Onmyou Bond


I told everyone that I needed to be alone for a while, so I headed home, Onishiba was still being oddly quiet.

"You know…you're making me worry, Onishiba, you're usually more talkative." I commented.

No response.

I shrugged and sighed, he'll come out and tell me sooner or later… I hope…

But on the way back, we were getting into the dark side of town, and a hand came out from an alleyway and grabbed my shoulder.

I whipped around immediately and saw a familiar face.

"Masaomi-san?" I sighed in relief.

He seemed different this time though…

"Thomas…We need to talk. About your past…"

I nodded.

Onishiba still remained quiet.

Masaomi pulled me into the alleyway and began asking questions.

"Do you remember Utsuho? The one from your dreams who was sealed away?"

"Yes…The villagers seemed upset when he was gone…" I replied.

"You must know that Utsuho is a good person then, right?" He asked again.

"Y-Yeah, I guess…I mean, my father worked for him, my dad wouldn't work for a man like that…" I was starting to get suspicious.

"…Would you recognize Utsuho as your leader?" He asked, more serious.

"…Yes. Only because he worked for peace." I answered.

Masaomi grabbed my arm.

"Come with me, Thomas…" He said, pulling out a Toujinfu card.

"To where?" I asked quickly.

The card glowed and engulfed us in a green light, when I opened my eyes, I could see that we were in a dark cavern with three roadways in front of us.

Masaomi walked into the one on the left.

"This way…"

I figured I had no other choice and just followed behind him.

At the end of the cavern there was a round table, with two people sitting around it. I recognized one of the men as Shoukaku, the guy who had Yatarou as his Shikigami. Another man was there as well, he was dressed similar to Shoukaku, but his face was more defined.

"Welcome, Soro…" Shoukaku spoke up.

Masaomi blocked the exit.

"What's going on here?" I asked, glaring at him.

He chuckled.

"Calm down, this is a good thing. Now, you must wonder why, your Toujinfu and Drive glow green instead of blue when you use them…"

"…I'm listening."

"That is because you are not a member of the Ten-ryuu group…"

"What?" I exclaimed.

Argh! The dark side of me mentioned not knowing the true group I belonged to! Am I really not a Ten-ryuu?

"You are a part of third group…the group that is trying to revive their old master…Lord-Utsuho."

"You guys….you're from the time period of 1200 years ago as well, aren't you?"

Masaomi grinned.

"That's about it, good work, Thomas."

"Grr…" I looked back at him.

"You, Soro, belong to the Jin-ryuu…We are only known by few. You must work for your rightful group…"

"B-But the Chi-ryuu!"

"We're not concerned at all by the rivalry between the other two…We, must destroy the four seals that are keeping Lord-Utsuho in the Fukumaden…We must destroy all four of the Yondaiten." Shoukaku explained.

"I'm helping the Ten-ryuu!" I yelled out.

"Really? Would you honestly like to betray your father like this…? He worked for us for a very long time, but decided not to go into the future with us…"

My eyes widened.

"M-My father?"

"That's right, and if you help the Jin-ryuu, we can go back to living in our old village, and everyone will be returned…You won't even have to fight your friend in the Chi-ryuu…"

…I looked down. This…sounds right. I have to do what my destiny is.

"I'll help…I don't want to abandon my true comrades."

Shoukaku grinned.

"Very good, Soro. As you already know, my name is Shoukaku."

Masaomi walked in front of me.

"And Masaomi's not my real name…It's Gasshin. But be sure to call me Masaomi around everyone who isn't a Jin-ryuu, got it?"

"Got it." I nodded.

"And I'm Taishin. It's good to meet the son of Taizan." The other man replied.

Shoukaku got up and handed me another one of the black bands.

"This is your Jin-ryuu band, keep this hidden somewhere when wearing it. This is proof of your Jin-ryuu membership, and it should unlock the last of Onishiba's In. His most powerful normal attack."

Onishiba seemed to react to this slightly.

"My strongest attack…?" He asked.

"Yes, you two will become very strong…" Shoukaku commented.

"Thanks…" I put on the band and slid it up so it hid under the sleeve of my shirt. "So, what do me and Onishiba do now?"

"You, seem to have made a friendship with Riku, Masaomi will explain to their group, that the Chi-ryuu have made the four Yondaiten and have them guarded by the four top executives of the Chi-ryuu company. You, will team up with Riku and defeat all four of them. However, the last Yondaiten will be possessed by the leader of the Chi-ryuu, Mikazuchi, and since it's Riku's duty, he must be the one to defeat him."

"His duty? What makes him so special?"

"…He is the true head of the Ten-ryuu."

"…Heh, I'm not surprised." I said.

I always knew there was something up with him, I never imagined it would've been this though. Even so, I'll be finding out so much more as long as I stay with the Jin-ryuu.

"You now have access to the Jin-ryuu training ground, it's located in the tunnel on the right in the entrance. You may come here whenever you want, you must use a Toujinfu and imagine the entrance and you will be teleported here."

"Right…" I pulled out my Drive. "Onishiba, what do you think of this?"

"If Taizan was working for this group, then I suppose nothing's wrong with it. Utsuho was very good to the Shikigami as well, I say we go along with it." He responded.

"Great." I smiled. "It's good to hear your voice again too."

"Heh, well, I was busy thinking." He responded.

Gasshin put a hand on my shoulder again.

"Sorry to intervene, but I think we've got a job to do." He said with a smile.

"Of course. Thanks for everything, guys. I promise I won't let you all down…"

"We know you won't, Soro." Shoukaku replied, grinning.

Gasshin held up a Toujinfu and it glowed green, when the light vanished we were back in front of my house.

"It's good to have you on the team, Thomas…I'll go break the news to Riku and Kogenta. I'll send you information on the locations of some of the Yondaiten Shikigami soon…until then!" He vanished with a Toujinfu.

"Later!" I replied, heading back inside my house.

When I got inside I immediately went to my room and flopped down on my bed.

"You ready for what's gonna happen next, kid? These next few enemies will be much more difficult than the others seeing as they have the power of the Yondaiten and experienced Toujinshi."

"I'm not worried at all, Onishiba. There's no way I'm gonna lose you again, next time, the Chi-ryuu are gonna get hit so hard they won't know what did it! It's all just a matter of time now…" I explained, smirking.

Onishiba was quiet for a moment.

"I sure hope you're right, kid…"