Title: Yo. Hudson! Part Six! The End!


Pairing,Character(s): Kurt/Puck

Rating: PG-13 for language/activity.

Word Count:2200ish words

Spoilers: Up to Theatricality.

Warning: Slight Bite Kink Explored also I don't know if my rating is still right. If I need to change it let me know.

Summary: Puck has an interesting reaction to the whole basement conversation.

My first Glee fic. Totally unbeta'd. All the mistakes are mine. Don't own Glee, obviously.

This the last chapter of my first Glee fic. I'm ver nervous/excited. When I sat down to write this chapter I didn't know that this would be the last chapter but I went with it. Thank you to everyone who reviewed. You all rule the world with a velvet glove.

The air and the tension is thick in Kurt's Navigator.

Kurt had sashayed past him and out the door before Puck could even begin to formulate a hello. Leaving him stunned and forcing him to hide his growing erection from Mr Hummel.

Burt gave him a long sideways look before huffing and turning back towards to the tv. Mercedes was pushing past him just as quickly. Which was why he was so stunned when a pair of thin strong arms encircled his waist, forcing a surprised grunt from his lips.

"Wha-? He squeaked before Tina came up on her tip toes and whispered in his ear, "I knew I wasn't the only one."

She let him go, giving him a long hard look before resting her small palm on his forearm. "It's really nice not to feel all alone anymore." Then she was out the door and in the back of Finn's car, cuddled up next to Artie. That was weird.

He noticed that Kurt was in the passenger seat and he pointedly ignored Mercedes shocked gasp as he slid behind the wheel and pulled out of the driveway. Quickly followed by Finns' Chevy Celebrity and Matt's Range Rover.

So fifty miles later, sixty five long sideways glances and over halfway through their drive, the silence remained unbroken. Until Mercedes decided to finally put them both out of their misery.

"So, are where exactly are you taking us? Are we on our way to be brutally sacrificed to the God of Mohawked Sex Sharks, so you can continue to pull trade even with that ridiculous haircut? If so, I'd say that's a pretty shitty first date and not the way to treat your baby mama." As she motioned to the very pregnant Quinn sitting to her left. " Actually, white boy, come to think of it, why is your baby mama invited on your first date with my boy here?"

Kurt sharply turned in his seat and shot Mercedes a look that would have made a lesser woman burst into flames. Both Puck and Quinn were shrinking back in their seats and they only got the peripheral. Mercedes just swivelled her neck slightly and turned her attention back to Puck.


"It's a surprise and this isn't a date. It's just a bunch of our closest friends hanging out" Noah's voice kind of trailed off and he winced slightly at how much that hurt to say.

"If it's your closest friends, where's Brian?" Great, now Quinn decided to join the peanut gallery.

"We decided to keep it just tight glee peeps this time. Next time he's totally invited."

Silence stretched until he heard a soft shaky breath beside him.

"Wait, whose Brian?"

"He's been my best friend since Kindergarten. He goes to Our Lady Of Perpetual Hope."

"Oh, well I can't wait to meet him,' Kurt hesitated 'Why didn't you invite him today?"

"Well, when I asked who you wanted to invite you just mentioned people in glee. Thought you wanted it kept in the family." Noah shrugged. " Who else did you want to invite?"

"No one." The quiet, sad voice that filled the car told him he had gotten something very, very wrong. This time the silence kept until Columbus.

If it weren't for all the cars sitting in front of the abandoned warehouse, Kurt would have thought that he really was on his way to be sacrificed. As it was he just sank further in his seat and tried to take comfort in the blinding smile Noah kept sending his way from across the parking lot.

He and the girls were stretching by the car while Noah said he had to go buy everyone's tickets. Kurt was now wondering how it was possible for one human being to make a threadbare Sex Pistols t-shirt look so sexy. Not to mention the fact that Kurt was 95% sure Noah was wearing skinny jeans. Yeah, he was pretty sure his brain just came.

It wasn't until the rest of the group had congregated around him and Noah was heading back towards them that he realized just where they were. The stand Noah was walking away from had a small sign that said 'OHRG'. When he saw that Kurt let out an inhumanly loud squeak and before anyone knew it, he was in a fullout sprint across the lot towards Noah. He flung himself at Noah, locking his legs tight around his waist and his arms around his neck.

" Really? Really? We're really going here? OH MY GOD! Noah, you're the best."

Puck carried Kurt like that until they reached the rest of their friends. Taking those few moments to memorize the feeling of Kurt's ass against his forearms and his groin against his hard stomach. Finn clearing his throat seemed to bring Kurt back to himself and his face flashed embarrassment as he slid out of Noah's arms.

"What the hell is this place?" Finn asked accusingly.

Noah started to answer until Kurt jumped in excitedly.

"Guys, this is Roller Derby!"

The smell of sweat and warm beer filled the old warehouse. Noah could practically taste Kurt's excitement. It was rolling off of him in waves and Noah could feel the soft shaking against his thigh as they took his seat next to Kurt on the bleachers. He took a quick glance down the aisle and saw that everyone else seemed to like his idea too. He thought that the hardcore women power involved would make the girls happy and the hot chicks in fishnets would make the guys happy. Well, now that he knew better, make the guys and Tina happy.

He jumped slightly when he felt Kurt's breath against his ear, "How did you know?"

"I saw you reading that book whenever you thought no one was looking. Figured you would like it." Kurt thought about his weatherbeaten tattered copy of 'Derby Girl' that was wedged in the bottom of his Marc Jacobs book bag and smiled, "You figured right." ,and he pressed himself tight into Noah's side.

The bout was set to start at 4pm. The Blackeye Bullies vs The Take-Outs. Puck had thought it was fitting that one of the teams fashioned themselves after schoolyard bullies and the other one was a ninja brigade. He always thought Kurt was kind of a ninja.

By 3:50pm the place was practically pulsing and Kurt's leg was jumping so quickly that he couldn't stay in his seat anymore. He stood and wrapped his long fingers in the chain link fence that served as the divider, keeping the spectators away from the track. The minute he left his seat someone else slipped into the seat he had just vacated and, despite the look Puck shot her, she wasn't going to move. Kurt didn't mind though. He was too excited to sit and he wasn't wearing heels today. He was finally seeing the upside to flats. He started to appreciate it even more when Noah's hands folded into the fence right above where his hands were. Kurt gave him a questioning glance.

"What? I have to protect you. These Derby fucks are hardcore. I just threw a girl The Puckerman Glare of Death and she didn't even flinch. So I'm stayin' right here."

Kurt was just about to protest when the entire place was plunged into darkness. So he decided to revel in the heat that was radiating against his back and enjoy the novelty of feeling safe for the first time in years. And OH MY GOD there's a disco ball.

By the 4th period the score was tied and Noah's right hand had curled itself into the same hole as Kurt's, threading their fingers together. The left was around Kurt's chest. The long fingers dancing against Kurt's right collarbone. Kurt shot a quick glance towards the rest of the group, making sure no one was looking. When he saw that they were just as enthralled as Noah seemed to be he felt safe enough to press a small chaste kiss on the top of Noah's hand. Between where the thumb and forefinger meet.

He felt, more than heard, Noah say more. He pressed his lips harder against the warm flesh and let the darkness and noise surrounding him carry all his inhibition away. With every kiss he got bolder. Parting his lips, he felt his warm breath skate past his lips just before his tongue shyly skirted out to taste Noah's skin for the first time. Sparks rocketed through him and felt Noah shudder softly against his back as he pulled the soft skin into his mouth.

It wasn't until he heard Noah breathe more, into his ear that Kurt sucked hard and it wasn't until Noah growled teeth, that Kurt bit. His tongue smoothed over every bite and each bite was the same as the last until Kurt felt the sharp thrust against his lower back and heard the soft grunt for harder. Always one to please, Kurt sunk his teeth in harder. This time almost breaking the skin and Kurt felt the thrust against the cleft of his ass and whimper against the back of his neck.

That was enough to wake Kurt up. He pulled his hand from the fence and pushed Noah away. Heading straight to the bathroom, eyes welling with tears that he swiped away angrily with the back of his hand.

Puck was too shocked and turned on to react right away. Up until about thirty seconds ago he was experiencing the hottest foreplay trance he'd ever been in. He then had to spend the next minute willing his hard on down before he could chase after Kurt. Which is why he walked into the girls washroom to see Kurt sitting on the counter by the sink, not noticing the water soaking into the soft denim of his $200 jeans, picking at his nails.

Puck made his way towards Kurt and stood between his knees. Placing his hands softly on Kurt's thighs.

"I'm so sorry I pushed like that. I know it's too soon. I'm so sorry."

Kurt just shook his head slightly. " It's not that. I guess it just hit me all of the sudden."

"What? That I'm a complete horndog that you now want nothing to do with."

Kurt shook his head again.

"No. Just how lucky I am. It's just something I've been thinking about since Quinn brought up Brian"

Noah gave him a questioning look but for once knew better than to say anything.

"It's just that you have a Brian, you know. You have a best friend that is completely removed from glee and McKinley. You have someone who wants to be your friend regardless of proximity. Mercedes always laughs when I say I was completely friendless before glee.

But I'm actually telling the truth. I mean there were times when I went the whole day without saying a word. Sometimes the only thing I'd say all day was what I said to you before you'd toss me in the dumpster. At first that's just how it was. Then I guess I started to make it into a game. To see how long I could go. Remember last year, you got food poisoning and missed that whole week?"

Noah gave him a shallow, shocked nod that he thinks is kind of unnecessary because he has a feeling that Kurt is going to keep going no matter what.

"Yeah well, that week I made it from the Friday morning the week before to the Monday you came back. Ten days. Pretty impressive hey? Ten days and not one person even noticed they hadn't heard my voice. It was anniversary week so even my dad was too out of it to notice.

So it just hit me. That this time last year I was alone and now I have at least ten new friends and a guy that wants to dry hump me in public." Kurt's voice choked out a humorless laugh and Puck got the distinct impression that he really was finished his time and he grabbed Kurt by the chin and forced piercing, watery blue to meet his quiet brown.

He sent silent apologies and reached up to brush away the smudge of blue sparkles that were now trying to hid themselves in Kurt's hair. Then he leaned in.

Two hours later, when they're at dinner in a Columbus Denny's, the rest of the group pretend not to notice the purpling bite mark on Puck's left hand. They also pretend not to notice the way Kurt is absentmindedly rubbing his thumb over that mark under the table until dessert comes.

Years later, because of Noah Puckerman, when people ask him about his first kiss he has to tell them it happened in a dirty washroom in an abandoned warehouse with the man that would become his husband.

THE END - I wanted to write fin but that was too much like Finn. And I'm still mad at him.

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