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Summary: Four things Uhura found out about Kirk from others, and the one thing she figured out by herself.


Jim is allergic to goddamn near everything, according to McCoy when she asked why he was getting twenty hypo's ready for a simple check up. She laughed at him – thinking it a joke – but he looked at her with shocking brown eyes (when did they get that brown, it's so…beautiful) and says with a tone that leaves her weak at the knees,

" You don't know Jim, I damn near killed him last time. Never again."

(the gravity of the statement doesn't hit her until Jim's hands swell up and his throat swells shut, she vows never to let Jim near poison oak again, at least not without her doctor.)


She jumps to the wrong conclusion when Spock and Jim slip away to Captain's Quarters – it's more like a schism that she breaches when she storms in and demands to know what is happening. The chess board takes her by surprise. And makes her slightly ashamed of herself. She looks at them guiltily and murmurs a sorry so soft they barely hear it. But they do and Jim hugs her tight saying,

" Nah, though I don't blame you, I am one hot fox."

(she laughs it off and her smile is wide, but from now on, she doesn't barge into Captain's Quarters, especially when Spock is in there.)


Uhura has no idea how she found out, but she knows it was thanks to Kirk. She walks into his room to tell him there's a message and there he is, weak, broken, sobbing at her to get out so he can cry in peace, dammit! Uhura succumbs to her motherly-instincts and reaches out to hug him, it is to her surprise that he reaches back to her. He sobs to her, sobs about Mother-Monster who never loved him.

" I t-tried, honest, I w-was a goo-od boy!"

(she lets him cry and lets him sob, then lets him pretend its all OK tomorrow, it's not her story to tell, not hers, but his story is one that will keep Nyota up all night, screaming.)


Chekov is a talkative drunk, a talkative boy, and Kirk is a secretive man. Chekov tells her, tells her all about Tarsus, all about the message he got from that girl with the pretty blonde hair and how she needed to talk her hero – to Jim. He tells her about all the pain, all the anger buried, and all the blood. She balks and barfs and runs to McCoy for comfort and doesn't need to tell him why.

" H-h-he was s-s-so young, wha-what the hell ki-kind of mother does that?"

(she cries and sobs herself, then pretends it's all OK tomorrow, but when she sees the scars on his arms she touches them softly and soothes her soul with the fact that they're healing.)

+ i.

Jim Kirk is a good Captain. He'll go a thousand miles and more to save his crew.

(she doesn't need any evidence of that, the look in his eyes are enough.)

yeah, I wiiiiiin.