Okay, here is the first chapter of my newest story. It's short, but that's because well...it's mainly the intro. Remember, this is a Takumi story, so don't get nervous if this chapter is non-Takumi related. Just wait till the second chapter, okay? Anyway, I'd like to thank Blazorna aka Kamen Rider Thorn for the idea. So on that note, I hope you enjoy this story. Now read, dammit! And for the record, the story will be between 5-6 chapters long but I'm still not sure.

From the Shadows

Chapter 1

Blood covered the walls and carpet, staining everything a dark crimson. Although the room was dim, the splashes of red were a shocking contrast to the snow-white surroundings. The glass windows were smeared with the grisly mess, and even the ceiling had been sprayed scarlett. On the bed lay the form of a girl, her body so mutilated that it was nearly unreconizable. Her light brown hair was tied into pigtails and matted with blood. Cerulean blue eyes stared vacantly at the stained ceiling, dull with death. Bits of splintered bone were scattered over the bedding and the floor, and chunks of what used to be her internal organs were strewn about.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing of all, however, was the sight of the girl's chest. A large, gaping hole was present where her heart used to be, leaving behind a gushing cavern. Her heart was now displayed a few feet above the headboard of the bed, sliced directly in half. Each half had been pinned to the wall with a single nail, bloody droplets trickling down from them. Muscles and some fat tissue slipped through the wide gashes in her maimed body, the glistening appendages gut-wrenching. Whoever had done this to her had not held back in their aggression, making sure that she had been butchered to the fullest brutality.

The mangled girl was not alone in the room. Lying on the floor was the corpse of an eighteen year-old boy, his head completely severed from his body. A pool of blood surrounded the body, drenching his clothes. His decapitated head was a few feet away in its own puddle of blood. The stump of his neck bone was visible through the bottom, as his head had been cleanly removed with one swift movement.

"Why did you do it?" A soft voice asked. "Why did you do this to me? You know that I love you..."

Crouching beside the corpse of the young man was a girl who was the same age. Her long, straight black hair flowed down her back and ended at her waist, and her bangs stopped just below her eyebrows. She was wearing a school uniform, which consisted of a black pleated skirt, black thigh-high socks, a white collared shirt, and a black jacket. Her jacket had four gold buttons to keep it closed, and a red ribbon was right between the folds of the collar.

She cast her ruby eyes to the young man's head and gathered it into her arms. "You were foolish to do this to me, Hatori... Did you honestly think that I would never find out about you and Minako over there?"

The raven-haired girl threw a disgusted glance to the dead girl on the bed. Minako was wearing a uniform identical to hers, though it was so ripped and stained that the similarities were no longer visible. Blood was pouring out of her several wounds, saturating the bed's white covers and causing them to stick together.

"I'm not saying that I'm surprised, though." The girl looked down at her own uniform, noting the spots of blood in various places. "After all, Minako's very pretty. She's also popular...wealthy...and is Class President... Who wouldn't want to be with her?"

Hatori's head was cradled in her arms, tilted so that his face was directed at hers. However, instead of staring back, his brown eyes were still wide in surprise from his sudden death. His mouth was gaped open, stuck in a silent scream.

"I watched as you left school with her... I followed you to her house in my own car... I snuck inside only minutes after the two of you entered." A tiny smirk appeared on her pink lips. "From outside her bedroom I saw you on her bed with her and watched as you put your hands all over her body...the same hands that you had used to touch mine..."

Amongst the sickening mess was a discarded machete, its blade covered in a thick coating of blood that was beginning to coagulate. Red drops sprinkled down from the ceiling occasionally, some of them landing in puddles while others made new spots on the once-white floor. The only other sound was the clock on the desk, quietly ticking away the seconds.

"I'm glad that I thought to bring that machete with me. Wonder what would've happened if I hadn't brought it with me... But since I care about you so much, I decided to make your death quick and mostly painless. Minako, however, was a different situation. She knew that I loved you, but she didn't care... She only cares about herself. But I suppose that doesn't matter anymore, does it? The sounds of her screams are what fueled me to keep going. I let her feel the pain that the two of you caused me unrelentlessly."

Her ruby eyes glinted with satisfaction as she remembered the massacre she had caused only minutes ago. The quick swipe of the blade through her boyfriend's neck...Minako's horrified screams...the endless spray of blood and bodily debris...it had all been perfect.

The girl began to stroke Hatori's hair with one hand, her fingers becoming sticky with his blood. "You may have found her to be an 'upgrade' from me . However...that's no excuse to do something to the person you're supposed to care about. It's unexcusable and usually unforgivable."

Hatori's eyes continued to gaze lifelessly into her face, his mouth still agape. Yet his open mouth was firmly closed seconds later by his girlfriend's slick, red-coated fingers.

"I'll never forget what you did to me," the schoolgirl said in a gentle voice. "But I will forgive you despite the fact that you hurt me so much. I shouldn't forgive you. But I will."

She lifted his severed head up a bit higher, letting her lips touch his for a delicate kiss. When she pulled away, a smear of scarlett was left behind on her lips. Her tongue ran across the smear, licking the small mess away. Hatori's blood tasted slightly metallic and coppery, yet still retained a sweetness to it.

The schoolgirl gazed wistfully at her deceased boyfriend's corpse, then crawled over to it. Hatori was wearing a school uniform as well, the only difference being the fact that he wore pants instead of a skirt.

"Such a shame," the raven-haired girl muttered, letting one of her hands rest on his chest. "I know that your heart is no longer beating and being pumped with blood. Minako's in now pinned to the wall in two separate halves. Had things been different, both of your hearts would still be beating with life...and hers in one piece for that matter..."

She continued to cradle his head in one of her arms, feeling the skin of his face growing cold. The air was thickening with the nauseating aroma of death, which filled the room like an unrelenting blanket.

"They say only the good die young. Yet it is not true in this case. Had the two of you been 'good people', your lives would not have ended in such a grisly manner." Ruby eyes stared into Hatori's lifeless ones. "You and Minako deserved everything that I've done to you, and you know it too... don't you?"

With a sadistic chuckle, the bloodied schoolgirl lifted the boy's head up to hers one last time. She kissed his lips, licking away the remains of blood that was beginning to dry. Once the crimson smudges had been cleaned away, she rose to a stand and smirked cruelly at the severed head.

"Cheating comes with a price," she whispered, her mouth only inches away from the boy's right ear. "A price that you can't afford to live for..."

With that, she apathetically let her boyfriend's head fall to the floor, letting it land in a puddle of blood with a sickening splat.

"I'll just have to find someone else to love...someone who will love me in return. And only me for that matter..."

Okay, that was the first chapter. Yes, it was short, but it's supposed to be, as it's mainly just a brief intro. So don't worry about the fact that I didn't open up with a Takumi scene. That's for the next chapter ^_^ Hope you like the story so far.