"Oh crap..." the blonde said quietly to his reflection in the mirror, his tail between his legs. Quite literally, in fact. Insisting on attempting a new jutsu, one that consisted on turning his opponent into a ravenous clay feline that could be used at his disposal during battle, went horribly awry. Now, the ex-Iwagkure nin was somehow stuck with cat ears, a tail, and a pair of dull fangs. 'How embarrassing! I can't let anyone see me like this!' the blue eyes thought to himself, his ears twitching. "Hey brat!" a familiar voice rang, entering the darkened room. "Why are you sitting alone in the dark? Deidara?" Flicking the lights on, the ginger haired puppet master could only stare in confusion at the whimpering blonde on the floor. "Danna..."

"Oi, Kakuzu! Wake the fuck up!" came a panicked voice from a certain silver haired Jashinist. "Shut up, Hidan...it's too early for this bull crap.." yawned the exhausted miser, still resting from an exceptionally difficult bounty. A hiss slide between his teeth, as Hidan clamped down on Kakuzu's stitched arm with his new found fangs. Letting out a grunt of pain before knocking the younger man on his back, the banker glared at what he expected to see a grinning Hidan, but instead, a pouting neko version of his loudmouth boyfriend. "What the hell... what the fuck did you do now, Hidan?" The zealot pouted at Kakuzu's words. Why did he always think everything was his fault? "I didn't fucking do this! I just woke up with a Jashin damned pair of cat ears and a tail!" Hidan hadn't noticed yet, but his normally deep voice had slightly gone up a pitch making him sound like he was constantly whining, which he usually was, anyway.

Kakuzu found it simply adorable. He had to admit, it was more than a little strange seeing Hidan like that and he would surely have to figure out what the hell caused this, but he would worry about that later. He just couldn't resist Hidan at the moment for some reason. "Heh, I always wanted a pet but they cost too much." the miser cooed, scratching his 'pet' behind the ear. "Guess you'll do." A purr escaped the zealot's mouth before he had a chance to stop it. "Mmm Kuzu..." The simple movements behind Hidan's obviously over sensitive ears made the zealot shiver with anticipation.

"Nnng...stop it..I'm not a fucking cat..." the zealot protested, nuzzling into the older man's movements. "Tch, could have fooled me." the money man smiled slyly, running his hands down the zealot's sides . By this time Hidan's face was flushed and his eyes glazed over with crave for the older man. 'Hm, I wonder...if just rubbing him behind the ears gets him this roused up...' Kakuzu thought knavishly, slowly wrapping black tendrils onto the rose eyed man's flicking tail. Hidan gasped and moaned softly at the sensation.

"Nnn...A-ah...More.. the masochist begged, balling his fist into the covers and mewling.

Suddenly, a sharp rapping sound echoed through the dim room followed by a nervous Deidara's stuttering. "S-Sasori don't! If the jutsu got to Hidan, too, he'll kill me!"

"He won't kill you, brat...hey Kakuzu, open up." the puppet master's voice rang.

"Oi, what great fucking timing..!" Hidan huffed, pulling away from his dark haired counterpart and letting his gray tail curl around him, oblivious to the rest of the world. To him the whole situation was annoying and he just wanted to sleep, at the moment anyway. There would be plenty of time to figure out just what the fuck was going on later.

Kakuzu, on the other hand, was never the kind of person to idle around. Of course, he was more than a little upset that he couldn't finish what he started with Hidan, but he was sure he'd have time with the little zealot later. Slipping his mask on and shaking his head in attempt to clear his thoughts, the banker finally opened the door to answer the waiting red head.

"What is it Sasori...?" Catching a glimpse of the blonde standing next to Sasori, Kakuzu was struck with a dumbfound expression. Cat ears, tail, a pair of fangs. Just like Hidan! "I'm assuming that this has something to do with him?"

Deidara's ears went flat against his head in embarrassment. "Um, yeah. That would be because of me." Explaining what happened and what went wrong, the blue eyes revealed that Hidan and himself were not the only ones affected. Itachi, Tobi, and Konan were also included, but strangely enough not their partners.

"So you don't know how to reverse the effects of the jutsu?" Kakuzu questioned.

"That's what I've been trying to figure out, bu-"

"He hasn't made much progress to put things bluntly." the puppet master interrupted. "But we'll let you know if anything comes up." Sasori spoke stoically in his strangely calm voice, making his way down the hall. "D-danna wait for me!" cried a distressed Deidara, trying to catch up with his sempai, leaving a confused Kakuzu behind. "But, in the meantime, you might want to keep an eye on Hidan for any strange behavior." he stated quietly with Deidara on his heels.

'Strange behavior? Hidan's as strange as they come.'


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