Summary: Seven years after the downfall of Kronos, Percy Jackson has been gifted… and cursed. Percabeth.

I tried to wake up from the dream, honest. And if I could've I probably would've made myself realize what was happening. In my dream, Aphrodite the goddess of love was holding out a golden apple to Zeus and Poseidon. Zeus refused and said something to her that made her roll her eyes.

She tossed the apple to Poseidon and it seemed that before he could realize what was happening- the apple was in his hold. His eyes were wide with horror at the golden fruit. Zeus didn't seem sympathetic, but Aphrodite's expression made it seem like she had just realized what she had done.

She reached out to snatch the apple away but Zeus stopped her almost immediately. There was no obvious emotion on his face but in his eyes he seemed relieved. A cold silence ran through the room and there was a sudden chill on me. The apple melted away to a golden puddle in my father's hands.

Aphrodite closed her eyes as the liquid lifted from his hand and formed a floating bubble. All eyes were on the golden apple of late. The vision blurred for a moment and then a blinding light ruptured. Sounds of women crying in pain and screaming filled my ears. I tried to tune it out or make it stop but nothing changed. A rough voice cried out briefly. My ear drums were ringing from all the noises of suffering.

My dream shifted to Half-Blood Hill. A girl with dirty blonde curls was lugging a duffel bag behind her, past Thalia's tree. She was in an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt and dark blue jeans. Night silence was ringing in my ears now, but the screams were a constant faint drone in the background. I seemed to focus in on the girl and her grey eyes cast a glance at the stars. It was Annabeth. She was back at camp after three years of staying in the mortal world for college.

I hadn't seen her in three years and she was finally back at camp. I wanted to feel nothing towards her arrival, but this was Annabeth. My first love and all that mushy stuff. And it was true. I was ecstatic towards her arrival. Even my dream self was giddy. Like a school girl.

I heard someone calling my name and there was a rough hand on my shoulder. I woke up to Grover bleating in my ear, "Peerrrccyy!" Grover immediately pulled his hand away from me.

"What's wrong?"

"Uh… nothing. Just a splinter." He shook his hand and backed away from my bunk as I got up. "Guess who's here!" he tried to hide his smile. I knew he was just trying to be sensitive, but it wasn't working. We were both excited.

I smiled and urged Grover out of the cabin with me. We walked past the strawberry fields where a few early birds were at work picking the strawberries. Two satyrs were blowing on their reed pipes and the strawberries were thriving and dancing in the dawn wind. Grover trotted ahead to the Big House, but something held me back. I realized that I didn't want to catch up with Annabeth yet. I was worried about something.

Regardless, my feet kept going all the way up the steps and across the porch. I entered the blue and white house and found Chiron sitting in his wheelchair next to Grover. Annabeth sat with her back to me but she had stopped talking abruptly, like she sensed I was here.

She turned around and I met her grey eyes, "Percy." She said.


Grover and Chiron glanced at each other awkwardly and Chiron cleared his throat, "Yes, well, my dear, you may join your cabin if you'd like. I would prefer to speak with Percy alone." Grover bleated but followed Annabeth out.

I sat down in front of Chiron, "Where's Mr. D?"

Chiron sighed nonchalantly and said: "He decided that he deserved a break. He's somewhere in the back of the house. So, Percy, would you care to tell me why your father paid the camp a visit this morning?" I must've looked extremely confused. Chiron nodded, "He said something about a golden apple?"

My heart froze in my chest. After thinking about what he had said I started hearing the screams from my dream. A woman cried out in pain and an image of a man appeared in my head. He was clearly passing away. "I don't know."

"Well, if you have any idea you'll tell me?" he looked up at me and tossed his graying hair away from his face. I nodded. I knew he was trying to hold back something, but he obviously couldn't. "Percy… Tell me about your dream." I was taken aback by his knowledge. I mean, I knew Chiron knew a lot, but it was like he could predict the future or something.

I glanced around and I wasn't sure how Chiron would interpret the dream. I reluctantly told him and his face paled slightly. He stood up from his wheelchair, one white hoof after the other, until he towered over me. He trotted over to the front door, "Percy. There has been talk of a new god. A… replacement for the great god Pan."

"Yeah, that's Grover. The Chosen One of Pan." I nodded.

"Not exactly. Grover is in charge of the Wild as you said, but he's not immortal. It's about balance, Percy. One of Aphrodite's golden apples was used for the transfer of the gift. We have reason to believe that you were the chosen one." He said calmly. I always wondered how Chiron could be so light-hearted and cheerful.

"Wait," I said, "How? Chosen for what?"

I could tell that Chiron was getting frustrated, but the whole thing was too much for any demigod to handle. He sighed and said, "Percy, your father took the apple. You haven't fully adjusted to the form; you don't have your full powers."

"So, if I am a god, then what is my domain? Do I have any special power?"

"No one will know until you have your full powers. And Percy," he pursed his lips, "it's gonna hurt. Bad."

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