"Have you secured the prisoners?"

"We have. But..." Starscream paused as he wondered why he was the one that needed to tell Megatron. He wasn't the one that fragged it up. Of course when the others had conveniently disappeared when they returned and abandoned him with the commander, he was left with no other option. "...there has been complications."

"Complications?" The word echoed through the deck of the bridge with dissatisfaction and impatience evident.

"The governor did not survive capture. I believe the humans call it a heart attack."

"After all my planning and this is the best you can do?"

Starscream remained silent. Keeping his optics off Megatron, he bristled at his master's displeasure.

"The female?"

"She had been placed in the brig. Cyclonus said she is quite vocal and demanding to be released."

He watched Megatron straighten on his command chair, optics flashing as he scraped a claw across his chinplate.

"Have her brought to me... and Starscream... you shall return when I summon you and only then. Do you understand?"

He was confused by the request but did not question it.

"Perfectly, Megatron."

"Then proceed."

"I have a task for you, Starscream," Megatron began, speaking before the bridge doors finished sliding shut after the Seeker's return. "It is my belief that the female human knows the meeting place for the upcoming Summit, and I want you to find out where it is taking place."


Megatron stared at him, optics dimming momentarily while his vocals became heavy with an optic ridge rising. "Tell me, did you see this human?"


Megatron paused, looking at Starscream as if he was analyzing him. The words that followed came out slow as the stern gaze remained on him. "This female once had an affinity for someone similar to you. You will use this attachment to have her... open up to you."

"Would not interrogation be better suited to find out the info?"

"Perhaps." Megatron leaned back. His optics diverted to look out the ship as he watched the stars shoot by. His attention came back to Starscream, annoyance now apparent even as he explained further. "But this human is important to the Autobots. I believe if we keep her in one piece that she can serve a further purpose down the road. Hurt her only if you must. Do whatever you have to in order to get her to talk. And know that if you fail to have the information I seek by the end of next week, it will be your spark on the line."

Starscream didn't know what to expect when he approached the cell. It was dimly lit, but worse than that it was extremely spacious for a human since it was made for Cybertronian prisoners. It took a little time for him to locate the female. He eventually found her under the recharge berth with her back hard against the wall in a corner.

Deactivating the security field he entered. The lights activated while he stood there.

"Show yourself, human."

At first, nothing happened. But then movement started, and she was standing before him before he had to repeat the order. It was the eyes that he noticed first. The orbs were filled with such life. His spark clenched and his processor started to lag. For a moment, he just stared. Memories tried to replay themselves as pain swept through his CPU, stopping them in his tracks.


She shouldn't have known his name, but it was uttered with familiarity and surprise with a strong, assured, very feminine voice that made his designation sound that of something holy. And then she was leaning on him, hands touching him while she pressed her small body to him. Starscream tensed. The actions were unexpected. Her scent drifted up and once more he felt as if he had experienced it before. But that didn't stop him from leaning down and pushing her away. He looked her over. Her clothes were somewhat a mess; pants were torn along the side, her shirt dirty and hair wild with skin that was extremely pale and spotted with patches of dirt. And yet she managed to stand there confident, not scared of him in the least, even when he had been known to kill her kind at a whim.

"I thought you were dead... they said you were dead." The girl started to approach him again, but he backed away. His weapons came on-line and he barred them at her.

"Stay where you are, human."

"Don't you know who I am?"

Starscream shook his head as his optics roamed freely over her body. He noticed her temperature rose, heart beating quicker as he did so.

"I have never seen you before."

"It's me... Alexis... we... we were friends you and I... years ago..."

"You are in error."

She pushed her hair behind her ears and took a couple of steps away from him. Starscream noticed then that her eyes were leaking with a substance that trailed down her face.

"Where is Governor Keaton?" the girl finally asked, her voice calmer.

"He is dead."

Her head shot up at that. He watched her flesh became ashen, the girl faltering a little as her mouth opened wide, those eyes of hers becoming large upon him.


"His heart was weak."

"And what exactly does Megatron have in mind for me?"

"You have information he wants."

She seemed to still right before his optics and became guarded. Seemingly pushing the news she had just heard away as she brought her hands tightly across the length of her body on each side.

"Do I?"

"He wants to know the location of the upcoming summit between Prime and the human leaders."

"I don't know it," her answer was said far too quickly. She turned her gaze away from him.

"Do not lie to me, human."

She brought her head back up with his sharp tone, her eyes wandering over him as slowly as his had her. She seemed to be analyzing every panel, every fold of his armor, past his cockpit, higher still, hovering on his wings as her breathing increased. The look in her eyes was as confusing to him as it was bold on her part, a desire behind it that made his servos tighten and lock.

"Starscream," she breathed, her voice airy and full of something unidentifiable. Her eyes finding his optics, he tried desperately to look away. But there was something about the girl, something that made his spark sing and come alive as energy rushed through his systems.

Bending down quickly, Starscream picked up the human and took her out of the cell.

"Where are we going?"

Once more, he noticed the lack of fear on her part along with a trust in her tone that defied all logic.

"You need to be cleaned and fed."

"And afterwards?"

"Afterwards, you will tell me what I want to know."

He felt her stiffen in his palm. She clung to Starscream, and her fingers dug between his digits. He increased his pace.

Starscream was always reminding himself that it had been an order. And he was programmed to follow Megatron's orders, no matter what the cost to him or even to anyone else. Nonetheless, he was conflicted. For the girl, for Alexis was beyond the expected. Every time he was near her; it was if the world shrunk and encased them. He found that he was starting to hunger for her presence, hunger for her voice and hunger for her touch.

And she did touch him.

It wasn't much at first. She was cautious of him, even perhaps a little awed. Alexis would sit there while asking him questions, strange rather curious things that she seemed confused by when he answered them. Every day Starscream visited, her body came closer to him on the berth until the Seeker realized they were making contact. Her warm body meeting his leg, her hands sometimes straying while she stretched or talked. Fleeting touch that he knew he was supposed to be repulsed by. For after all she was nothing but a human, his prisoner at that.

Of course he fought it. Moving away from her, not sitting at all, or leaving her on the cell floor where she had to stand there staring up at him with her voice drifting upwards. And he was rude to her, abrasive, his tone one of disgust and intolerance. She just listened to him though, ignoring his attitude, that look in her eyes appearing again as she drifted. And Alexis spoke of things, things Starscream didn't understand, but felt was supposed to mean something. The girl continued to open up and confide in him, that trust coming back in full force.

"Can I tell you something, Starscream?"

He couldn't get enough of the way his name sounded when it left her mouth. It was if he was being reborn and made new, such emotion spilling forth from its utterance that he actually felt undeserving.

"You will tell me anyway even if I say no."

She smiled at that. Her face lit up for a moment before she frowned deeply and a sigh escaped. "You ruined things for me." Alexis was holding her body at that point, leaning towards her legs as she sat on the floor of the brig underneath him. Visual contact was lost off her face as her hair covered it. His lack of response had her continuing, "When you died... I was at such a loss. I never felt such sorrow before."

"I told you I haven't..."

"Starscream, you died. I was there," she said, her voice firm and yet ever so gentle. "It took me years to come to terms with that. You just don't know what I went through. I had such a crush on you, I..."


She brought her head up and crinkled her nose. Color appeared in her cheeks. "I was attracted to you. Rather foolishly I suppose. Rad tried to tell me I was just enamored, but I knew it was more than that, it was... you were my first love... rather silly considering it was so obviously one-sided." Alexis rushed towards her next words, giving him no room to interject, a desperation lining what she said as if she needed to get it out.

"I dated here and there, mostly Rad, but no matter how I tried; I could never get past comparing them to you. And it was worse because you were dead, and because the image I held of you was that much more special and... unchangeable." She sighed, fingers wandering through her hair. "When Rad asked me to marry him... I was so sure we could make it work. But the night before the wedding, after my first taste of alcohol and a lot of chocolate, I realized that the only reason I was even with Rad was because he was tied to my childhood and the incredible things we experienced. And I wanted to hold on to that. But I knew it was right when I called the wedding off. Although I know I hurt Rad, but he must have known at least a little of what I felt, for he didn't seem as surprised as I expected..."

Alexis continued, "It was after that I realized I was meant to live my life... alone... well, that and that my destiny was working with the Autobots." She cringed, biting down on her tongue. "I don't know why I am telling you this... I'm probably going to be killed soon... but I can't help but think that a part of you just has to remember... just has to know... "

"I do not."

"Then what have you been up to these past ten years?"

"I have been..." His vocals faded away. Starscream found himself puzzled as he thought that question through. Found the pain returning while he tried to think past Megatron his lord and savior bringing him back from the hollowed out vacuum he had been in. "...busy."

He found Alexis had moved closer to the berth. Standing below it, she looked up at him with those green orbs upon him with fascination and what he believed was empathy. Starscream didn't know why he leaned down and didn't know why he picked her up. Didn't know why he pushed her back against the palm of his hand, his digit pressing against the side of her body. Her eyes opened large, and a gasp escaped as she stared into his optics. Something sprang up into Starscream then, a need that was undeniable and at the forefront. He brought his digit back toward her, touching her hair, trailing lightly down her face, watching her carefully as she closed her eyes and sighed when his touch wandered down her leg, and then back up to rest on her hand.

"What power do you hold over me?" he asked with his voice low and hungry. Her eyes opening, Alexis looked up at him, unflinching with warmth and desire. "Touch me," he rasped, disturbed by his own voice, he made it a command. "You will touch me. Stand up," he directed her.

He gave instructions. Alexis leaned into him while orders left his mouthpiece. He laid back on the berth, her hands wandering slowly over his chassis. They dipped into grooves, gripped firm to wires and cabling, caressing him. He found himself unable to speak further. Her small mouth made contact. Softness met his hard frame, her breath leaving a trail of building want as her hands finally reached the area of growing heat.

His spark was pounding by then as if it knew the human already. His chamber slid readily open at her now near contact. Starscream brought his optics on-line, wanting to see and touch her. He gripped firm to her. Turning over, he placed Alexis underneath him. Towering over her, he leaned down while keeping one of his hands flush against the side of her tiny body. Everything exploded as his spark engulfed her. A door opening between human and Cybertronian that Starscream didn't think possible, both thrust into the moment as things seemed to slow down. Bliss was overshadowed by her confusion of what was happening, of her innocence and naiveté to where the touching would lead. That overshadowed when he saw her memories, her life rolling past him like one of the humans' films. And then he saw himself as Alexis did, a fleeting image that faded when he desperately tried to grab onto it, that forgotten when emotions took their place. There was lust and need, want and despair, confusion coming back into play as he felt her finger clench upon his digit.

He managed to say her name. She relaxed immediately as she shivered and moaned, the sound pushing things to the extreme as Starscream suddenly felt something break through. An altogether unfamiliar feeling that screamed inside his CPU as she broadcasted it.


And then suddenly there was fear, a stark contrast to what he had just felt. It rocketed through, followed by apprehension as he realized she was dipping inside his memories. Finding control, Starscream guided her back. Desire rose when the two minds met once more, barriers broken as the fear disappeared. He felt all of her then. Felt as if he was around her and part of her, the girl opening herself up to him as no other ever had.

Starscream was overwhelmed and when she whispered his name that was the end of it. Time became fluid once more as everything raised up and past the stratosphere as he actually saw stars. Using the last ounce of his energy, he pushed her gently out of the way before he crashed on the berth, spent. A form of completion trembled through his frame as he tried to remain on-line. Knowing even then that he was now bound to the human, and nothing would ever be the same.

For metal had met flesh and flesh met metal. Satisfaction reached. Emptiness dissolved.