Title: Yo. Hudson! Part One


Pairing,Character(s): Kurt/Puck

Rating: PG-13 for language.

Spoilers: Up to Theatricality.

Summary: Puck has an interesting reaction to the whole basement conversation.

My first Glee fic. Totally unbeta'd. All the mistakes are mine. Don't own Glee, obviously.

" Really Sadie, I was almost completely over him. It wasn't even about him anymore. Sure I'd still get a bit nervous and tongue tied around him but I got that he couldn't want me that way. He acted like he was scared I was going to try and rape him while he slept. I mean what kind of person does he think I am. But he said it, the word. I hear it everyday but there was something in the way he said it. The venom behind it. He really, really meant it, you know. All I wanted was a family."

The last word was uttered so quietly that Puck had to strain to hear it. When he saw the soft shaking of shoulders he knew he'd heard enough. Finn needed a talking to.

All he heard was that sharp " Yo. Hudson!" before he felt the cold metal locker collide with his shoulder. There was a strong hand on his chest pinning him there.

"Is it true?" Puck snarled.

"Is what true?" Finn whimpered.

"What Kurt just told Mercedes . Did you really say all those fucked up things to him?"

The downcast eyes and shame filled face gave Puck all the answers he needed. He threw his hand up in the air as if touching Finn was burning him.

" Man, how could you do that?" Puck was frankly shocked. He really did think Finn was different.

Finn advanced on him slightly, getting a bit defensive. He got that what he said was wrong and that he'd hurt Kurt's feelings but he was a little sick of being told off by everyone he knew. " Like you haven't said and done worse to him yourself, you prick?"

"I've never said that word to him, dude. Never even thought it about him. All that shit I put him through was about how he wore outfits that were worth more than my ma makes in a month and he would walk around here like he owned the place. The fact he wanted to eat cock had nothing to do with it."

Puck was oblivious to the crowd that was forming around them. He was on a roll. Kurt soft words echoed in his head, "All I wanted was a family." No, he was nowhere near done.

" And what the hell has he ever done to you, anyway? Huh, help you with your baby drama, get you a passing mark in Spanish, think you were practically the perfect guy. Yeah what a fuckin' asshole, eh."

A quick glance and the hairs on the back of his neck told him that Kurt was watching him in wrapt awe. Confusion knitting itself across his forehead.

"Have you seen how he looked at you Finn? Like one look, one touch from you would make everything all better. Like there was a huge question and you were the goddamn answer. Do you have any idea how lucky you were? Someone that magical looking at you like that. Sure you might not want to get down on his dick or whatever but you could have at least noticed how amazing he is. Fuck man, do you have any idea how much I wanted him to look at me like that, just once? You really are as dumb as everyone thinks."

With that, Puck gave him one last long look as he stormed down the hall passing a morose Finn, a stunned Kurt and a smirking Mercedes, then out the door into the warm sunlight.

What the fuck just happened?