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Harry Prongs Tatum Chapter 1

Harry awoke when there was a loud crack a short distance away. He shivered. It was cold. He was wrapped in his favorite blanket. He looked around. Where was he? He didn't recognize anything. He put his thumb in his mouth because he was scared. First there had been his mama she had been scared and shouted at the scary man that made the green light. Then there was the scary green light it had hit her and she had stopped moving, stopped talking, stopped everything. Another flash of green light that came at him, he felt it and he had felt the pain in his forehead as it hit. But he didn't have to do what the green light wanted the nasty green light should go hit the mean man that hurt his mama. Harry's memories after that point got foggy. Padfoot had come and he let the large man with the funny beard and the beetle eyes take him. There had been a large white room and a lady that gave him something yucky to drink then... then he woke up here, all alone. Harry decided that here wasn't familiar so he would walk and see if he could find his mama or anyone else familiar. He walked away from the doorstep of Number four Privet Drive never noticing as the letter that had been tucked into his blanket fluttered away in the light but cold breeze.

Jennifer Tatum and her dog Digger were out for a morning jog. She was half meditative as she ran. Normally Jake would be running with her but he had left early to hit the estate sale in Hampstead. Digger's bark startled her out of her mindlessness. "What is it girl?" She noticed the dog was crouched down looking into a hollow in an old oak in the small park. Many dog owners would have dismissed it but Digger was a trained search and rescue dog.

Jennifer moved close and saw a bit of blue blanket and a child's shoe. Crap. She wiggled and crawled part way into the hollow. It was a little boy, he was shivering. When she touched him his brilliant green eyes opened. "Sweetheart can you come out of there?"

He looked at her scared but she had a soft and soothing voice so Harry decided to do as she asked his diaper was wet and uncomfortable and maybe she would change it.

Jennifer had first responder training not there she ever had call to use it in her everyday life as an antique dealer and interior decorator but she had taken the training to supplement and correspond with Diggers training as a rescue dog. Together she and Digger had helped find twelve people mostly kids that had wandered away from their parents, but there had been two Alzheimer victims as well. She looked at the toddler as he crawled out of the hollow he was shivering pretty hard. And he had a sizable lighting bolt cut on his forehead. "Where are your parents?"

The little boy looked around then shrugged. "Mama not moo afwer ba man hi' her wif gween wight." He looked at Digger, "Pa'foo'"

Green light? Jennifer wondered. "Do you know your name?"


"Harry?" She noticed the blanket he had with him had the initials HJP embroidered on it, as she wrapped him in it. He nodded. "Do you know what your last name is Harry?" He gave a negative shake. "It would start with a "p" sound."

Harry thought for a moment. "Pwongs." he pulled at his diaper "Wet."

Jennifer said, "Lets get you someplace warm and we'll see what we can do about that diaper."

She set Harry on her hip and quickly moved towards her home on Privet Drive. Entering number two she dropped her keys on the marble topped table in the foyer and snagged the handset of the phone. She dialed Felice Jesperson the social worker that Jake and she were working with for their hoped for adoption.

Getting the answering machine she left this message."Felice, It's Jennifer Tatum I was out for a run this morning with Digger and we found a toddler he was all alone. I'll be calling the police but the little guy is scared and I don't see anything wrong with him but a cut on his forehead. I'm hoping that if he needs fosterage Jake and I can do it. I'm also hoping you could swing by a store and pick up some diapers for the little guy he's currently soaked."

Jennifer called the police and after spending several minutes on hold. She reported finding Harry and they said they would send someone right away.

Jake came home that evening at eight to find Jennifer giving Harry a bath. "Is that a baby?"

"He's not a baby, he's a toddler and yes, you aren't imagining things."


"Digger found him on my run this morning. The police have not got record of him being reported missing and you and I will discuss this when he's been tucked into bed."

Half an hour later Harry was safely tucked into a portable crib. Jennifer told her husband about that day."The emergency kids shelter didn't have room for a toddler and it was decided by Felice and the social worker assigned by Child Protective Services that since we are willing it would be less stressful for Harry to stay with us.

"As to where he came from Digger found him in the park. The old oak, the one the neighbor hood association wants to cut down, has a hollow down by the roots that Harry found trying to get out of the wind. He was in second stage hypothermia which makes me think he was out most of last night. From what we were able to get from him someone scary did something to his mama, she didn't move or speak afterward. He tried to do it to Harry too. Someone called Padfoot or maybe a dog called Padfoot it's not clear, he initially seemed to mistake Digger for Padfoot, anyway he left him with a stranger that took him somewhere where he was given something that tasted bad then he woke up somewhere around here with no clue as to how he got here. He wandered to the park where I found him. The police have no reports of him being missing. Hell they took footprints and are running them through the birth records data base hoping to find out who he is. Thank God he's an early talker or they would have nothing but his initials to go on. What kind of people leave a toddler out on a doorstep in November like a bottle of milk?"

"Stupid immoral ones." Jake pulled his lovely wife of ten years in for a hug. Jennifer was everything he could have ever wanted in a wife. He felt so lucky that the creative and hard working woman chose him. Their one disappointment in life had been the lack of children. The first three years of their marriage it hadn't been a big deal. When they reached five years with no kids after actively trying for two they had consulted fertility specialists. The news had been awful Jennifer had endometriosis and had significant scarring near her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Surgery could help her a bit but when the news that his sperm counts were astronomically low and the odds of her conceiving after surgery were still only about one percent and that the endometriosis would continue to cause her problems until she had a hysterectomy, they had given up. Jennifer had the hysterectomy, and they mourned. They mourned all the children they would never have. Then a year ago they decided that they had love enough and desire enough for a child that they would adopt. It had been a slow process Felice had helped them complete the paperwork but told them their odds would be slightly better if they would foster so they had done the paperwork for that as well. And now there was a baby in the house not a newborn but still a little one the only unknown was how long would he be staying.

Three and a half years later the Tatums moved away from Privet Drive to London. Tatum's Design and Antiques had grown to the point that staying in Little Whinging just didn't make sense for them anymore. Harry had been adopted when no record of his birth had been found. He had been joined by Annalise a bi-racial sister that joined the family two years later and was a year younger than Harry. Annalise had been put up for adoption after her grandmother who was raising her had a stroke and could no longer care for her. Her mother having died of a drug overdose and there being no information about who her father was. The family was rich in what counted, love.

Albus had finally convinced Arabella Figg to move to Little Whinging Surrey. There had been a cottage around the corner and down slightly from the Dursleys' house on Privet Drive that went on sale and Albus had snapped it up. He'd had anxiously looked for a home within the wards for years. Then in the space of two weeks two houses had gone up for sale. The smaller cottage was the house that Albus could afford so that was the one he bought. Arabella would move next week. He looked at his ward monitors he had never been very happy with them they barely registered he assumed that there was some problem related to the distance from Surrey to Scotland. One morning two weeks later he came to his office to realize the monitors weren't working at all. "Fawkes take me to Privet Drive." he hastily called out.

Two and a half hours later Fawkes deposited Albus' drunken and supine figure into his bed.

Three hours later, Minerva McGonagall used her deputy password to make her way into the headmasters quarters. She and Albus were supposed to have a having meeting. She could use her password to get in to his office which connected to his quarters. She hoped he was all right.

Twenty minutes, two sobering potions, and four sobering charms later her rage knew no bounds as a still drunken Albus confessed to her that little Harry was gone. The blood wards he'd erected in Surrey had fallen and when he investigated he found that Petunia hadn't found Harry on her doorstep she had never gotten the letter and was furious at the idea that they had tried to foist "that unnatural spawn of Satan and her sister off on perfectly normal person such as herself."

Minerva hexed Albus with a petrificus totalis, a furnunculus, and a long series of stinging hexes, before stopping because her guilt finally caught up to her. She had been there that night too and she could have done something. She fled the Headmasters quarters for her own where she spent the next two hours crying and mentally cursing herself for having gone along with Albus' plans. Then it occurred to her she could check the book. She raced to her office where the book was kept and flipped to the year incoming students 1991. Her grief knew no bounds when Harry James Potter was no longer listed.