Hello everyone, I prefer to be called KZ and I'm new to Fanfiction. I owe it all to one of my best friends and I really hope you guys enjoy my story. It's based off of the old anime know as Onmyou Taisenki. And one ladt important thing. If you have not watched this anime, you will most likely never understand anything going on in this story. If you want to see the characters, google them! And if you want to learn about this anime so you can understand, go to youtube. There are people there who have uploaded the entire series! Thank you for reading, and I once again, hope you enjoy the story!

Onmyou Bond

Chapter 1

Okay, so hear me out. Today started out just like any other normal day would have. I woke up in the morning, got dressed and had breakfast, and then headed off to school. I'm Thomas, a 14 yr. old blond with blue eyes. And I usually walk to school with my two best friends: Chris, a 16 yr. old kid with long brown bangs and Suzuki who has long brown hair and is involved a lot with band.

It's the fourth marking period and school should end in just a few more days. First period was the same as usual. Mrs. Tachimana had us watch a movie today and I guess it wasn't the WORST movie I've seen…I still remember her exact words…

"Okay class, please remember that you will be doing a worksheet on this movie so I highly recommend that you pay attention to it."

I went through the rest of my classes, and then after third is lunch. I met up with Chris and we discussed our class events.

"So man, what's going on with Mrs. T?" He asked as he took a bite out of his pizza.

"Not much," I replied. "She's making us watch some stupid movie and we gotta do a worksheet on it after we're finished with it. It's not exactly the most entertaining movie out there…"

"I hear ya, told ya you should've gotten Mr. Long. He's takin' it reeeeeeeal easy with us."

I sighed. "Yeah…that's great."

After that, school seemed to go by pretty fast. So, I walked home with Suzuki, we talked about classes and band. After she left for home I passed our nearby park. That's when I saw something that really got my attention. I noticed something shiny underneath a cherry blossom tree in there. I had to take a look at it.

When I got over to it, I saw a strange green gun-shaped object with a black band surrounding a circle-shaped glass mirror on the side. It had an eerie vibe to it, but I just had to pick it up, it was almost as if I was being controlled to pick it up. The moment I touched it, cherry blossom petals began to fall from the tree…

So, I ended up keeping it. I went through school the whole week, I even kept it in my pocket. It was like my good luck charm! Ever since I found it, I've been improving with tests and other school stuff. At lunch I just couldn't keep it a secret, I showed Chris and Suzuki.

"Yeah, this thing's been really helpful to me!" I smiled as I held out the small object.

"Seems kinda weird lookin' if you ask me." Chris said as he stared at it.

Suzuki stared at it and beamed. "And you just found it lying there in the park?"

"Yup!" I replied. "I do kinda wonder who would leave it there though…"

After lunch I noticed something odd. There was some weird guy with long brown hair that was parted at the front and wearing sunglasses, a white coat, and blue pants staring directly at me with this serious look. I blinked and when I opened my eyes he was gone. There was no way he was a high-school student…

And that's where things started to get even weirder. I was on the way home and as I passed the park I swear I could hear someone whispering to me. The next thing I knew I bumped into this little kid and knocked him over.

"Oh jeez! I'm really sorry! Are you okay?" I asked him as I helped him up.

"Yeah, I'm okay…" The boy replied, he was wearing an orange cap a black shirt and shorts.

I noticed that my good luck charm had fallen out of my pocket and I picked it back up.

"Oh man, please tell me I didn't break it…" I said as I dusted it off.

The boy stared at it intently and then glared at me.

"You! You're a Ten-ryuu?" He shouted out me while pulling out his own good luck charm, his was red however.

What, is there some kind of sale on these things?

"Hey you've got one too! Where'd you get yours?" I asked with a smile, ignoring his earlier comment.

"Shut up, Ten-ryuu! Shikigami!" He put his charm forward. "God descend!"

His charm glowed a bright red and then something I would never expect happened. A little monkey wearing an orange and white mask over it's eyes and wearing a green robe appeared in front of the boy!

"Otochika of the Enoki! Kenzan!" It yelled out in a high pitched voice.

At this point I was ready to bolt. One, a monkey just jumped out of that guy's lucky charm! And two I think it's gonna attack me!

I turned to run and I saw the man from the lunch room again, he was calling out to me.

"Swing….Drive…." Then it became clear. "Swing the Drive!"

Is that what these lucky charms are called? Drives? I decided that I must've had no other choice and I pulled out my 'Drive' and swung it horizontally across in front of me. Everything went white.

I opened my eyes and found myself in a blank, green room. In front of me was a long line of those Chinese sliding doors. And behind the ones in front of me, had a strange silhouette right behind it, whatever it was, it's eyes were glowing green!

"Why have you called me, kid?" The voice said in a light tone.

I got scared and stepped back, I didn't know what the hell was going on!

"Why have you called me?" The voice asked again in a more irritated tone.

"I d-dunno! I just swung the Drive and I ended up here!" I replied.

The creature's eyes squinted. "You don't know anything about the Drives do you, kid?"

"N-no…" I replied quietly.

There was a long pause before he spoke again.

"I am a Shikigami, my name is Onishiba, Onishiba of the Souka. You humans use these Drives to summon us Shikigami and use In to attack your opponents in battle…In order to partner with a Shikigami you must make a contract with it, and if he or she likes your offer, they partner with the human. The human becomes a Toujinshi. You must tell me what it is that you desire! It can be anything you want! Tell me what it is that you want and I'll think about partnering with you!"

At this point I didn't know what to say. Shikigami, Drives, contracts? I must be going crazy, I lost my train of thought when he asked.


I gulped and decided to tell him.

"I want my life to be different…I want to have more excitement in my life….And with your power I'd like to learn what it's like to be a hero….I want to learn how to fight!"

If I could see Onishiba, I could see that he had a wide grin on his face. "Interesting….I like your deal, kid. Now call out my name and tell the world of our contract!"

"I, Thomas, form a contract with you, Onishiba of the Souka!" I yell out. I've never felt so alive…

The doors slid open and I saw him. He was an anthro brown dog with long spiky hair, his ears sticking out from the top. He was also wearing black sunglasses over his eyes and he was wearing a white coat with long sleeves and a black shirt underneath, he had a matching pair of white pants and he was wearing sandals. He grinned at me.

"From here on, your journey as a Toujinshi begins…" He said as everything went black suddenly.

I opened my eyes and once again saw the kid and his Shikigami. I then felt something flood into my mind and if almost by instinct I put my Drive forward and yelled out:

"Shikigami! God Descend!" My drive glowed green and I saw Onishiba walking towards me with a parasol. It sounded like he was….singing?

"Old Toujinshi….New Toujinishi….The only difference between the two is experience….But the one with the most courage, loyalty, and drive will succeed…."

He threw the parasol inside and pulled out two guns.

"Onishiba of the Souka! Kenzan!

"Kid, slice the In!" Onishiba yelled over to me.

The In movements came to me suddenly.

"Shin!" I moved the Drive to the left, "Shin!" and again to the left, "Da!" and last to the right.

Onishiba rushes towards the monkey Shikigami and launched a kick at Otochika, the kick was enough to send the small primate flying and into a building.

"Otochika, get up!" His Toujinshi yelled at him and he quickly regained his footing.

"Hmph…Kid, let's finish this one quickly." Onishiba turned to me with a grin.

I nodded.


Onishiba kicks again, however Otochika dodges this time and jumps up into the air.

"Now Otochika! Shin-Ri-Da-Shin!" The Chiy-ruu swung his Drive in the directions of the In.

Otochika's staff turns into a glowing whip and he lashes it out at Onishiba. Onishiba gts trapped in the whip and struggles around madly.

"Kid, slice the In! But this time use more energy!"

I nod and close my eyes and when I re-open them I put all my energy into my swings.


Onishiba breaks out of the whip and grins at Otochika.

"Time for the end! Hissatsu! God Speed Blood Oath Order Kicks!"

His kicks rapidly at the Shikigami, soon his kicks become blurs as they kick up against the monkey's body. With a final kick, Otochika turns into a silhouette, his name appearing next to him and shattering into millions of pieces. Then, Otochika vanishes into thin air.

His Toujinshi's eyes became lifeless and he walked away, looking depressed.

"Where am I?" He asked with no emotion.

"…What happened to him?" I asked.

Onishiba turned to me with a serious face.

"When a Shikigami is defeated in battle, the Toujinshi loses all memories of being a Toujinshi and they become depressed, like they have lost their soul."

I nod. "Then I won't lose."

Onishiba smirks. "I'll keep your word for it."

He glowed green and vanished back into the Drive.

On the way back I saw a very familiar face. The man from the cafeteria.

"Hey there! Nice work in that battle!" He said to me with a grin.

"Who are you?" I ask him.

"You can call me Masaomi. You need a ride home?" He asked as he pointed at an orange motorcycle behind him.

"Why should I trust you?" I questioned, glaring at him.

He was silent at first.

"…Because I can tell you everything about the Toujinshi and Shikigami battles…"

So, I decided to go with him. He kept his word and he took me home.

And as we walked into the house, I thought of only one thing. I knew that as long as Onishiba was around, my life would definitely change.

"Hey, kid…?" Onishiba appeared next to me in a ghost-like form.

"Yeah?" I replied turning to him.

"Remember when you dropped the Drive earlier?"


He suddenly reared up and glared at me.

"Don't you ever do that again! That hurt!"

"Heheheheh…sorry." I said as I smiled, closed my eyes and sweatdropped.

To be continued in Chapter 2…

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