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Grimmjow pulled his strawberry lollipop out of his mouth, eyes skating over the busty girl prancing by. She flipped her vivid magenta hair perfectly over one shoulder.

'Six,' he answered easily and continued sucking at his treat.

'I'd give her a four,' Karin remarked, observing her blueberry lollipop before wrapping her lips around it again.

'How come?'

Karin swished the lollipop to one side in her mouth, the stick poking out from the corner as she cupped the air in front of her barely existent knockers.

'She stuffs her bra,' she answered, smirking.

Grimmjow pulled his lollipop out, eyes narrowing.

'How do you know that?' he asked suspiciously.

Karin continued to smirk, giving her candy a few loud sucks. Then she waggled her eyebrows.

'Knew you were a lesbian,' Grimmjow muttered and went back to observing the aimlessly wandering student body (literally) of Karakura High. He barely flinched as Karin punched him hard on the shoulder. He was used to it by now.

'I do have female friends, dickwad,' she drawled. She stuck her tongue out at her best friend. 'My tongue blue yet?'

'You coulda fooled me since you only seem to hang out with yours truly. Just slightly. Why do you care?'

'I hang out with you, don't I? And I want my tongue real blue so I can convince nii-san I gave Ggio Vega head.'

'Gross. Your tongue won't turn blue if you give a blue-haired guy head!'

'And how do you know that?'


'Wait!' Karin slammed a hand over Grimmjow's mouth and felt him smirk against her palm. 'I actually don't want to know about your sex life, thank you very much.'

Grimmjow ducked his head, shimmying away from her to lean on the other side of the bar handles of the school entrance stairs. He grinned impishly, lollipop stick neatly stuck between his teeth.

'If you can talk about which guy you fucked,' he drawled, jamming his hands in his jean pockets. 'I've got full privilege of sharing my sexual encounters just as vividly!'

'God, Grimm!' Karin groaned, lollipop now in one hand as she trudged down the steps. Then she jabbed an accusing finger into his chest. 'You just had to like dick, huh? You couldn't be a normal asshole and chase pussy!'

'Easy with the language, KK!' Grimmjow chuckled, rolling his lollipop to the other side of his mouth. 'Don't wanna get suspended, do ya?'

Karin grumbled about something and crossed her arms sulkily. She lifted her gaze and zoomed in one something. She jerked her head in that direction.

'Rate,' she challenged, leaning back against the rails again.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes and followed her eyes. His jaw dropped.

There was the most gorgeous man he had ever seen. His hair was a dusky, tangerine shade, almost like the afterglow of a sunset. His skin looked like it had been kissed by said sunset; a fresh caramel frappe. And those eyes; such a sweet, toffee shade that Grimmjow was melting in them. And to top it off that mouth, those goddamn lips; must they have a perpetual, pouty-kiss look to them? It was torture.

'A hundred,' Grimmjow mumbled, his jaw probably still dusting the ground. Karin choked on her lollipop, yanking it out of her mouth.

'Cirucci?' she sputtered, her eyes bulging as she looked at their target. 'Grimmjow, what the fuck?'

'Huh?' Grimmjow's mind finally cleared and his eyes widened in horror at what he had just uttered. 'I-I meant minus a hundred! Dude, she's fucked the entire baseball and football team!'

'Glad you still remember that!' Karin sighed in exasperation and relief. She glanced ahead and gave a small wave. 'Yo, nii-san.'

'Karin.' Grimmjow lowered his gaze as the man of his mind-numbing dreams approached them. He gave Grimmjow a dazzling smile. 'Hi, Grimm! How's it going?'

'Pretty good, Kurosaki-sempai,' Grimmjow mumbled, trying to hide the fact that he had been sucking on a strawberry-flavored lollipop. 'How is sempai doing?'

'You don't have to be so formal with me, Grimm! After all, you're Karin's best friend! Or maybe you have other things in mind other than friendship?'

Grimmjow eyes widened and he looked up to share a look of pure horror with Karin while both their faces flushed a brilliant red.

'Nii-saaan!' Karin whined and gave her brother a shove. 'Ewwwww! That is so gross!'

'You're hurting Grimmjow's feelings!'

'Grimmjow doesn't care!'



Grimmjow smiled softly as he lowered his gaze again. He was never bothered when the two fought like this. In fact, he found Ichigo, wait, Kurosaki-sempai, to be rather cute when he bickered with Karin. It was probably because he had a perpetual goofy grin on his face since he was only arguing for the sake of teasing Karin. That's what he loved about his sempai; he was so carefree and warm about everything.

Even to a person like Grimmjow.

God, he had been fucked up before. He couldn't believe how different he had been only a year ago. Was it a year? Oh yeah, he'd just turned fifteen when his mom died in a gruesome car crash. It was so unexpected. The entire family was in shock. Especially Grimmjow's dad.

He wasn't a bad dad. But he had loved his wife passionately. Her death had really taked its toll on him. He just never seemed to be present and that angered Grimmjow. He was just as broken and he needed his dad more than ever. And that man abandoned him. Perhaps Grimmjow was being selfish. But wasn't his dad being just as selfish thinking he was the only one affected by Mika Jaeguerjacques's death?

In retaliation, Grimmjow started doing things; smoking, mixing with the wrong crowds, even getting pretty physical with both girls and guys. He made sure to do it in school so that he'd get caught. He wanted to get caught. He wanted his dad to get called to school and see what his attitude was doing to his only son. But it never affected the man. He remained as unmoved as ever. Grimmjow would often cry himself to sleep when he thought about his heartless dad.

One day, things just got out of control. He'd been suspended from school for giving a guy head in the bathroom. And his father hadn't reacted the slightest.

Grimmjow finally snapped and had the worst argument with his dad. He called the man a "bastard", an "asshole" and plenty of other horrible words. Venom laced his words as he tried to guilt trip his dad. But all he received was a slap across the face and an impassive order to leave the house, never to return. With tears streaming down his eyes, Grimmjow left.

Everything about that night just escalated for the worse. He wandered into the dirtiest part of the neighborhood, caught the eyes of the most lecherous group there, and got cornered in the most desolate lane in the area.

He tried to escape. He really did. But the energy just drained out of him as hands grabbed him from all directions and dragged him to the ground, laughing as he screamed and panicked till his heart threatened to explode.

He saw his chance when the hands wandered to his pants. He kicked his captor's face and yanked himself free, his shirt tearing in the process. He ran like his life depended on it. He didn't care where. The sound of his pursuers hot on his heels almost forced his legs to give up but his heart begged him to keep going. It seemed to have a pathetic belief in faith and Grimmjow almost laughed at himself.

That was when he ran into Ichigo Kurosaki.

The 20-year old gave him a shocked look. Why in the world would a teen be roaming around in the middle of the night?

But one look at Grimmjow's torn shirt, disheveled appearance and tear-streaked cheeks, he had a good idea what had happened. As soon as the perverted pursuers had shown up, Ichigo had given them one hell of a beating that they would never forget. Even Grimmjow gaped in shock as he watched the graceful man fight like a professional fighter, landing blows and kicks without breaking a sweat.

'You shouldn't be wandering around on your own like that,' he had muttered, once he was done cleaning the lot up. Grimmjow had lowered his head in shame and his body shook with anger.

'You don't know what I've been through,' Grimmjow had replied curtly.

'Oh no?' Eyebrow raised. 'Well, I may not know what you've gone through but I know that it's pretty stupid to wander around at this time of night with bastards like these wandering around. You're lucky I showed up.'

'I never asked for your help.'

'Nobody ever does. But they welcome it all the same. You didn't stop me from helping you.'


'A thank you would be nice.'

Grimmjow's body had tensed. But then he had bowed, muttering an "arigato". To his surprise, a hand lightly trailed through his hair, ruffling it.

'Hey,' Ichigo had whispered softly and the tender way he had spoken had made Grimmjow melt. 'Things will get better. Trust me. And if you don't believe me, here…'

He had pressed a circular object in Grimmjow's palm. It was cool and light; a penny. Like those funny pennies from amusement parks. It had an oddly shaped skull on it like a half-heptagon with three teeth.

'It's my lucky charm,' Ichigo had told him. 'Every time you feel like things are going bad, I want you to look at that and remember this night. You are one lucky guy, you know? Most people wouldn't have escaped like you just did.'

Grimmjow hadn't taken him seriously and had just left, declining Ichigo's offer to be escorted home. But his attitude changed when he found his father standing in the doorway, car keys out and his face streaked with tears just like Grimmjow's. One look at his son and his stoic father's mask finally crumbled as he sobbed and begged for his son's forgiveness.

Grimmjow had never seen his father so emotional and vulnerable. They had a long talk that night and that was a turning point for both. Each turned a new leaf, promising never to leave each other ever again. Things started to look a little brighter. Grimmjow started school again and this time, he promised to be hard-working and diligent. He stayed out of trouble and made new, better friends. One of them happened to be Karin.

The two hit it off immediately. Karin had recently moved into Karakura Town whilst Grimmjow had been suspended. At first, people teased Karin for crushing on Grimmjow but Grimmjow dismissed those when he engaged in an open-mouthed kiss with his other best friend, Nnoitra Jiruga. That not only killed all the rumors but won Karin's respect, making them as thick as thieves.

One day, Karin invited him over to her place. And Grimmjow received the second greatest shock of his life when his savior from that fateful night opened the door. He was Karin's older brother, Ichigo Kurosaki.

Grimmjow's mouth had gone dry. He didn't know what to say. Would Ichigo turn him away? How would he react to seeing the ungrateful boy he had saved once?

But all Ichigo had done was smile and invite him in, acting like they were meeting for the first time. And that was what really shattered Grimmjow. He had been forgotten once, and that was by his father, which had angered him. But this…he wasn't angry. He was heartbroken. And the more time he spent at Karin's, the more time he spent around her brother, the more it hurt.

Ichigo didn't know who he was at all. Grimmjow didn't even have the heart to tell him in case Ichigo denied it right to his face. He couldn't bear to imagine the pain then.

To Ichigo, Grimmjow was his cute little sister's best friend who was probably crushing on her as well. He was a regular teen, going through regular teen stuff and was nothing special.

It hurt.

It hurt to be ignored by someone who had changed your life so drastically and you didn't realize until you saw them again that you were hopelessly smitten by them. Yes, Grimmjow was irreversibly in love with Ichigo Kurosaki. And the man was not even aware of it.


Grimmjow snapped out of his thought and looked up suddenly, blushing almost instantly with how intensely Ichigo was staring at him.

'Did you faze out?' he asked in concern. Karin was giving him a weird look as well.

'Huh? Oh! Sorry! I was just…thinking,' Grimmjow stammered, trying to hide his blush.

'Don't think too hard! We're gonna need your brain to help us decide on a pizza for tonight!' Ichigo joked. Grimmjow cracked a weak smile.

'Hey, nii-san, is Inoue-san coming over too?' Karin asked suddenly, smirking. She curved a hand over her mouth to hide it from her brother as she whispered aloud to Grimmjow from the uncovered side. 'He's got a huge ass crush on her!'

'He…does?' Grimmjow's smile faltered.

'Cut it out, Karin!' Ichigo sighed with a roll of his eyes. 'She's cute but I don't think she's into me like that!'

'Come on!' Karin snorted. 'She's flirting so hard with you even a preschooler can tell how much she likes you! And the way you flirt back is just as gag-worthy so don't give me bullcrap!'

'Jeez, Karin,' Ichigo groaned. 'You swear like a pirate! No guy is ever going to ask you out!'

'Shut the fuck up! I don't need some damn guy to feel good about myself-Grimm, where're you going?'

Both siblings turned to the bluenette in mild surprise. Grimmjow glanced over his shoulder, backpack in hand.

'I'm going home,' he muttered, his heart sinking lower with every word. 'Dad wants me to help with something.'

'You're still coming over tonight, right?' Karin asked, anxiously.

'I'll think about it.'


But Grimmjow was already walking away, his heart too painfully full to hear anymore. He didn't have a chance with Ichigo to begin with and it just hurt to even think about him being with someone else.

'You're home early!' Dai Jaeguerjacques exclaimed in surprise. 'I thought you were spending the entire day at Karin's.'

'Change of plans,' I replied softly, trudging up the stairs to my room.

'Grimm, m'boy, is something wrong?'

The Anxious Parent Tone surfaced immediately. His father had changed exorbitantly. If Ichigo hadn't saved Grimmjow, he wouldn't have lived to believe his father could ever change.

'Just tired, dad. Been a long day.'

'…Fine. But whenever you want to talk, I'll be down here.'

As soon as he reached his room, Grimmjow fished out the penny in his pocket. The same penny Ichigo had given him all those years ago. He kept it polished and clean so that it always looked brand new. It flashed as he turned it in the light to watch the coppery color wink at him. He sighed, letting it clatter on his table as he flopped onto his bed. Instantly, he felt tears creep up in his eyes. Hastily, he rubbed them away, scolding himself for being so soft.

'Get over it,' he told himself sharply. 'Not like crying to going to make Ichigo come running into your arms and declaring his undying love for you. Keep on dreaming, kid. That guy's an adult. Why the hell would he be interested in a sniveling kid like you?'

He almost choked on the last line as truth hit him. It was the undeniable truth. Ichigo was never going to look at him as more than his baby sister's friend. End of story. Fin.


The doorbell rang. A pause. Then it rang again. More insistently now.

'Grimm! Could you get that? I'm in the middle of a conference call!' his father's voice rang out.

He forced himself out of bed, wishing more than anything to stay curled up there for the rest of his life with his misery. Life just sucked for him. Period. It will get better? Fuck that. It just got worse after he met Ichigo again. He was just cursed to be forever alone and miserable.

He opened the door, face twisted in anguish and suddenly changed to one of shock.

'Ku-Ku-Kurosaki-sempai?' he stuttered in complete stupor.

'Grimmjow!' Ichigo breathed a sigh of relief and smiled brightly. 'Thank God you're home! I wanted to talk to you actually!'

'M-Me?' God, why was his voice so squeaky?

'Close the door, Grimmjow! There's already a family of flies in the living room!' his father shouted. Ichigo laughed.

'Your dad's funny,' he mused as he sauntered past a still shocked Grimmjow. 'Karin wanted to come but I told her one of us had to get home before mom threw a hissy fit.'

Grimmjow gulped, his heart racing, wondering what Ichigo wanted to talk to him about.

'You were really off today,' Ichigo continued, looking Grimmjow right in the eye. 'Is everything alright?'

'To-Totally,' Grimmjow managed to get out. 'I've just been preoccupied with…stuff.'

'Uh-huhhh.' Ichigo rolled his eyes. 'Look, there somewhere we can talk in private? I don't want to discuss this out in the open and get your dad involved.'

'There's my room…'

'Perfect! Oh, um, I hope I'm not being too demanding but can I have a glass of water? I kinda ran to your place after dropping Karin off.'

Nodding mechanically, Grimmjow headed for the kitchen, pulling out a glass and filling it up from the sink. His mind whirled, wondering why Ichigo had been so adamant in seeing him today after his little emo moment.

He blushed as he recalled how he had acted. Perhaps Ichigo thought he was being childish and was here to scold him since he had no older brother figure to look up to. God, that was embarrassing.

He should have cleaned his room up a bit. It had been messy since morning and after coming back, he had tossed his bag in one corner and kept the lucky penny-

His eyes widened in horror. The glass in his hand crashed to the floor as he sprinted to his room, heart beating wildly in his chest. He barged in, breathing hard, and froze when he saw the man of his dreams inspecting the very penny he had given Grimmjow that night.

He held his breath, unable to tell what was going on through the tangerine-haired man's head. His face was just as emotionless. Grimmjow felt like his heart and head was going to burst with the suspense building up.

'You know,' Ichigo wondered aloud, running a thumb over the smooth coin surface. Then he looked up, a crooked smile in place. 'I always wanted to ask if you kept my lucky penny or threw it out. Guess you really surprised me there.'

The world seemed to stop for a second.

Grimmjow almost collapsed at the door and burst into tears. But since his body refused to let him faint, his eyes volunteered to pour buckets on top of buckets of tears. A quiet sob escaped his lips which alarmed Ichigo.

'Hey, hey, hey,' he hushed, striding forward and cradling Grimmjow's head against his chest, arms wrapping around him. 'It's okay! Don't cry! Don't cry, I'm here…'

'All…this time,' Grimmjow hiccoughed between sobs, his shoulders shaking. He buried his face in the baby blue polo shirt, his tears soaking it. He smelled cinnamon and it oddly enough calmed him. 'I thought…you had…forgotten me. It really…hurt…because I thought…you just didn't care…and I…stupidly kept caring…because I was so fucking in…in…'

He couldn't bring himself to say "in love with you". It sounded strange and foreign in mouth now even though he whispered it every time Ichigo was out of earshot. A wave of emotion overwhelmed him and his shoulder shook harder. God, this was embarrassing.

Ichigo calmly took his shoulders and finally got Grimmjow to look up at him. He looked like a mess, nose running, eyes bloodshot and mouth quivering. Yet Ichigo gave him such a kind smile he felt like crying again.

'The reason I never felt the need to say anything,' he answered softly. 'Is because I was so proud of you for becoming so strong. I didn't want to remind you of the bad times and I didn't want you to remember me with that in mind either. I wanted us to start anew, on a brighter note. Only then I thought you'd be able to understand how I felt about you…'

'How…how you felt about me?' Grimmjow pulled back a little, mind abuzz once more. 'What do you mean?'

'Well, what do you think it means?' Ichigo teased, sidling closer, arms hooking in the curve of Grimmjow's back and yanking him close so suddenly an embarrassing squeak escaped the bluenette's lips at the action.

'But, Orihime-san-!' Grimmjow protested. Ichigo laughed and kissed his brow, causing the deepest shade of pink to dust the 15-year old's face.

'Karin just likes to tease me,' he murmured, hands now roaming all over Grimmjow's back and-shit! Did he just put his hands under Grimmjow's shirt?

'Do you know there's a huge age gap between us?' Grimmjow stammered, Ichigo's fingers making him shiver. He twisted his own in the man's shirt, trying to control his breathing and now apparent arousal.

What the fuck was wrong with him? Here was Ichigo, finally making his move, and Grimmjow was trying to look for excuses? Damn, he was fucked up.

'Age is just a number,' the light-haired man breathed huskily in Grimmjow's ear. Grimmjow felt his throat dry up.

'And jail is just a room,' he somehow managed to retort. Ichigo gave a dry chortle.

'Hmph, you're still as ungrateful as ever,' he mused. Grimmjow mewled as Ichigo flicked his tongue across the teen's lobe. 'Let's see if I can change that.'

Grimmjow slowly looked up at the man, unable to believe his eyes. All of a sudden, tears flooded his eyes once more. Ichigo's smug look suddenly melted to one of concern.

'Did I say something wrong?' he asked softly. Grimmjow shook his head.

Gathering enough courage, he raised himself on tiptoe, heart pounding in his ears, and connected their lips in a shy kiss. Before he could retreat, Ichigo had already cupped his head from the back, tilting it backwards so that Grimmjow was forced to open his mouth and let Ichigo fully explore and taste him.

They stayed like that for a while. It wasn't a passionate kiss or an aggressive one. It was chaste and soft. It spoke of comfort and protection.

And it was perfect.

'Oh fuck!' Grimmjow hissed, throwing his head back, his chest heaving like he had run a marathon. Ichigo stopped moving.

'Does it hurt?' he asked anxiously, the tip of his dripping cock just barely past the first ring of muscle of Grimmjow's entrance.

Grimmjow swallowed, trying to wet his parched throat. Sweat beaded his forehead as he tried to still his beating heart. Then, he nodded fervently, shifting a little so that he was looking directly up into Ichigo's face. He grinned bravely.

'Gimme all you got,' he panted, his heart soaring as Ichigo grinned back.

Inch by inch, Ichigo sheathed himself in Grimmjow's tight entrance. Grimmjow breathed long and slow, fists clenching and unclenching in the bed sheets as he tried to relax. His fingers shook with anticipation as he felt Ichigo's balls slap against his ass. Ichigo was now fully inside him.

His heart raced. God, Ichigo was inside him. They were in his room, having sex for the first time. Oh God, he hoped he wasn't hyperventilating. And oh fuck, he hoped he wouldn't faint from excitement. He wouldn't be able to face Ichigo if that happened!

'I'm going to move now,' Ichigo murmured, his breath tickling the crook of Grimmjow's neck. 'If it hurts just tell me and I'll stop. I don't want to hurt you.'

Grimmjow laughed breathlessly.

'You?' he joked weakly. 'Hurt me? Please! No way in hell you can hurt me with your pencil dick!'

Ichigo cocked an eyebrow, a smirk spreading across his face. Without warning, he rocked his hips forcefully against Grimmjow's, drawing a long hiss from the surprised bluenette.

'Who's the pencil dick again?' he asked in mock innocence. The blanket he had draped over both of them slid higher up his shoulders as he rammed once more into the slick heat. Twin groans echoed in the room. Grimmjow's toes curled as pleasure spiked through his body.

'Oh, fuck me,' he moaned, hands shooting up to grasp Ichigo's arms beside his torso as his lover picked up a heavy but slow pace. The bed was only rocking gently, creaking a bit under their weight.

'Working on that,' Ichigo grunted, his eyes screwed up in concentration as he tried to aim for something inside Grimmjow. 'Where is tha-?'

Grimmjow suddenly screamed, his nails digging deep enough into Ichigo's arms to draw blood. Ichigo hissed in pain.

'F-Found it,' he gasped, a satisfied smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Grimmjow's eyes suddenly widened as his head rammed into the headboard as the entire bed slammed against the wall. Stars danced before his eyes and it wasn't just because a bump was starting to form on his head but because Ichigo was moving so roughly and so demandingly over that bundle of nerves inside him that his entire body was on fire.

Literally, he could feel ice cold and burning hot flames licking every inch of his body; from his practically numb legs spread wide enough to be an airplane landing strip to the roots of his sweaty blue hair currently splayed across the pillow beneath his head.

Fuck, this was fan-fucking-tastic.

'Oh fuck!' Grimmjow gasped, back arching off the bed that was now full on banging against the wall like a persistent woodpecker. Ichigo was no different from the way he was driving his rock hard cock into Grimmjow's writhing body. 'Oh fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckkkk!'

Their pants and moans thickened in the air, instilling them to go all the more faster and damn fucking harder.

'Ichigo…' Grimmjow moaned. Something inside him was coiling tighter and tighter and threatening to burst any minute. 'You better…hurry the fuck up or-!'

He never got to finish his sentence. All he got out was a strangled scream so loud it rang in his own ears. He shuddered violently as he came everywhere; on his chest, on Ichigo's chest, hell, some even landed on Ichigo's cheek.

Grimmjow thought he was going to get hard all over again when Ichigo darted out a tongue to lick the glob of cum near his mouth. He grinned toothily.

'Yum,' he purred. Grimmjow squawked in surprise as his ass was lifted higher in the air while Ichigo stood on his knees to pound deeper into the tight hole squeezing his cock in the most mind-numbing way possible.

Ichigo growled possessively as he lowered his mouth to Grimmjow's inner thigh, biting viciously and breaking the skin. Grimmjow screamed again, his veins still pumping with arousal and desire for the man whose cock was still thrusting inside him.

The 20-year old suddenly stopped, his eyes clouded with lust and fixed on Grimmjow panting face as he shoved his throbbing cock once more inside that delicious heat and came hard.

Grimmjow felt his insides heat up from Ichgio's cum, the fullness so overwhelming he moaned in approval. He didn't even mind when it started to dribble out and down his ass. It was going to be a fucking pain to clean up but who fucking cared? If it meant having fantastic sex like this with Ichigo, then he wasn't going to complain.

Ichigo licked at the wound he had made inside Grimmjow's thigh in apology, his eyes fluttering as he tasted the bluenette. He was already half-hard and still sheathed inside Grimmjow's ass. Grimmjow looped his arms around Ichigo's neck, drawing him down to peck him on the lips.

'You liked that?' Ichigo murmured against his young lover's lips before he dove in for another quick kiss.

'Mmmm,' Grimmjow hummed. He grinned impishly. 'Again.'

'Now?' Ichigo laughed. 'Easy, horny boy, or you're not going to be able to walk for a week!'

'Is that so bad?' Grimmjow mumbled, lips pressed against Ichigo's hot neck. 'I get to stay in bed with you then.'

Ichigo chortled, contemplating on complying with the boy's demand, when his bedroom door opened.

'Nii-saaan, Imma gonna need to borrow your book for this school proj-' Karin began before she looked up and her jaw dropped. Grimmjow felt his eyes widen and face heat up.


'What a dramaqueen,' Ichigo snorted and glanced down at a mortified Grimmjow. 'Wanna try my desk this time?'