Title: Knock Three Times
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Series: ENT
Rating: PG-13
Code: R/S
Part: 1/1 NEW
Date: February 12, 2002

Summary: Malcolm and Hoshi share a secret moment.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters, etc., I am just
using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.

Note of Appreciation. Special thanks to my beta readers: P.J.
Sutherland and Ronda Sexton.

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Knock Three Times


Looking around to make sure the coast was clear, she knocked --
three short raps, a pause and one more rap. She could have used
the buzzer, but it was too loud. Someone might hear.

Silently, the door slid open, she slipped inside, the door slid
closed, and she was soon encircled into his arms.

"It's been too long," Hoshi breathed, her lips lax.

"Two hours and eighteen minutes," Malcolm replied. "It seemed
like years." He pressed his lips against hers and kissed her
deeply. His tongue probed between her lips.

Hoshi's tongue tangled with his fervently. Her hands gripped
Malcolm around his neck and pulled him closer to her.

Laughing, he pressed away from her slightly. "You're anxious
tonight, my dear. Remember, we have all night."

She smiled. She never thought when she stepped foot on the ship
those many months ago that she could ever be this happy, this

Malcolm returned the kiss and led her over to his bed. It was
narrow, purely regulation, not much more than 100 centimeters
wide, but it was enough. Of course they didn't have much room,
they had to lay very close, but they didn't mind. Usually one
spooned the other, or they would take turns being one on top of
the other. Pushing her back down against the bed, the Brit
ravaged Hoshi with kisses.

"And you kn-know they c-could call us both to our posts at any
time." Hoshi's voice faltered due to Malcolm's attentions.

"It's hard... to argue with....such logic. Are you sure....your
blood isn't green?" he replied in between kisses. Pausing for a
moment, he rested on his elbow and looked down lovingly into her
brown velvet eyes.

Hoshi reached up and finger-combed his dark hair back over his
ear. "I'll never be Vulcan. Is it logical for us to maintain
this relationship? For us to take turns sneaking to each other's
cabins at night? Is it logical to expect that we can keep this a

"Actually I think some people are starting to suspect. Commander
Tucker asked me today at lunch if I liked Japanese food."

"I had supper with him tonight. He asked me if I have ever had
Yorkshire pudding."

"I guess the secret is out."

"Think he'll keep quiet about it?"

"Oh probably. He doesn't want it known that he has feelings for

"You're kidding?!"

"Nope. I'm surprised you didn't know it. You are very

Hoshi grinned. "I was the one that convinced you that we could
be good together."

"And oh how right you were." Malcolm recalled the way she'd make
excuses to talk to him and how she had eventually got him to come
to her cabin one night to pick up a report. He had spent the

"Malcolm, what did you tell Trip?"


"His question at lunch."

"Oh...about Japanese food?"


"I told him I adored it." He nibbled on her bare neck and then
her earlobe. She sighed with delight.

The End.

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