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"Ow! Konan, that hurts, un!"

"Oh, Deidara, please. How does your hair keep getting so knotted in the first place?" Konan huffed, attempting to brush the tangles out of Deidara's hair.

"I-I just sleep really messed up at night is all...haha..." Deidara laughed nervously, tracing circles in the floor with the tip of his foot.

Ever since he and Hidan slept together, the two had been keeping a steady affair going on, mostly because Hidan forced the blonde, much to his dismay. He'd thought it was going to be a one time type of deal, but Hidan obviously had other plans. He was sexually harassed almost everyday and pretty much raped by the older man anytime he wanted sex, and Hidan always wanted sex (which really messed with Deidara's hair's usually tidiness). The blonde was at a loss. He couldn't ask anyone for help, because that would mean telling that he'd been cheating on Sasori, which he regretted having done with his whole heart. It couldn't be helped and Deidara was even more upset of the fact that they managed to do the treacherous acts right under their lovers noses. Just thinking about it made his ears flatten against his head in shame.

Seeing that the blonde was obviously lying and something was on his mind, Konan let a soft sigh escape her lips before she wrapped her arms lovingly around Deidara's neck and laid her cheek against his now groomed hair. "What's bugging you, Dei-Dei?"

"Heh, what are you talking about, Konan? There's nothing bugging me." Deidara lied more cheerfully this time, laying against his best friend's arm and nuzzling it, purring as he did so. Konan could read him like an open book, so he really had to put on an act in front of her.

"You're such a bad liar, you know that right?"

"Hmph, that's what you think. And I'm not lying anyway! You know, that really hurt, right here." the over dramatic blonde sniffed, patting the area of his chest above his heart. "Right here, Konan. Ah, I think I'm gonna cry."

"Hahah! You are such a drama queen!" Konan laughed, hitting him playfully on the head with the brush before he took away, preventing her from abusing his still tender head.

"But seriously, if there's ever something bothering you, you can tell me."

"Yeah, I know. Thanks, Konan." Deidara smiled as Konan walked off, mumbling something about her hand being cramped up. He was glad to know he had someone he could turn to. If only he could muster up the guts to tell her.

Getting up himself, Deidara thought of spending time with Sasori. It seemed like he and the puppet master we're drifting apart. What with Sasori (and everyone else who wasn't effected by his jutsu) having to do double the normal amount of missions to make up for the absence of the jutsu's victims. Deidara felt terribly guilty for the trouble he was causing everyone. He just HAD to come up with a way to reverse the jutsu, for everyone's sake.

Deep in his own thoughts, Deidara didn't notice the shadowy figure that was approaching behind him until he felt a strong arm sling over his neck, making him tense up and stop.

"Oi, Deidara-senpai! Why'd you go all rigid?"

The blonde sighed in contentment when he heard Tobi's idiotic voice in his ear. "Oh, it's just you, Tobi..."

"Of course it's just Tobi! Is Senpai expecting someone else to pounce on him...?" Tobi spoke in a mischievous tone, watching Deidara's blushing reaction.

"Of...of course not. Don't say such stupid things, Tobi." Deidara pouted crossly, pushing the taller man's arm from around him as he began walking once again. Tobi could be so aggravating.

"Aw, Deidara-senpai!" the masked raven whined, walking beside the exasperated blonde, "Why'd you push Tobi away? You'd never do that to Hidan-senpai..." Tobi smiled in a devious manner when Deidara stopped abruptly like someone had struck him in the chest.

"W-ah-what did you say?"

"Hm? Oh, Tobi was just talking about how Deidara-senpai always lets Hidan-senpai grab him..." the masked nin proceeded to wrap one arm around Deidara's hip and gently lifted the fair-haired teen's chin up with the other, exposing his bite marred neck so he could run his onyx tail across it, achieving a faint moan from the blonde. " this."

"How know...?" Deidara spoke slowly, still stunned that Tobi, of all people, knew about his and Hidan's fling.

"How could Tobi not know? Senpai's voice was awfully loud when he was screaming and moaning out loud like that." The brunette hummed, his normally goofy voice's pitch dropping dangerously to it's naturally sensual and entrancingly deep tone.

Snapping out of his trance-like state, Deidara quickly tore his self away from the deceitful raven, and pushed him back, bewildered by his behavior and how easily he went to putty in the masked man's hands.

"Tobi! Please don't tell anyone!" The blonde pleaded, his voice hushed from paranoia of anyone hearing their conversation. "I didn't mean for it to happen! It was a fluke, a moment of weakness!" By this point, Deidara was holding back tears of regret, his eyes were shut tight and his head was facing downward. "And he keeps making me do it!"

It was just too much, Tobi couldn't help but crack a smile. So this is what his prideful Senpai came out to be. Nothing more than a sniveling brat. Lifting the sniffing teen's head, Tobi spoke to him with a faux tone of sympathy, his ulterior motives about to be revealed. "Senpai, Tobi would never tell anyone. In fact, Tobi can get Hidan-senpai to stop."

Blinking back tears, Deidara looked at the swirling orange mask before him. "Really?"

"Mm-hm. But," Tobi began stepping closer to the blue eyes', backing him into a wall, "don't you think I deserve something in return?"

"Tobi, wha..." Deidara was getting nervous now. The silly, hyperactive Tobi he'd come to know not only spoke in 1st person for the first time since they meet, but was turning into a sexual predator before his eyes. "Stop playing around...seriously."

"Come on, Senpai. It's only fair." Deidara gasped when he felt the raven's hand grope his behind.

"T-Tobi, don't do this...!" Deidara grunted softly when he was grabbed again with more force.

"Don't worry, I'll take what I want soon, but not now." The masked nin spoke, his voice still velvety and smooth. Backing away from the blonde and walking away, Tobi left a bothered Deidara alone in the poorly lit hallway.

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