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Kyo sighed quietly (in relief) as he saw a certain boar walk past the closet he was hiding in.

"Kyo! Kyo! My love! Where are you?" Kagura sang as she searched the Sohma house for her darling Kitty.
I wonder where he is...? She thought and sighed in slight frustration.

- Flash back -

Earlier that morning Kagura decided to give her beloved a visit.
Tohru happily let the boar in and greeted her with a "Hello" and a smile.
Then Kagura saw Kyo, and, well, you can guess what happened next.
Kagura was so happy to see him. Kyo ran for his life as she chased him around the house.
She finally caught him and hugged him so tightly, that Kyo thought he was going to be crushed to death.
Luckily, he thought up an idea that would get him away from her and out of harm's way.
The clever kitty suggested that they play a game of Hide and Seek.
Kagura happily agreed to the suggestion.

- End flash back -

Kyo carefully exited the closet as quietly as possible. He then slid down the hall and carefully looked around to make sure Kagura was no where in sight. He smirked when he saw to trace of the boar and quickly ran up the stairs.
"Shit!" He whispered in frustration when he heard her voice. He looked around and saw her coming up the stairs.
He ran to the first room he saw, opened the door, went inside, and locked the door. He sighed with relief and slid to the floor.
He looked up and saw a certain rat looking at him weirdly.

"What the hell are you staring at?" Kyo asked as he stood up.

"You. Wondering why you're in my room." Yuki stated then continued with his homework.

"Kyooooo~ Where aaaarrre yooooou?"

"Never mind." Yuki smirked.

"Shit!" Kyo panicked and hid in Yuki's closet.
Yuki rolled his eyes and chuckled quietly.

Kagura knocked on Yuki's bedroom door. "Yuki? Can I come in please?"

"Sure." The rat answered.

Kagura opened the door and quickly glanced around and frowned upon not seeing Kyo.
"Yuki, do you know where Kyo is?" She asked.

Yuki thought for a moment. He was contemplating on whether or not he should tell her.
After all, this would be great pay-back for all the times Kyo's been rude to him.
But then he thought it would be immature to rat him out like that. He knew Kyo didn't like Kagura very much.

He decided to do the mature thing.

"He's in the closet."

Kagura beamed and rushed to the closet, where muffled profanity could be heard.

"Kyo!" The boar exclaimed as she opened the closet door.

Kyo pushed her out of the way and ran like hell out the bedroom door.

Kagura blinked in shock as she got off the floor and dusted herself off.
She looked over at Yuki who just shrugged. Kagura sighed then ran after the orange cat.

Kyo ran to the backyard, then climbed up a tree.
Kagura ran to the backyard also, because she saw where he went.
She looked around then noticed something moving in a tree. "Kyo!" She ran over to the tree and started shaking it like a madwoman.
"Kyo! Come down my love!

Kyo tried desperately to not fall, but failed.
He fell off and landed on the excited boar.
Kagura hugged him and Kyo sighed. "I give up." He announced with a tired voice.

Kagura giggled. "You're not very good at Hide and Seek, are you?" She continued to giggle.

"Whatever." Kyo growled. He decided he was never going to play Hide and Seek with Kagura again.

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