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The story of the Lord of the Dance

The Gypsies part I

The rain pattered serenely against the thick wooden walls and along with the trolley smooths motion, it was soporific. But the beautiful Esmeralda could not sleep. She glanced over at her little sister, who slept in a corner with her blanket tightly entwined around her body. She looked peaceful. Esmeralda envied her. But what could you ask from a child if not peaceful dreams, before the adult world upon them? She loved Morrighan high and her greatest desire was to protect her from the world's evil, but knew it could never be possible. As their parents had gone before them, Esmeralda would also pass away day and who would protect and take care of Morrighan when that day came if not herself? Therefore, she pushed the girl hard and mercilessly during their training sessions. Every dance step would be ideal, posture would be impeccable and the charisma mysterious and appealing. Morrighan was doing well at every training session, but just doing well wasn't enough. No dance was ever perfect, no single motion was fully developed and, above all, no dancer was ever irreplaceable. Jacek said she was too hard on the girl. Perhaps she was, but it was for her own good. She herself learned it the hard way the day their parents died, she didn't wished her precious sister same fate.

But it was not concern about her sister who made her sleepless, but the horrible rumors she had heard. Jacek's voice suddenly rang out and the cart stopped with a jerk.

"Stop the cars!" Esmeralda heard him jump down from the driver's seat. Slowly she rose from the floor, crept to the door and opened it carefully. With a last glance at her sleeping sister, she slipped out into the dim light of dawn.

Jacek and the other drivers stood some distance from the wagons. They talked excitedly to each other while they gazed toward the woods. Esmeralda joined them. Usually, in this era, it wasn't acceptable for a woman to "interfere in the affairs of men", but they accepted her as an equal, much thanks to the fact that Jacek had a crush on her.

Apparently one of the men had seen something move among the trees and been taken by such surprise that he would have driven into the car in front of him if his draft animals hadn't stopped in time. This poor fellow was now yelled at by Jacek whom, due to lack of sleep, wasn't at his best mood.

'How stupid can you be? Are you blind, man? "Jacek went on.

"But I swear I saw something."The man tried to defend himself. "It was small and luminous, shone as brightly as the sunlight, and played on a flute. I swear on my life that I heard a flute playing!" To this, Jacek snorted.

"Your pitiful life is hardly worth more than what fits in a fingernail and hardly credible." He turned to the rest of the men and said mockingly: "Anyone else seen, or heard for that matter, this so-called essence?" Many of them agreed something Jacek hadn't counted on.

"I heard a flute too." said an elderly man. "Bright, appealing tunes. Very beautiful played, I must say."

A young man said: "It is said there is such a being in the Celtic faith, a little spirit serving Mother Nature. It is said to play on a…"

"Nonsense!" Jacek hissed. "That is unproven, unfounded, fabricated stories made by adults to scare young children. And on you it certainly has succeeded!" He gave on last angry glance at them all (except Esmeralda) and walked back towards his wagon. The poor young man looked guilty at the ground, embarrassed at having failed to please Jacek, whom he so fervently admired.

Esmeralda would just say a few comforting words to him when beautiful tunes suddenly rang through the air. Everyone froze, including Jacek who was about to climb back up on the driver's seat of his wagon.

"There it is again!" a man shrieked. The other men murmured and in the corner of her eyes she saw the draw back in horror. But she hardly noticed them, no; her eyes were fixated on the small but beautiful creature that appeared before them. It was almost luminous, the face was at the same time childish, youthful and mature and the eyes revealed decades of war and peace, pain and joy, sorrow and laughter, love and hate, life and death.

The creature bowed before her.

"Fair maiden, please fear not, I'm not here to harm you." It spoke with such a lovely voice and the beautiful gypsy dared to trust it, for she saw in its eyes an honesty she had never seen anywhere else. On the contrary it looked vulnerable, as if it was close to tears.

"My name is Cara. This forest tonight has tonight been an atrocity so terrible that even the gods find it hard to forgive what has happened." In front of her eyes, she saw it: a surprise attack on what looked like a camp, men, women and children brutally murdered and a child, a boy, who found them and then men in dark robes.

"I understand." She said. The creature, Cara, nodded and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Jacek was the first to reach her, even though he was at the far distance.

"Esmeralda? "he asked anxiously. When she didn't respond, he gently took her face in her hands and stroked her cheeks. Her eyes were blank and expressionless; she didn't even seem know he was there. Instead, she began to walk, past him and those who now had reached her, into the trees.

"What happened?" one of the men said, mostly into thin air. "That thing just disappeared and Esmeralda seems to be ... well ... crazy!" The minute later, the same man lay on the ground with a likely broken nose.

6th chapter up. It took longer than i thought...I know I told you that in the next chapter, Aidan would meet someone...well, basically, he is about to meet someone but I wanted everyone to meet the Gypsies and (ta da!) Morrighans past first. In this chapter we meet Esmeralda ,who is Morrighans older sister, whose beauty and talent probably ourages Morrighan's own since she's only 11-12 now and Esmeralda is eighteen. As you might already know, Esmeralda is a very caring person who can seem very hard, even cruel in her training of Morrighan. It's already obvious that Jacek, the troups leader, is very fond of her and that the men respect her. I refuse to believe that it's only because she's Jacek's love-interest. Oh, and in the end of the chapter, Esmeralda is more or less hypnotized- but I guess you've already found that out^^

I'm not very good in english, so there might be some gramatic and spelling mistakes, but I hope that doesn't ruin the story ^^

(For you who doesn't know, this is the behind the scenes story(or whatever I can call it) of The Lords travel from his past to be his future self and how he come to have such realtionships with the other characters.)

Please write what you think of the story so far :)~