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The night that James and Lily Potter died, there was a storm raging outside. It had grown dark, rain seemed to come from every direction, the wind blew ferociously, and lightning struck over the sky in rapid succession. Every person in England, for a few hours ceased contact with the outside world. No telephones worked, their TV's had gone out, even the radio stations stopped broadcasting. The Gods and Goddesses on Olympus were in mourning for their own child who had lost his demi-god parents.

Harry Potter was fated. He had to obtain immortality, without trying to gain it. He had favor with nearly every Immortal being upon his birth. He was the grandson to Zeus and to Athena from James and Lily respectively. It was an odd linage from his parents, but not only that, some where, about two generations back, Harry was related to Hades from his father's side and a little farther back Hermes, Poseidon, Athena, and Ares could be found. That was how the title "pure blood" originated. It was not wizards, in the beginning, but being related to an Olympian. The Potters, among a few other families, kept with the traditions of following the Greek traditions, but with the Muggleborns coming into society, their ideals were seen as archaic and abandoned. Though, many times the Muggleborns are products of an Olympian encounter, as of late, they had been less interested in England causing the influx of Muggleborns to come from a 'squib' line.

The Potters, however, still worshiped the Olympians and had earned their favor throughout the years with their steadfast loyalty. Harry had a little bit of each of the Gods and Goddesses within him at some point, although the most recent blood was more prominent, not to mention the blood of one of the "Big Three" was more potent and generally manifested somehow no matter the generational gap.

The Olympians were very happy to have a child worthy to gain immortality they could not wait to bestow their gifts upon him. In their excitement, they did not wait, except Zeus, he wanted to give this child something truly special. Aphrodite gave him his hair, which she insisted would look gorgeous when he was older and needed it. Apollo and Artemis granted him clear vision. Apollo granted dream clairvoyance while Artemis granted him physically perfect vision. Poseidon gifted him safe passage in waters and affinity with water and water creatures. Hades allowed him luck against death, it did not make him immortal, just allowed him luck when encountering death, luck however was neither good or bad, it is what the user intends to do with it. Ares granted him courage in battle, knowing that he would need it if he wanted to reach immortality. Demeter gave him a green thumb, Hera allowed him to use a wand efficiently, but also gave him what the wizards called "wandless magic". Hephaestus granted him the ability to adjust to any weapon that could be forged. Hestia gifted affinity with fire, and finally Hermes granted him the ability to always find what was ever stolen from him. Athena gifted him with a quick mind for strategy and Dionysus gifted him with strong walls around his mind to protect from any kind of invasion. Accentually, Harry had natural Occulmency shields.

All of these gifts created a personality for this little child that helped to shape him along the way. However, the Fates still did not like it when the Gods of Olympus played in the mortal realm. Disaster struck in the form of Voldemort. The Potters were killed, as they were mortal. However, when the Dark Wizard aimed his want at young Harry, Zeus struck a lightning bolt down to earth to deflect the curse. Hades gift of luck allowed Harry to survive the damage caused by Zeus' drastic measures. Being the grandson also allowed him the affinity with air. Harry's only mark from that night was a lightning bolt scar upon his forehead.

It was on this night that the Potter family was broken. After a few hours, the storm subsided, Harry was collected by Hagrid, and is brought to live with at the Dursley's house. Due to the intervention of the Fates and the rules of Olympus there was no immortal contact between him and the Gods without consequence. A consequence they were not willing to endure.

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