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Chapter 3: First Time Home

It had been a week since Harry met the Malfoys. A week since he ate. A week since he left his cupboard. A week since he was almost beaten to death. At least, he thinks it's been a week.

When he got home, Vernon was furious. Lucius Malfoy said that his son and Harry had gotten on so well the he just took them to dinner; that he hadn't thought to ring the Dursleys. Petunia nodded, smiled, and said it was alright. She then ushered the man out, discreetly. It wasn't even two minutes later that Harry was dragged to the kitchen. It started with smacks, then punches. When Harry fell to the ground, Vernon began to stomp and kick at the small body. The large man shouted abuse all the while. Then, Vernon took off his belt and began to lash at Harry's exposed back. The final attack came in the form of a knife.

Vernon carved 'FREAK' into Harry back. The letters jagged and stacked along his spine, to cause more pain. And as he carved and Harry screamed all he said was, "You deserve this!" It was a mantra he had said the whole time he beat his nephew. Vernon dragged the bleeding, unconscious boy to his cupboard and tossed him in, not caring if he hurt him worse.

Now, Harry lay on his blood soaked, ratty mattress. He was feverish and shivering in pain. His wounds ached and were infected and his bruises were all black, purple, or bluish. His left eye was swollen shut and his breathing sound wet. Every time he moved, pain would over take him, and his vision would blur. He vaguely heard the heavy, pounding footsteps coming toward his cupboard.

Harry wouldn't survive another round with Vernon. He knew this, and so did, he's sure, his uncle. The lock on his cupboard click, just as the door bell rang. Vernon's footsteps started again, and went to the front door. Harry heard voices travel to the living room. He began to doze when his uncle began shouting, cause him to flinch and whimper in pain.

"You're one of those freaks! Like that freak boy you lot left here! I won't have your kind of filth here! How dare you come here and make demands of my family! You're disturbing the home of good, decent, normal people!" Vernon shouted, fury painting his voice. Harry could imagine the perfect shade of purple his face had turned. That's when Harry registered what the large man said.

'Freaks? Like me? Maybe…" Harry quickly pushed the thought away. There was no way anyone would be coming for him. No one wanted him.

"You want him? Take him! Take the ungrateful, good for nothing! I don't care, just get out! I want nothing," Suddenly there was quite for just a second. This was followed by Petunia's shriek and a loud thump.

"He's in the cupboard! Take him and go!"

Harry heard quick, soft footsteps near his cupboard, then the lock being turned. The door flew open and the light blinded Harry momentarily. When he could see, he gave a chocked sob. There, gently moving Harry out of his cupboard was Lucius Malfoy.

"Shh, I'll take you to a healer, get you home, fed, and in a warm bed before you know it, child." The man murmured soothingly.

"Why?" Harry choked as he was lifted into the blonde man's arms.

"Do you have anything of importance?" Lucius ignored Harry's question for now. Harry shook his head. "Let's just make sure. Accio Harry Potter's belongings." The man had his wand already in hand. Thumps were heard from over head, then two trunks thumped and thudded their way down the stairs. Lucius quickly shrank them and floated them to his pocket. Then he swiftly left the house via apparition.

Harry cried out as they reappeared in the waiting room of St. Mungo's. Lucius turned to the mediwitch behind the desk.

"Get me the best healer, and get him now!" he ordered. The poor woman nodded and rushed off. It took only a minute for her to come back with a mediwizard.

"Quickly, let's get the boy to a room." For Harry the whole experience was a blur. One minute he was in the most pain he'd ever been in, and then he was numb. Finally, hi world was the blissful black of unconsciousness.

Lucius watched in trepidation as the healer worked. It had taken longer than he liked to get the papers, but now they were signed and he had physical proof from the healer that the boy was abused. Harry Potter was going to live with him and be raised properly. And Albus Dumbledore wouldn't be able to take the boy from him.

When Harry woke next, he was in the most comfortable bed he'd ever been in. A pile of fluffy pillows were behind him and warm, thick, soft blankets covered him. He looked around the room and found the walls were pale blue with a white ceiling. The floor was black marble and the desk, bedside tables, and the bed were made of dark oak. To the left of the bed was a dark oak door and on the right were another two. Right in front of the bed was a set of French doors leading to a balcony.

"Where am I?"

"In your new room, at Malfoy Manor." Harry jumped and snapped his head toward the door to the left. In the door way stood Lucius and a woman with pale blonde hair and silver blue eyes. "This is my wife, Narcissa." The woman nodded at Harry but looked as if she wanted to be anywhere else.

"My room? What do you mean by that?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"I mean that you live here now, Harry. I've adopted you." Harry stared in shock, not really believing him.

"I...I don't have to go back to the Dursleys'?" Lucius shook his head. Harry felt tears welling in his eyes and began to babble. "I'll clean and cook and garden! I know how to do the laundry, too. I-"

"Harry. You don't need to do any of that, we have elves for that. You only have to be a little boy here, not a servant. This is your home now, Harry." Harry turned away as he finally gave into tears, and had to keep his body from shaking with his sobs.

'I've never had a home…'


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