus I am disappointed with how lax you were with my potion. You will punish yourself for this mistake, I find I do not have the energy. Twelve cuts, one inch deep and 4 inches long on your thigh NOW!" His eyes flashed red and his skin became pale and grey.

Ginevra watched in horror as Snape pulled his trousers down and held his pale slightly hairy thigh out for Voldemort to see. He slowly ran his wand over his leg twelve times and blood poured out of him. Ginevra couldn't look away from him. She wouldn't have even known he was in pain, his face remained impassive, but his labored breathing gave him away.

"That will suffice. You may stop the bleeding, but leave the wounds to heal in their own time. Now leave us." Voldemort waved his hand dismissively.

"Yes My Lord, thank you My Lord."

"Ginevra, go fetch me a glass of water." The red faded slightly from his eyes when he looked at her.

Ginevra rushed to the kitchen and dry retched into the sink as quietly as she could. Her hands shook as she filled a glass with water for him. 'Just when I get used to him be almost kind he does something callous. How can I love him when he truly is a monster?!' Ginevra looked out the kitchen window for several long seconds trying to compose herself. She silently prayed to whatever entity or force that was out there to somehow save the man she loved. Knowing full well he needed to be saved from himself.

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